Stones carved with pristine craftsmanship and elegant cuts are used on wedding saris as well. Merely thinking about placing the stones on the wedding saris can bring smile to millions of prospective brides who are fed up of the conventional fabric designs. While you might be thinking what kind of fabric will look good with the stone embroidery, there are many designers who offer royal wedding saris with carefully stitched embroidery made of stone. There are few tips you would like to keep in mind before you choose a wedding sari with stone embroidery. There are not many alternatives for stone embroidery. If you are looking for something reasonably artistic for the auspicious occasion, wedding saris with the stone embroidery are definitely the perfect item that exudes exuberance, youthfulness and charm.

Try out the 4 best wedding sari designs that come with stone embroidery over them.

1. Bold colours

Bold colours are stitched with hands. They have the license to kill with their looks. The stone embroidery carefully placed over the fabric with bold colours how two sides of your personality. While the bold colours reflect your arrogance to follow the conventional fashion trends, the stone embroidery encrusts your sensibilities with the demands of the wedding event. While you definitely would love to have some dashing sparkles on the fabric, refrain from having too much of embellishment as it would unnecessarily spoil the overall look of the sari. It also adds weight to the fabric.

2. Block prints

Block prints are rustic patterns that are dyed in varied colours and feature some of the oldest prints known to modern man. Printed out of natural dye blocks like wooden steps, metal case, the wedding saris with stone embroidery is the perfect ensemble for the occasion. Opt for a heavy fabric that will help you carry the weight of the stone without tearing par the attire. Stay away from mirror works and golden embroidery.

3. Play with the Coloured stones

Unless you are allergic to vibrant colours and precious stones, you are ought to wear the stone embroidery on wedding sari for the grand event of your life. Green silk saris with a touch of gold around the borders of the wedding sari can go a long distance in making it memorable attire for the rest of your life. Drape a heavy border silk sari with light weight stones to give it an appearance of symmetry. Avoid metallic embellishment on the wedding sari that has stone embroidery. They don’t complement the idea of placing coloured stones.

4. Stones on centrepiece design

If you are not sure whether the stone embroidery will fall apart during the event, place your bet on a wedding sari that has embroidery limited to the centre piece only. The wedding sari with stone embroidery on the centre piece ensures that the classic features of the central pattern are evident while you sit. It would not only blend your attire with the occasion but also place an importance on how your assets are perfectly wrapped by the fabric laced with stone embroidery.


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