Printed Fabrics have been in vogue since they came into existence. Indian printing methods involve not only handwork but also stencils, screen, block prints and tie and dye techniques and prints. Indian printing, like its apparels is unmatched and exceptional from rest of the world as it applies a unique skill in creating this globally acclaimed and appreciated art form. As the prints have become the part of our textile industry and fashion world, even the Indian attires like sarees could not remain unaffected by it.

printed sarees

Printed Sarees brought freshness in the fashion world as these new concept sarees created revolution which was here to stay forever. Every material or fabric showed different finish when printed and every fabric was recognised by its own specific prints. In the recent years, digital printing has captured the market which is much faster and can cater for bulk demand at reasonable prices. Digital prints can be traditional ones in accordance with the customary designs or they can be more experimental with colours and styles leading to contemporary designs.

designer printed sarees

Printed sarees have formed their own market though the variety of prints cover the range of rustic, ethnic, tribal to modern art. There is no limit to how much a print can transform a saree and bring a new look to the same six to nine yards long apparel which looked ordinary earlier. For present age working women, printed sarees have proved to be ideal as they can be bought in any fabric, from pure materials like cotton, silk, crepe, chiffon or Synthetic Sarees which have proven to be the most comfortable wear as they demand low cost maintenance and are easy to wear.

stylish printed sarees

In Indian homes where housewives till date wear sarees at home find it most convenient to buy these synthetic or artificial fabric material sarees that do not require more than wash and wear treatment. Having said that, it does not at all mean that Indian market is limited to this type of sarees. In fact, since the times bygone, Printed Silk Sarees have never lost their popularity. They lend grace and elegance to their wearer and enhance their charm and beauty. They are most apt to be worn in winters. Chiffon printed sarees are evergreen and look the most beautiful as well as comfortable to wear in summers as their light and breathable fabric does not let one feel the heat. Cotton Printed Sarees have so much variety to explore from. For sweltering heat, Kota Doria cotton feels lighter and softer on the skin.

printed sarees online

We at Indian wedding Saree have the most exclusive collection of printed sarees, both party wear and casual sarees that stand apart from anything that you have ever bought. The array of designs and colours are simply awe-inspiring and be assured that your search for any fabric or print will end with us as we match the pace with the contemporary fashion styles and showcase the same in our fantabulous collection. Our collection though comprises of the latest trends in premium quality but our prices are reasonable and competitive.

Come and explore the world of prints with these stunning Online Printed Sarees.

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It is undeniably true that fashion has become an integral part of our lives and our children have picked up this spirit. They have not remained untouched from this and we as parents also are unable to resist the temptation of dressing them like little adults which surprisingly, they are able to carry so well especially the young girls who are so conscious and aware of the fashion trends. For them their role models may be a celebrity whom they admire and want to follow her fashion style or it can simply be a stylish garb that they had seen someone wearing in a movie or a show and it has caught their fancy.

Gone are the times, when styles and modern fashion were limited to the rich and famous. It is now everyone’s prerogative. Another major change is that fashion has become global. So, now dressing up in a Fusion Wear is not going to be surprising for others. Rather, certain functions demand dressing in western dresses which are amazingly innovative and unique apart from being stylishly charming. Matching with the present trends where Indo Western Dresses have become the most popular choice, Girls Gown Dresses are the most comfortable to wear along with looking stylish in appearance. These little princesses can enjoy the party without getting that clumsy feeling where they are trying to keep their dupattas or stoles intact or holding their salwars high as they may feel them getting entangled in their tiny feet.

Girls Gown Dresses are epitome of grace and elegance as these dresses make your little girls look the most beautiful, raising their confidence and also paying attention to their comfort. Your little sunshine is surely going to shine in the party and make you feel bloating with pride, both at your choice of this beautiful dress and also at how well your little girl carries herself. This maturity and wisdom that you see radiating on her face brings so much satisfaction to the parent’s heart.

We at Indian Wedding Saree bring you the most interesting ensemble of modernity and creativity, spiced with Indo Western tadka in the form of girls’ gown dresses in variety that truly reflects class; fit for the princess who is going to wear it. These gown dresses are available in array of colours, patterns, styles, cut and flares. We also cater for complimentary accessories to complete the look. Our latest and most amazing collection of girls’ gowns truly showcase our designers’ innovative ideas and aesthetic sense. Our online range has variety in the choice of fabric which is available in silk, crepe, brasso, net, etc. Our designers create the most exclusive designs which compliment the wearers, giving them a comfortable feeling but keeping the oomph factor alive. Though our range of colour and styles is unmatched, our prices are the most reasonable and our truly professional attitude has won us many customers who place their trust in us and give us the pleasure of serving them again and again.

Browse through our astounding and spellbinding collection of Girls Gown Dresses and buy one for your shining star.



Dressing up for a party is the most exciting and everyone wants to look their best in the most unique and stunning attires. Shopping for the clothes happen before the event and a lot of research goes into finding what is trendy and in vogue. It is also important that the shopping remains within the budget and one does not go too overboard. If it is a theme based or traditional party, it is important to select and buy the attire that complements the occasion.

party wear lehenga

For any woman it is important to look her best, to stand out and steal the show. Which outfit can do this better than the Lehenga? Lehengas have a unique quality of transforming themselves according to the mood of a party. If the party happens to be traditional one, lehengas can be rich and heavy and if the party is casual and contemporary, light and trendy lehengas can serve the purpose.

party wear lehenga online

Lehenga Choli can be bought in number of styles and cuts. They are available in number of fabrics with many decorative choices. These days one can find a wide variety in the types of lehengas available for you, especially if you are in North India where every girl’s heart desire is to wear a lehenga choli and create a sensation in the party. One can opt for a traditional Full Flare Lehenga which can be carried gracefully with any type of figure but can be avoided if you are too thin or an A- Line Lehenga that accentuates your height if you are tall. Both never go out of fashion.

buy party wear lehenga

If you are too thin at the waist, you can choose a Fishtail Lehenga or a Straight Cut Lehenga. Otherwise you have a choice of a Panelled Lehenga, or a Saree Lehenga as they may prove to fit well on those who are not too skinny but have an average height. Even Long Lehenga Cholis which give a rich look to your personality are a hot choice.

online party wear lehenga

Indian Wedding Saree brings to you the latest and classic collection of Party Lehengas which come in abounding variety and range of colours. Indian Wedding Saree has a wide variety of Lehenga to offer in rich and beautiful fabrics like jacquard, silk, georgette and chiffon, to meet the requirements of any woman who wants to be dressed in the most graceful and elegant manner, yet enjoy the comfort of a well stitched attire. The most wonderful thing about this exclusive Online Store is that it gives you the freedom to customize your lehengas according to your choice of colours and style. Each piece that is offered by the store is exquisite, unique and rich. It adds majestic look with a touch of splendour. These lehengas compliment the curves and no one can resist looking at the beautiful figure that adorns this attire, in the most royal style. One can’t miss the oomph factor which is reflected through each exclusive set.

party lehenga

Visit the online store and buy the most splendid collection of Party Wear Lehengas.



Bandhani or Bandhej Sarees were created with an art form of Tie-Dye which includes tying the cloth into tiny bindings and then dyeing the cloth. When the bindings are opened, a beautiful design is seen on the cloth. This art form, which existed in India some five thousand years ago, was practiced in ancient India by the Khatri community of Gujarat. If we go back in history, we find that first such Saree was believed to be worn at the time of Bana Bhatt’s Harshacharita.

Though tie and dye has its roots in Gujarat and Rajasthan, it has long ago crossed the barriers of state or regions and has gained a global status. Be it any occasion, Bandhej Sarees never fail to impress. They are available now in variety of fabrics in the most traditional patterns as well as the new modern and innovative ones. Silk, Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe or Cotton, Bandhani looks good in any variety. No woman’s wardrobe can be said to be complete without a bandhej saree. India’s ace designers have used this traditional wear in such an innovative and novel manner that it is no denying that one sees a new face of this beautiful creation.

Till date this saree has not lost its popularity. It has evolved with time and one can see this beautiful art form done so skilfully on different fabrics in the most beautiful designs. Though one can find salwar kameez, lehenga choli, dresses in tie and dye, yet Bandhej Saree tops the list of being hot favourite. It is also believed that wearing Bandhej Saree brings good luck.

We at Indian Wedding Saree, bring you the most exclusive variety in Bandhani Sarees at your doorsteps, in array of colours, motifs, designs and patterns. Unique designs and patterns in the most beautiful and exclusive colour combinations await you. Sarees which will make you fall in love with and you will so effortlessly impress others with your style and taste. Our fantabulous collection completes your search and offers you quality stuff at the most reasonable prices. You get the most authentic sarees in ethnic and traditional patterns as well as contemporary and designer wear. Our latest designs remain unmatched creating a sensation in any party or wedding where you choose to wear these one of a kind sarees. Another impressive factor that would tempt you further are the offers and the discounts which make your shopping experience with us the most enriching and fulfilling by giving you the best bargain.

Visit the online store and avail these thrilling offers. Indian Wedding Saree is the only store that brings to your doorstep, the designer collection in Bandhani Sarees, in the most exquisite designs and variety, with skilfully created motifs and designs that truly reflect expertise and experience in the handiwork of the artisans whose panache cannot be matched or ignored. The swagger and flamboyance found in these rich and beautiful sarees create a perfect ensemble of elegance and grace in the most amazing manner.

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Though it is true that Kurta Pyjama in India is worn as a traditional dress, especially amongst men but it varies in style from place to place. One such popular style of this attire originated in Punjab, a state known for its prosperous land, rich food and stylish people. It is not surprising that Punjabi Style Kurta Pyjama has its own distinct position in the fashion world and is quite popular amongst the youth today. Though it was the casual everyday attire for the old men but the modern influences have changed the dressing style of the youth and for them kurta pyjama is a formal traditional style to be worn on weddings and festivals. These Kurta Pyjamas give their own style statement in the present fashion trends and are admired for their smart cuts and appealing colours.

Eid Special Punjabi Kurta PyjamaIndia’s celebration of each festival with lots of zeal has kept its diversity and unity intact. In fact it is this diversity that is so inspiring, unique and attractive which has made each festival in India as one more reason to be in harmony with each other. As Eid is round the corner, it brings with it a lot of excitement and fervour. This festival falls in the summer month after a month long fasting and it signifies expressing one’s gratitude towards God on this particular day. Celebrations of Eid include offering prayers, meeting family and friends, exchanging gifts, enjoying a sumptuous feast and also to be dressed in traditional and modest new clothes. Kurta Pyjama is a traditional dress worn by men which is available in numerous styles and designs and one of the most popular ones are Punjabi style Kurta Pyjamas.

Eid Kurta Pyjama

This kurta is in the shape of loose shirt with collars and buttons only till the neckline. Its length is generally below knees. The bottom wear, pyjama is looser than the churidaar and tighter than a salwar. To make it more dressy and formal, kurta can be accompanied with a short jacket which may be embroidered. The fabric used is cotton or any soft material that remains cool on the skin. This attire is no doubt an ideal choice to be worn for the Eid celebrations as this simple, modest outfit still remains stylish and contemporary.

Kurta Pyjama For Eid

We at Indian Wedding Saree proudly showcase our collection of Punjabi style Kurta Pyjama which is available in array of colours to give you abundant choice. These smartly cut kurtas are just an apt attire to be worn this Eid as they will add novelty and charm to your personality. Wear according to the present trends, a size smaller than the usual to display your well built macho physique. The premium quality fabric and the embroidery around the neckline complete the look along with your jutis or mojris as your footwear. This Resplendent Eid Collection is going to leave you awe-struck as the designs and styles that we cater for you are unmatched and unparallel. Buy for yourself or take as a gift, as the reasonable prices, special offers and discounts are surely going to make this Online Shopping experience more enjoyable.

Online Kurta Pyjama For EidBrowse through our amazing collection and choose your kurta pyjama for Eid.

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Whatever the fashion trends, Indian traditional wear stands out and always makes a fashion statement in the most unique manner. Indian men’s traditional attires are inspirational and festivals celebrated in India have received a lot of attention from the world not only because of the rituals guided by the religion or the gastronomic delicacies but also because of the way Indian men dress up for these much awaited occasions. Kurta Pyjamas, Sherwanis or Pathani Kurta Pyjama are a few of the ethnic wear that are immensely popular and also much favoured attires.

pathani kurta pyjama set

Pathani Kurta Pyjamas, as the first visual image comes into one’s mind, personify men who hold that truly masculine and macho looks, with robust and strong physique. They are a popular choice these days. Unlike the regular Indian kurta pyjamas, they are adapted and inspired from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pathani Kurdtas are stitched with a shirt collar and are generally in a round cut at the end. They are more popularly accompanied by a salwar which is more of a loose baggy trouser. Mojris or jutis are worn to complete the look. Designers keep on experimenting and modifying the styles to suit the modern fashion trends and what better time to try them on one of the most ethnic festivals, Eid!

Eid, the festival which marks the end of the month of Ramadan, is celebrated with lots of zeal and enthusiasm to show one’s gratitude to God. It is of course time to feast and enjoy with our near and dear ones. Since this day marks festive mood and the time to rejoice, wearing traditional yet trendy clothes certainly add fun and give a feeling of completeness. Pathani Kurta Pyjamas, with their unique style make an ideal choice. These suits can be often worn with a waistcoat or Nehru jacket as they lend a smarter and stylish look to this attire. Conventionally, white, black or blue remain the popular traditional colours but these days, men are experimenting with bold colours such as orange, red or yellow too. Golden or beige colour also have gained a lot of popularity. These flamboyantly styled Pathani suits seem to be the most apt wear for Eid as they look cool and trendy, in spite of being completely ethnic.

Pathani Kurta pyjama

We at Indian wedding Saree wish to be the part of your happiness and add some more colours to your Eid by giving you a brand new range of Pathani Kurta Pyjamas in exciting designs. Our Eid special offers are going to make your online shopping experience even more joyful as our ace designers have created a perfect ensemble of smart and chic styles which remain unmatched as the premium quality fabric and rich embellishments make them ideal to be worn at this long awaited festival. No one can beat the well built, peppy look that this attire is going to bring to you. This tough swagger is going to get you many compliments and your wardrobe will feel richer and ultra masculine with this new addition.

Browse through our amazing collection of Eid special Pathani Kurta Pyjama and order your choice today.



Eid fills every heart with happiness and joy as it brings with it the spirit of festivity and celebrations, giving break from one’s normal routine and giving an opportunity to meet those near and dear ones whom one wishes to meet every day but the rigmarole of life does not allow. This calls for visiting one’s friends and family members, forgetting about any hard feelings and flow in the spirit of bon-homie. It is the time to do some charity to the poor and also to exchange gifts. As Eid is a religious festival that comes after a month long fasting, it is ruled by some rituals and traditional values that add to the sanctity of this pious festival. Dressing up in new traditional clothes is customary and shopping these clothes definitely is exciting which radiate happiness.

Eid Special Kurta Pyjama

Women are generally dressed in Islamic sarees or salwar kameez and for men, traditional Kurta Pyjama adds to the authenticity of the festival. Fashion trends keep on changing and modifying and so do the kurta pyjamas. When buying a kurta pyjama for Eid, it is important to pay attention to fabric, colour and style. This attire has an added advantage of being loose and flexible dress, most suitable for the hot month of June in which Eid falls. Kurta pyjama adds to the grace and charm of any man who values his traditions and is conscious of the trends and fashion at the same time.

Eid Kurta pajama online

Present times have given a new, respected status to kurta pyjama as the festival times have witnessed the markets flooded with them in variety of colours and fabric. Eid, being an ethnic festival calls for rich and lavish ethnic collection of kurta pyjamas which can also boast of being exclusive and unique, and must set the festive mood of gaiety and celebrations.

Kurta pajama for Eid

We at Indian Wedding Saree proudly present to you the most amazing Eid Special Collection of Kurta Pyjamas which truly personify and signify the fragrance of festivity in the air, giving you an opportunity to explore what you can relate to. These kurta pyjamas are adorned with styles that can be Sherwani or Achkan style making them formal and opulent or this enticing collection has white kurtas in Chikankari embroidery which set them apart from the rest and additional white cap to be worn at the time of Namaaz completes the look. These attires are not only well stitched and designed but the style and cut of the kurtas give them a smart chic look making them ravishing and modern.

Pathani Kurta Pajama for Eid

The embellishments done on the kurtas are amazingly intricate and graceful and the array of colours ranging from pristine white to golden, beige, brown, rust or blue are going to make you look stunning. The unmatched, premium quality fabric is available in cotton, silk, brocade etc.; our standard sizes take away all your worries. We, being only concerned about your happiness and comfort give you the freedom of personalizing our garments according to your choice, taste and size.

Browse through our range of kurta pyjamas and their accompaniments at the most affordable prices and place your order.

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Linen, a fabric made from the fibres of flax plant, is laborious to manufacture but valued for its absorbent quality as well as the coolness and freshness that it provides in hot weather. Linen textiles appear to be the oldest in the world. The textiles in linen weave texture, even when made of cotton or any other non-flax fibres are also referred to as linen. Linen Fabric is smooth to touch, have high natural lustre and most importantly it can absorb a fair amount of moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp to the skin.

Eid Kurta Pyjama Collection

Linen is a popular fabric all across the world and countries like India have fully realised how these properties make it a good dress material to be worn as a fashion wear in sweltering hot weather of the Indian subcontinent. Designers have come a long way and traditional as well as contemporary clothes are made from this amazing fabric. One of the most popular traditional attires worn by the Indian men is Kurta Pyjama and Linen Kurta Pyjamas have found their place in men’s wardrobe as they are the most comfortable to wear and never fail to cast an impression of elegance and grace in a stylishly traditional way. This kurta can further be styled by wearing a Nehru jacket over it. Traditionally, linen kurtas are a preferred choice in white but with changing trends these kurta pyjamas are available in array of colours.

Eid Kurta Pyjama For Mens

Linen Kurta Pyjamas are the most preferred in the summer season and what better way to present oneself on Eid, which falls in the month of summer when the agonising heat of the sun is at the peak and the only traditional wear which will survive in this hot weather can be linen. Eid is the time to rejoice and create many new memories with one’s near and dears. It is time to enjoy and celebrate with a sumptuous feast and dressing up in a traditional manner as prescribed in holy Quran, is customary. It is expected of men to be dressed in Ethnic Kurta Pyjama and a cap as a head gear. Linen Kurta Pyjamas are the best choice in this weather, which along with preserving traditions keep the new fashion trends in mind.

Eid Pathani Kurta Pyjama Set

We at Indian Wedding Saree are always making an endeavour to offer you something new and exciting which would add more fun to your festival celebrations. We have premium collection of Eid Special Linen Kurta Pyjamas especially designed and styled to make your Eid a very special one. We have them available in variety of colours and our designers have put their heart and soul to come up with newly styled kurtas, embellished with thread work or Chikankari. We know white is your favourite as this pristine festival gets more pious and pure with these white coloured kurtas but that does not mean that other favoured colours are any less. This is the most authentic ethnic wear collection in plain solid colours or the rich embroidered ones with a woven jacket.

Linen kurta pyjama Set

Browse through our exquisite collection and celebrate Eid in style and panache.

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Festival of Eid is a Muslim festival which arrives after a month long fasting. As any other festival, Eid is the time to rejoice and cherish good times with friends and family. It is feasting time which instils universal brotherhood and spirit of bon homie amongst people. People with faith in Islam follow rituals and age-old traditions which enliven the values of community feeling. Like any other festival, Eid is the time to go and meet your near and dear ones and exchange gifts. This also calls for dressing up in new clothes.

Designer Islamic Saree

For the Muslim women, this festival means a lot of preparation and planning. Preparation of the feast which includes sevayian, a traditional sweet to be relished on this occasion and much more to be done before things are ready and the guests are received at home.

Eid Islamic Saree

As buying new clothes on Eid is customary, Muslim Girls and Women too are excited at the prospect and look for the attires that are most aptly suitable for the festival like Islamic Saree. Traditionally, a Muslim woman must cover her body and Islamic saree does the same. It covers the entire body. Its blouse has its mid-section, arms and back completely covered. Neckline is also kept high. It is any woman’s wish to look graceful and elegant in anything that she wears, especially for the festival. Saree has that natural grace and modesty to make one look beautiful and modest at the same time. This six to nine yards piece of cloth covers the body well and the matching or contrasting hijabs complete the look. But a common concern of many Muslim women who wish to wear a saree is how to be in style and look good with the hijab. Hijab can be treated as a personal fashion statement, which covers the head and maintains the modesty.

Eid Special Islamic Saree

We at Indian Wedding Saree have the most beautiful and latest collection of Designer Islamic Sarees ready for Eid to create sensation with new trendy styles and designs. These stunning sarees have kept in mind your need to be covered from head to toe. Any saree from our collection is amazingly rich with embellishments and our ace designers have styled them in such a manner that you look chic and modest at the same time. With beautiful full-length blouses in the same or contrasting colours set the festive mood and excitement to wear these gorgeous pieces of intricate artwork, which at no point challenge your modesty or make you feel less dressed. Our designer Islamic sarees are created in array of colours and fabric to be worn in any style that you prefer along with matching or contrasting Hijabs. This one stop destination has all that will complete your search, adding pleasure and style to your attire at the same time. Be it the embroidery, lace work or zari work, we come up only with the best at the most affordable prices.

Special Islamic Saree For Eid

This Eid explore our premium collection and bring novelty and charm in your wardrobe.



Ladies bottom wear is full of variety and it has gone through a lot of change since the bygone times but one trendy fashion statement which seems to have made a permanent mark is the Palazzo Pants. They are long women’s trousers which are well fitted at the waist but wide and with flare at the bottom, making them an incredibly comfortable wear especially in accordance with Indian climate. Though it is a fact that palazzos are a part of recurring fashion and they have their roots in Italy, where the word means palace, yet these easy to wear trousers have always fascinated the women with its elegant cut and cool style.

palazoo pants online

Palazzo pants are best worn in summers and they look their best in the light, flowing fabric that are breathable. Natural fibre textiles are the popular fabrics as they do not stick to the skin and are skin friendly. They are best combined with lace shirts and kurtis which are short and well- fitted giving you a petite, feminine look. You can even wear a very short denim jacket over the crop top to complete the look. They can look wonderful and quite conventional if you wear them with a t-shirt. Put on a blazer or cardigan and combine this look with high heels. If one is really small at the waist and wants to show it off, the best way is to tuck in the top or use a belt at your waist. If you wear the same colour top and palazzo, it can be improvised into a jumpsuit. Palazzos are an amazing wear for both the short and the tall women as the tall women definitely look graceful and elegant in the palazzos but short women’s legs appear longer which is advantageous for both of them. Palazzo pants can be carried well with flats or heels, as per your preference.

buy palazoos online

Palazzo pants are here to stay and it all depends on a woman who is wearing it as to how to give a style statement or make them look flamboyant without being clumsy. Plain palazzo pants are more formal and it is easy to pair them with any top. Printed ones, especially in indigo can look wonderfully interesting and can give an ethnic look. Stripes will make you look taller and give a trendy look to your attire.

woman palazoos

Indian Wedding Saree proudly displays its most sought after collection of palazzo pants, which are available in array of colours to be chosen according to your taste and preference. The printed palazzos in earthy as well as vibrant hues are amazingly comfortable to wear as a formal or informal wear. They can add magical touch to your persona with the graceful fit and elegantly stating the fashion trends of present era. They are superbly stitched to be worn as a designer wear, and matching tunics and tops can add excitement to one’s shopping experience. A truly adventurous feel to your wardrobe is felt when you buy the palazzo pants and wear them for the next party.


Browse through our incredible range of palazzo pants and get the best deal at the most reasonably priced store, which is a name to be trusted as far as premium quality of products is concerned.

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