Know More about Leggings as a Trending Outfit

Most ladies get confused when it comes to differentiating between a pair of pants or leggings. How to pair them up for a complete look, or will either or both would suit their body types are the primary doubts that come up in a woman’s mind. However, there is a pretty vivid difference between these two attires. We give you some tips on how to differentiate a pair of pants and leggings. Leggings were worn by both men and women in the past. Right from military men, to civilians, leggings were a part of the outfit when it used to get chilling outside. The bottom wear became a sports wear trend in the 1960s, which were paired up mostly with

Top 3 Cool Tips to choose Trendy Kaftan

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about kaftaan is a loose flowing garment that has a sash to tie around your stomach to give it a more defined and elegant look. This garment has been traced to the royals who loved to roam around in these silk and velvet robes called kaftaan. Some say, it first originated in Africa, others claim its from Russia and so on. No matter, what the claim might be the reality is that kaftaan has taken the world of fashion by storm and redefined the rule of dressing. In today’s world, when there is a lot of pressure to wear fitted and body hugging clothes that are so tight that

Chanderi Sarees-The Outfit That Will Surely Steal Your Heart

Every woman would perhaps accept the fact that a saree is one such attire that would never go out of fashion. The single piece of cloth looks awesome on any woman, and is highly preferred by women of all ages. It goes without saying that there is a special touch of sophistication in this outfit, due to which everyone goes gaga over this Asian attire. The best thing about this attire is that today there are innumerable varieties of sarees ranging from variations in fabrics, designs, styles and textures. In this context, the name of Chanderi deserves mention. About The Sarees: The Chanderi Sarees are very popular now, and they are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It got

A look at History of Stunning Bengali Saree

Saree the Indispensible If one is talking about Indian attire and does not come across Saree, the conversation is definitely not complete. Saree is an indispensible part of Indian attire and its importance in Indian culture cannot be undermined a single bit. Though, it is a 6 feet single piece of cloth but the way it is designed in vibrant colors and distinguished patters, it is attire for many occasions for women in India. Bengali Saree is one such design which tops the chart and cannot be taken out of discussion if one is discussing about the stunning long traditional Indian attire. Advent of Bengali Saree Origin of Bengali Saree goes back to the time when, Mughals used to rule



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