Come November and Bridal-cum-Party season is here. And so is your dieting regime. Every woman out there wants to look slimmer than the usual size. There is nothing to shy about it and let’s face it; we have limited options to look this way. So, here we bring you few tricks that are not only smart but easily applicable.

1. Get a Fusion Skirt: Those with broad thighs and bottoms wear this style to lend an illusion of longer legs. Designer Shouger Merchant says, “Pick a straight Lehenga with lots of kalis.” Don’t wear a heavy kurti or blouse.

2. Vertical Magic: This style to wear Vertical stripes is for short heighted people. This makes you look tall. Don’t spot vertical stripes in multiple colors.

3. Embrace Empire Waist: Heavy tummy? This is a great way to hide it. This style is characterized by fitted bodice ending just below the bust followed by a loose bottom part. Don’t try this if you have heavy bust area.

4. Black is Safe: It’s true. Black makes us look slimmer and sharper. Designer Rajat Suri says, “Apart from usual jet black, you can choose shades like charcoal, onyx and black olive.” You can add a pop color through scarf, dupatta, watch, purse, shoes, etc. Don’t have just black top to toe.

5. Layering: The most smartest and neat way to look elegant and stylish at a party is to do layering. And what better than Pleads! Use easy colors and thick-soft fabrics. Don’t do overdose of layering.

6. Peplum Details: It is for all body types and shapes. If you are broad on hips, wear it with a Lehenga or even on an Anarkali as its gilet (jacket). Don’t wear short peplum if you’ve pear shaped body because then heavy bottoms will be much visible.

7. Do Monotone: To hide those few extra inches, wearing one single color helps big time. This style gives out an image of a long vertical bodice. You can add some prints in form of dupatta, scarf, shirt, accessory, etc. Don’t wear bulky fabrics. Choose softer ones.

8. Throw on a Jacket: A half-knee length embroidered jacket on your ethnic wear can hide away the heavy arms and drooping shoulders. Don’t wear short or cropped jacket as it will not hide your waist area.

9. Men of Stole: If you want to hide that little bulging tummy, try on a dark color dupatta (stole) and wrap it around your neck loosely so that it manages to reach your stomach area. Don’t use a stole in the same shade as your kurta.

10. Do Slouchy Chic: To look tall and slender, wear this trend. Designer Nishka Lulla says, “Team a sequined upper with high waisted slouchy trousers in luxurious fabric. Make sure the pants taper and end at ankles and are fitted at hem.” Don’t wear too slouchy seperates at the same time.


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