The sari is the ultimate choice of attire for weddings. It suits every woman, regardless of age, shape, height, and weight or skin tone. The graceful sari is a luxurious silhouette that hugs a woman’s curves, giving her a glamorous appearance. It is an ever-green closet staple that never goes out of style.

Saree Draping Styles 2018

With that being said, when it comes to dressing for a wedding, most women prefer to drape their saris in the traditional style, i.e. open pallu. However, if you want to stand-out in the crowd, consider any of the following stylish ways of draping a sari over traditional saree draping for this wedding season:

#1 Conventional Drape

The phrase ‘old is gold’ truly captures the essence of this drape. The conventional drape is how saris were always draped since antiquity. It is the most suitable style of drape for religious and traditional marriage ceremonies. In the conventional drape, the sari is pleated and tucked in right below the navel. The pallu is also pleated and pinned on the shoulder. In this drape, the front pleats are noticeable and therefore must be pleated correctly. Opt for this drape style for heavily embellished saris such as Kancheepuram or zari. To complete your look, wear traditional jewelry such as a chudi set, a mangal sutra, maang tikka, etc.

conventional Saree Drape#2 Double Style Drape

This draping style is currently in vogue. It requires two sarees with contrasting patterns and prints. To try this draping style, wear the first sari as you would in a conventional drape. Next, take the second sari and wear it the same way but in the reverse direction. This means the pallu of the second sari will come from the back towards the front; thus creating a double sari drape. You’ve likely seen fashionista Sonam Kapoor and Bollywood starlet Kirron Kher wearing this drape.

#3 Gujarati Style Drape

Indian Wedding SareeThis style of draping is graceful, modest and elegant. It is the ideal style for a classic wedding ceremony or a royal wedding. To wear a sari in this drape, simply take the pleated pally from the back towards the front and pin it over the right shoulder. After pinning it down, gently fan out the sari, taking care to keep the pleats intact. You may pin either end into the lower portion of your sari. This will cover the blouse portion of your attire. The Gujarati style of draping is ideal for heavily embellished or embroidered pallus.

Gujarati Saree Draping StyleThe next time you’re getting ready for a wedding, consider wearing your sari in any of these three unique draping styles.

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