Prints definitely accentuate the beauty of the fabric. Prints on the fabrics did not take long to gain popularity ever since they came into existence. India has always been ahead in textile and fashion, giving the world its unique methods of printing. These methods include handwork along with stencils, screen, block prints and tie and dye techniques. Indian printing has an unmatched way of creating the most innovative patterns and designs that are exceptionally alluring and display their unique identity from rest of the world.

The Indian printing techniques include skills and methods that have come from the rich legacy of Indian culture, not only recognised but also appreciated and highly acclaimed in the global fashion world. Prints have very permanently seeped into our fabric designing that no attire remains unaffected by it. Be it the beautiful sarees or salwar kameez, prints always manage to enliven them with unmatched style and new fashionably chic attire is created.

Indian Salwar Kameez have always been found to be a graceful and elegant outfit which has its origin in Punjab, the state of valiant men and women who have made some significant contributions in every field including Indian Fashion Industry. Since the time Printed Salwar Kameez came into vogue, they have captured the fancy of the Fashionistas who very soon realised that these are here to stay forever.

Printed Salwar suits have created their own market with the variety of prints like rustic, ethnic, tribal or modern and abstract designs which simply transform this fabulous attire furthermore, adding charm, grace and style to the same apparel as it experiences metamorphosis from ordinary to extraordinary. These printed apparels work pretty well for women belonging to all walks of life.

Be it an everyday wear for a working woman or a party wear to be worn occasionally, it is the fabric of this outfit which makes a difference. Printed suits are the most befitting to a woman of any physical structure as they are not only comfortable to wear but also modest in appearance which means that they accentuate the feminine curves in the most complimentary way. They can be bought in any fabric, from pure materials like cotton, silk, crepe, chiffon or synthetic too. In Indian homes, housewives have adopted this as their favourite attire as the comfort enjoyed in this outfit cannot be compared with any other dress.

In fact, Printed Salwar Kameez have been very warmly welcomed and happily accepted even in those regions and states where people never wore anything but saree or their regional dress. Crepe or Silk Printed Salwar suits look the most beautiful and grace any wedding or party in the most apt manner while Cotton Printed Suits are simply the most preferred choice for the young girls.

Indian Wedding Saree has the most exquisite collection of Indian Salwar Kameez in array of colours and fabric that give ample choice to those who are always keen on buying new variety and love to explore the latest fashion trends at the most reasonable prices. Visit the online store to enjoy unbelievable offers and discount that makes your shopping even more fruitful.



Kurta Pyjamas are one of the most comfortable attires which have found their extensive usage in Indian Men’s wear. This attire is a combination of a top wear called kurta which is more like a full-sleeve tunic with a varying length, but commonly below knees. The bottom wear known as Pyjama is a pair of straight loose trousers. The ensemble perfectly suits Indian climate as it does not cling to skin, leaving some room for air.

Moreover the pair is available in variety of fabric, ranging from something as light as cambric to a heavy material like velvet, raw silk or brocade. A cheaper and lighter version of kurta pyjama has always been one of the favourite night wears of Indian men, restful and pleasent. But kurta pyjama have a bigger role to play and the Indian designers have always treated this traditional attire as truly Indian, thus making it an official wedding outfit worn by the men on any of the occasions which demands wearing ethnic clothes.

Kurta pyjama can be said to be closely related to an Achkan or Sherwani which again are popular as a wedding outfit but it has its own identity and thus is different from them in many aspects. The real grace of this attire lies in its simple cut which lends style and elegance to its wearer. Apart from this, kurtas are generally with round neck and buttons. They are adorned with heavy embroidery or embellishment while the pyjama remains straight and simple.

This ensemble becomes complete when a shimmery stole adds to its smartness making it truly ethnic. Tall, well built men carry it extremely well but the best part is that short ones also look smarter. One cannot ignore the fact that Bollywood as well as other celebrities have also contributed in making the outfit a hot favourite with the men planning to get married.

We at Indian Wedding Saree is a leading online store which makes every effort to bring you the most amazing wedding outfits for men as well as women. Kurta pyjamas in their most royal style are available with us in a collection that boasts of being the best as it caters something for everyone.

If you are the one who prefers a simple, sober outfit for a wedding or a party, we would say that you have come to the right place and we respond in the same manner to the one who is looking for something flamboyant and flashy, because our collection has an unlimited range beginning from lightly embroidered casual kurta-pyjamas to heavily embellished ones.

Our collection comprises of the trendy and latest in fashion as well as the traditional ones which always prove to be a safe bet. The array of colours ranging from pristine whites, off-whites, beiges to hot reds, maroons and navy blues are going to make your choice difficult, we must confess but whatever you choose, it will be exclusive and most unique designer wear.

Make your day special with these beautifully handcrafted kurta pyjamas at the most competitive prices.

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Wedding attires for both the men and women hold a lot of significance especially if it is an Indian wedding which can never be said to be complete without dressing up in the most ethnic style. Indian traditional outfits for both men and women are available in great variety but it would not be wrong to say that a few out of these have always been a favourite and never lose their charm despite the new fashion trends.

One such attire is a Sherwani which though is a traditional wear from yesteryears but it still remains as popular as it was in the past. In fact it has become the most sought after and fashionable wear for the new generations which they proudly flaunt in a wedding. If you happen to be a bridegroom, you have all the more reason to add a Sherwani to your wedding ensemble.

What is Sherwani? A Sherwani is a long jacket with buttons and bandhgala or we can say Chinese collars. Sherwanis are known to have been born out of the union or fusion of the British frock coat and an achkan. Very soon, it adapted itself to Indian panache and became an important part of Indian traditional formal attire.

What could befit an Indian wedding more than this not only for the bridegroom but also other men who believe in being dressed in an outfit which personifies a unique and the most elegant style?

No wonder it has even inspired the Bollywood stars to wear it on as well as off screen. Sherwani possesses this unique cut and design that makes our men look taller, slender and smarter and this wonderful garb also contributes in lending a macho look to Indian bridegrooms.

In short, Sherwanis exude a royal and majestic look to its wearer adding grace and charisma along with a highly dignified persona. To create this everlasting impression, it is a must that sherwanis are stitched in quality fabric, exhibiting rich and flamboyant appearance. It may be heavily embellished with gold, silver or copper thread or displays fine workmanship in the form of embroidery and may also be decorated with gilded buttons.

It goes without saying that this outfit creates a magic only if it is well stitched as the most exquisite of the fabrics fails to attract attention if the tailor has not shown his expertise in a skilful manner. In present times when many of the online stores cater for wedding attires, it is important to choose prudently and carefully.

Indian Wedding Saree is one of the leading online stores which add to your excitement of buying wedding clothes as we have the most updated and premium quality wedding collection, especially the Wedding Sherwanis which are class apart and truly display grandeur and luxury at the most competitive prices.

Our sherwanis are available in trendiest of styles and colours to choose from. We ensure that the embroidery and embellishments done on Sherwanis display great aesthetic taste. Our designers make sure that the cut and design of the sherwanis meet the classiness and sophisticated standards.

Browse through our most dashing collection of wedding sherwanis and pick your choice.

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Certain attires personify grace, beauty and elegance in abundance. Some of the Indian women outfits leave a spellbinding impact as they accentuate their beauty in the most appealing manner. Anarkali Salwar Kameez is one of such attires which are truly traditional and ethnic in nature with a long history of origin, worn not only in India but also a favourite with many countries in South-East Asia. It carries an interesting legend as to how it got its name.

Anarkali Salwar Kameez OnlineAnarkali with a literal meaning ‘a pomegranate blossom’ was a courtesan in the court of Emperor Akbar whose illicit relation with the crown prince Salim became notoriously famous with fatal consequences for her but she became immortal when this graceful ensemble of long flowing kalidaar kurta, a loose baggy style trousers known as salwar and an accompanying dupatta became every woman’s hearty desire and till date are found to be an important part of their wardrobes.

Buy Anarkali salwar kameez

Anarkali Salwar Kameez never goes out of trend or fashion. Rather their style and charm has been found to be ever increasing. Be it the simple, sober ones or the flashy, bright and colourful ones, they never fail to spread an aura of enigma around the woman who carries this outfit and creates sensation in any occasion or party, even the wedding ceremonies like Mehendi Rasam, Sangeet Rasam or a cocktail party. Their bewitching effect is definitely enhanced when they are worn with matching high heeled stilettos which lend a unique and exquisite style to this ever so popular attire.

Buy Anarkali Salwar Kameez Online

It is important that one keeps a few things in mind while buying an Anarkali Salwar Kameez. Firstly, one must be aware of the present fashion trends. Even the most ethnic of the dresses undergo some change in style. So before buying, make sure that the store from where you wish to do shopping has the latest and updated collection. Secondly, also check the trendy colours which are being worn this season. Thirdly, ensure that the quality of fabric justify its price. These suits are available in variety of fabric and it is important to choose the one which enhances your figure and makes you look slender and smarter. Fourthly, compare the prices and also check with the return and exchange policies of the store. Fifthly, buy it from the most authentic store and if you really believe in saving time, effort and money, online stores prove to be a better choice but choose your online store carefully and prudently.

Buy Designer Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Indian Wedding Saree is one of the leading online stores that cater for the premium quality Anarkali Salwar Suits. You are definitely in for a big surprise when you browse through our extravagantly abundant collection in array of colours and the latest style. Our exquisitely embroidered Anarkalis are most aptly befitted for any of the wedding functions, giving you a chance to be admired and envied for being so gracefully and fashionably dressed up. Most importantly, our prices are the most competitive even though we never compromise on the quality of pure fabric like silk, chiffon, crepe, brocade or satin.

Take a look at our exclusive collection and place your hassle free order with us.

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India’s versatility and diversity reflects not only in its people, festivals, lifestyles but also clothes which add colour to this vibrant soil which has always set its own fashion trends with its unique yet amazingly beautiful outfits. Each of these attires has been influenced by the traditions and customs of a particular region. There is no denying the fact that fashion has evolved but still holds significance in present, modern times. It is not only women who enhance their beauty, charm and grace with different traditional outfits, especially at the time of big events and ceremonies guided by rituals and religious customs but men too enjoy looking their traditional best in certain age old garbs which have never been out of fashion and add sophistication, style and Indianness to their personality.

Mens Kurta Pyjama

Kurta Pyjama is one such attire worn by men on traditional functions like weddings with full confidence and enthusiasm as no other attire can be as comfortable as the Kurta, which is the upper garment, loosely stitched with its sleeves falling straight to the wrist, available in varying lengths. Pyjama or pajamas, on the other hand is a bottom wear, which is in the form of loose trousers in a straight cut.

indian kurta pajama

Kurta Pyjama has been worn since long in almost all the states for any of the formal or informal events. This ethnic wear has never lost its popularity because of it being very flexible, thus most suitable for Indian climate. One of its versions has also served as a night wear for many Indian men because of it being a light and easy to wear outfit, but till date they are worn at traditional functions like a wedding in fabrics like silk, satin or brocade lending them a formal and trendy look.

kurta pyjama online

They can be stitched in Nehru or Mandarin collar, adding to their classy looks. These traditional kurtas are adorned with fine thread work or embroidery. Moreover these Kurtas are available in variety like Hyderabadi Kurta, Pathani Kurta, Lucknow kurta, Punjabi or Sindhi kurta, each one adding some distinct features of its place of origin.

buy kurta pyjama online

These days Online Shopping has made it convenient for everyone to hunt for whatever they are looking for at their own sweet time and can even compare the prices as well as the quality of products to be bought. Online shopping of Men’s Kurta Pyjamas can also be done without much hassle, sitting at home with just a click away in any variety that you are seeking for. Kurta pyjamas looks’ are accentuated with shimmery stoles and the best part is that guests as well as the bridegroom get their choice on these stores. Amongst them, Indian Wedding Saree is the most versatile as well as fully stocked store which is not only the favourite with those who believe in class and fashion trends but always bring to you the best products available in the market. An online store that puts stop to your search and bring you the most exclusive collection of kurta pyjamas in variety of colours, fabrics and embellishments at the most competitive prices.

Mens kurta pajama online

Come and explore the most exquisite Men’s Kurta Pajamas at Indian Wedding Saree.

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Every bride wants to make her wedding special and memorable. From choosing unique wedding Indian lehengas or sarees to picking a non-traditional wedding card and venue, there are many ways in which couples try to stand out from the rest and make their day very special. One exclusive way of personalizing your bridal attire is by incorporating your love story into it. Not only is this ultra-sweet, but a special keepsake!

wedding lehengas

This trend of creating a personalized lehenga was first started by designer Kresha Bajaj when she decided to have their love story embellished into her gold and ivory marriage lehenga. She then designed something similar for Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s engagement attire. Both trends went viral, setting a new fashion trend for brides everywhere!

So what are some ways of making your Indian lehengas depict a piece of your story? Consider the following ideas:

1) Have your initials or names embroidered into the bottom of your lehenga.

2) Take your favourite photograph of you as a couple from a trip or celebration or even your proposal and have it etched into your lehenga.

indian bridal lehengas

3) Take a verse from your favourite poem, song or even your vows and have them embroidered into your pallu.

4) Get a pin designed of your faces or cartoon characters that resemble you as a couple and use it to keep your dupatta fixed to your lehenga.

buy wedding lehengas

5) Take your wedding date and have it stitched into the label of your lehenga.

6) Did he propose to you at a very special place? Why not get some of the monuments or highlights of this place stitched into the skirt of your lehenga.

buy bridal lehengas

7) Take your seven vows and have them designed into your dupatta or lehenga.

8) Use your latkans to convey your love story.

wedding lehengas

9) You can keep it simple and have your names or initials stitched throughout your lehenga.

Now your wedding can be as special and memorable as you like!

Visit Indian Wedding Saree to shop for your Indian lehengas, sarees, salwars, kurtas and other fashions today.

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When it comes to Indian Weddings, luxury, style, traditions and rituals are integral part of this mega event of grandeur comprising of lively atmosphere, choicest of clothes and designer attires and mouth watering cuisines of different parts of this beautiful country.

bridal sarees

All this happens with a whole lot of preparation and planning where the minute details are thought over and implemented to make this event a successful affair. It goes without saying that buying the Bridal Trousseau holds a special importance for her as she is the one whose choice and taste will be discussed all over the wedding. One is bride once in a lifetime and why not look your best in the bridal attires that you are going to buy?

Online Bridal Sarees

Saree has always been and will be the Indian traditional dress as there is no other attire that can grab attention or make any women look her own sexier avatar. It lends poise, grace and timeless beauty to its wearer and when it is the bride we are talking of, nothing is better than a saree. Since its creation, saree has evolved in many ways. It may be the fabric and patterns or the way it is draped nowadays but it has never failed to charm or cast its spell on both its wearers and the onlookers. When it comes to buying sarees for one’s trousseau, one does not want to go wrong. What one is looking for is classy, sophisticated, ethnic as well as contemporary stuff in ample variety.

buy bridal sarees

Present times have given freedom from mundane shopping where one had to go from shop to shop to look for what one desired. Online Shopping has changed everything. Now, one can feel more organised and peaceful as shopping has become more of a pleasure which can be carried out at your leisure and time. One feels less under pressure and more in control of situation. There is no denying that online shopping has its disadvantage if you fail to do your research properly. It is important to know that the store which you have chosen gives you variety and quality, especially if you are buying sarees for your wedding. It is important for you to know the authenticity of the stuff that you are buying. Checking the reputation of the store and going through reviews have proved to be helpful.

Bridal Wedding Sarees

If it is Bridal Sarees that you are looking for, the best place to buy them is at Indian Wedding Saree, an online store that will never disappoint you. Our Bridal Saree Collection is exclusive giving you choice in fabric where you can buy silk, brocade, chiffon, crepe, net with the type of embellishment that displays fine work along with providing you with accessories. In short, we are one destination store where you can forget all your apprehensions and worries and enjoy the pleasure of shopping for your wedding. Our exciting offers and discounts will definitely enhance your pleasure. Our bridal saree collection comes in array of colours. We always keep in mind the fashion trends and you would find the most latest and updated collection.

bridal wear sarees

To know more, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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Wedding lehengas are the most preferred attire for bridal wear. Upon reading its description, it seems like a simple choli or blouse with a long skirt and dupatta. But a wedding lehenga is anything but simple!

Your wedding lehenga is fashionable, beautiful and regal attire. It’s constructed from gorgeous materials like satin, georgette, velvet, taffeta and silk. It receives many special types of embroideries and embellishments, not to mention impeccable designing. Unlike bridal lehengas of yesteryear, wedding lehengas of today have advanced past the typical red and maroon shades that are characteristic of bridal wear.

If you’re a bride-to-be and are hoping to look nothing less than spectacular, then consider the following trendy wedding lehengas:

1. The A-Line Lehenga

The elegant A-line lehenga as the name reveals, looks like the letter ‘A’. This shape is broad along the length and is narrow or form-fitting at the waist. This type of lehenga is perfectly suited for a pear shaped body type. This design combines elements of modern design and traditional charm.

2. Panelled Lehenga

In a panelled lehenga, much attention and detailing is given to the skirt. It consists of layers of fabric with embellishments and embroideries. The panelling effect is created when horizontal panels are vertically attached to the skirt. This helps to further enhance the look of this lehenga. Often, contrasting coloured fabrics are sewn into the panel which creates a spectacular effect when walking.

3. Circular Lehenga

Circular lehengas are dramatic. They form a complete circle around the hem. While walking, it actually looks you’re floating. Circular lehengas are long and made from flowing fabrics such as silk and georgette. The lehenga is made by placing pleats at the waist which ends up creating a circular form at the hem. This shape lehenga is ideal for body types that are shaped like a cone.

4. Mermaid Lehenga

The shape of this elegant lehenga is shaped like a mermaid’s tail. The skirt is form-fitting at the waist and hips and widens or flares out at the calves much like a fish tail. If your body shape is straight or hourglass shaped, you will look beautiful in this type of lehenga.

To shop for your wedding lehengas now, visit Indian Wedding Saree today.



Are you planning to wear a designer sherwani to your wedding? For time immemorial, the sherwani has been “the” outfit of choice for many royals, nobility and upper classes. This attire is also preferred for weddings, receptions and other cultural gatherings.

Like most fashions, the sherwani is often subject to many style and design innovations particularly by high fashion designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Bahl.


Do you want to sport a trendy look for your wedding? Consider these latest four designer sherwani trends:

Trend #1: Bold and Dark

Dark and bold hues are ideal for winter weddings. This year, you can expect to see many variations of blue and black, meant to provide a sizzling contrast to the colourful festivities of your wedding day.

In addition to the dark hues, you will see gold hints on the sherwani as well as the dupatta. In fact, don’t be surprised to see gold thread embroidered dupattas which are best suited for darker sherwanis. The effect is a definite head turner!

designer sherwani

Trend #2: Soft Pastels

Grooms who want to stand proudly matching with their bride’s outfit, pastel sherwanis are also a big hit this season. These will be understated yet subtle, ideal for day weddings. You will see colors like mint green, cream, butter yellow and pale pink in men’s sherwanis.

wedding sherwani

Trend #3: Flashy Dupatta

We’re all used to seeing women sporting flashy dupattas, but get ready to see the same fashion trend in men’s wear. Sherwanis with flashy dupattas are a great way to flaunt your outfit. This trend favours embroidery work, velvet materials, zari borders and vivid colors like emerald green. This type of dupatta will be worn with a solid colored designer sherwani.

buy mens designer sherwani

Trend #4: Monochrome Look

Monochrome sherwanis are designed to bring out your inner confidence. Everything ranging from the footwear, dupatta, juttis to the accessories will be in the same color. When you wear this sherwani to your wedding, be prepared for compliments because you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

latest designer sherwani

To shop for any of these designer sherwani trends, please visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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The embroidered Indian tunics has much of its design roots in traditional fashion, particularly the kameez. By their nature, tunics are long and loose fitting. They generally cover the hips and rear. Sometimes termed as “mini dresses”, tunics are a versatile fashion item that is a must for every closet. It helps you create a layered outfit without the visual bulk. Best of all, tunics are a rare garment that suits all body shapes and sizes.

embroidered tunics

Here are three fun ways to style your embroidered Indian tunic:

1) The Long and Lean Look

The length of a tunic is longer than a regular shirt. It usually ends just at or below mid-thigh. The best way to showcase your tunic is by pairing it with a skinny jean or pant. To achieve this look, select a pattern, fabric and neckline that you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind, the tunic’s hemline should end at mid-thigh level. Pull on a pair of skinny pants. This can be trousers, skinny jeans, cords, plain leggings or even jeggings. Wear heels, ballet flats or a pair of boots. Accessorize with a scarf, chunky necklace or loose sweater and you’ve completed your lean and long look!

buy embroidered tunics

2) The Dress Look

Really long tunics can be worn as a dress. This look works best in the fall and winter seasons. Just ensure that your tunic covers your bottom entirely. To achieve this look, take a fabric tunic that you absolutely love and put it on over a pair of sheer nylons, sweater tights, regular tights or patterned tights. Finish your look with boots and accessories such as a scarf, a watch and a belt.

buy latest embroidered kurtis

3) The Summer Look

Tunics are ideal attire for the hot summer months. You may easily wear them over a skirt, a pair of capris or shorts. To achieve a summery look, select a loose and flowing tunic in a color that you love. Wear it over a pencil skirt, capris or shorts. Ensure the bottoms are visible beneath your tunic’s hem. Complete your summer look with a pair of flats, heels or sandals. For accessories, a casual bag, delicate necklace and a pair of sunglasses will help you look fresh and youthful.

Indian embroidered tunics

Embroidered Indian tunics are the best attire for all seasons. To shop for this beautiful fashion, please visit Indian Wedding Saree.