A look at Top Six Beachwear Trends 2016

Are you heading for a beach vacation? Wondering how to look trendy and gorgeous in the scorching heat at the beach? Well, beachwear is not only about exposing some skin wearing a one-piece or two-piece bikini. Beachwear has come a long way when it comes to fashion and trendy looks. We offer you some tips to looks smart and suave with or without exposing much. Scroll down to find out how – 1    Welcome bright colors: It’s time to give those typical black and blue colored beachwear a ditch! Well, these days bright colors look dazzling while you’re enjoying some sun bathing. Try your hands on colors such as orange, aquatic blue, pink, peach, indigo and similar tones that will

Top 7 Essential Blouse Trends That Every Woman Must Have In Wardrobe

Just like staple clothing’s that one must have in their wardrobe, you also need to have certain staple blouses. These blouses are known to sort your life and can be teamed up with anything and everything. These few basic blouses will ensure that you can wear them with any saree. These few must have staples will give you a plethora of options to wear them with. So, here are the must have staple blouses :- 1    Gold Zari Blouse: This is a must have essential blouse that one must have in their wardrobe. The zari blouse will ensure that it goes with almost all possible colors of saree. Ensure that you have two golden blouses, one in matt gold and

The Top 5 Versatile Trends Of The Kaftans

When a woman mixes elegance and comfort in her dress, it brings out the perfect outfit and the perfect look. Whether you want to sit on a lounge with your couch or want to go out for shopping, Kaftan is the ideal garment that can make you feel light, comfortable, unencumbered and of course beautiful. Some people have wrong impressions of this outfit. Many think that these are either ethnic or old fashioned. Well, none of this is true. On the contrary, this outfit is flattering to all types of figures, and there is versatility in the dress that is rarely found in other outfits. Here are some of the versatile trends of this outfit that can make anyone look


How to Drape…

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How to Wear…

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