Everything You Want to Know about the Kantha Embroidery of West Bengal

West Bengal has the oldest tradition of the popular embroidery with the thread, named as the Kantha Stitch. This mighty state of India has enjoyed the global reputation for its fine muslin weaves from Dhaka. The muslin cloth was woven in the plain pattern with white cotton threads and opaque patterns.

Kantha Sarees

The muslin material is used for weaving of the Kantha Sarees. The intricate designs of the muslin sarees were created by the stitching threads, all over the body. The borders and the pallus were stitched with the patterns and motifs of leaf, stem, and cypress. Even silk threads are sometimes used to give the designs a glittery look. In fact, the silk-based stitches give a shady effect to the entire Kantha saree when put under light. Nowadays, the weavers are even making use of the work of silver gilt. Katha stitch is not only a special saree embroidery, in fact, this art form can be seen stitched on coats, girdles, shawls, and sarees. Katha stitch comprises of chain stitch, running stitch, hemstitch, long stitch, short stitch and also the work of the silver gilt on a padded base made with cotton thread. The Katha design or embroidery is created on patterned and plain materials which created subdued effects of elegance and richness.

West Bengal Kantha Sarees

The buyers were extremely close to the folk art of India’s Bengal. The traditional stitches found in a Bengal Katha saree are back stitch, chain stitch, open work, knot stitch, etc. This tradition is seen in the traditional quilting of this part of India. You may have heard of the famous Katha based quilts which the grandmothers or the elderly ladies of the family used to make out of unused clothes.

Kantha embroidery saree

Other than embroidery sarees and quilts, the Katha stitch embroidery can be seen in mirror covers, pillow covers, bed sheets, toilet articles, etc. The women of Bengal even today create magical pieces of apparels with the Katha stitch. The literal meaning of the word Katha is the patch. This came from the concept of making a quilt where unused sarees and dhotis placed on top of another and they were stitched together to create a pattern. Making of Katha or quilt has always provided the weavers and the women of Bengal a platform of expressing their creativity.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Saree for the New Bride

Beauty and fashion have always managed to cast a spell on women. The very concept of beauty has evolved to a great deal since the very inception. Even now, it is constantly changing its face. There is an array of women clothing and the accessories to accompany the clothing for the women all around the globe. Color and vibrancy can be witnessed greatly with the bridal sarees of the Indian women and the newly-weds. The bridal sarees in the wedding scenario of India are all selected pieces of premium art. One particular piece is selected after going through and ditching hundreds of pieces by the bride to be. The wedding is the grandest occasion of an individual’s life. At this time, the ladies enter an entranced state of mind. They want to look vivacious as well as stunning on their D-day.

designer bridal sarees

The designs mainly depict random pictures of women and men, deer and other auspicious animals. The girls in India love to adorn these heavily embroidered sarees even if they are weighty for the bride to carry it down. The fashion designers of India since the past many years have been showcasing their line of bridal collections and also the collections for the newly-weds.

south indian bridal sarees

The market in India is flooded with the myriads of options for bridal wear. But even after the ample popularity of the Lehenga, Saree is considered as the best drape that can enhance the beauty of a bride. So, if you have to buy a saree for the newly-wed, make sure:

  • The color of the saree must be compliant with the complexion of the bride.

  • The saree must be of fine quality material along with embroideries stitched with quality threads.

bridal saree

  • Since bright colors are meant to enhance the glow of the new bride, pinks, red, green, blue, yellow and other bright colors are suitable for her.

  • The other popular pattern is the Amrapali or the booti all over the body of the saree.

sarees for new bride

  • The bridal sarees and the sarees to be worn after marriage are embellished with beautiful and intricate designs of the golden and silver embroidery.

  • Sarees are considered to be the assets of the brides to be kept for a lifetime, so make sure you get a good piece for the newly-wed.

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Popularity of Bengali Sarees in Wedding Ceremonies

In recent years, Bengali sarees have invaded the market of Indian weddings. It is a commonly accepted fact that saree is a crucial apparel of any Indian wedding. Hence, it is entirely reasonable for an Indian bride to sport a perfect bridal look on the marriage day. On the flipside, Bengali wedding sarees are becoming popular among Indian brides as these sarees exude traditional magnificence. Bengali sarees are now the most preferred choice among many Indian brides. Moreover, these sarees can be styled in a variety of ways that truly makes them the cynosure of all eyes. These sarees are quite budget-friendly and comfortable that also makes them the apt choice for many individuals. Indian weddings are a symbol of rich culture and tradition and Bengali saree best complements these traditions and cultures.

Bengali sarees in weddings

Its Emerging Popularity

Many would agree with the fact that sarees emerged from the land of Bengal and later other Indian states started adopting this beautiful apparel. Bengali sarees are also quite comfortable to wear, and this is the reason they are increasingly favored nowadays by Indian brides. A Bengali saree always depicts the same old charm and tradition. It enhances the looks of the bride in a better way. On the other hand, Bengali sarees are quite cost-effective when compared to other Indian sarees, and this is one of the sole reasons behind their popularity. Also, they can render a more appealing look to the bride when compared to other Indian sarees in the market.

Bengali Sarees

Its Types

Bengali sarees are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. Tant saree is the most popular saree of Bengal that can be worn on all kinds of occasion. Apart from that Jamdani sarees are also quite popular in many Indian wedding ceremonies. They usually give an exquisite look to the bride. On the other hand, Baluchari sarees are quite famous for their astonishing pallus that are decorated with the detailed description of motifs.

Bengali saree

These sarees are also decorated with mythological figures and rural life that gives a retro look to the Indian bride. It is important to note that many of these Indian wedding sarees are increasingly being adapted into modern styles to make them look even more attractive and beautiful.

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Kaftan Dresses: The New Statement of Fashion to be Worn in a Wedding

The Kaftan Dresses or tops are free-flowing robes which reach to the ankles. The kaftan tops are shorter versions of the robe worn as a top over trousers, leggings or skirts. The dress is primarily worn in the Islamic countries where they are considered as dresses with royal gaiety. There are several variations to this dress. Kaftans have evolved a lot through the years since its inception.

wedding kaftan dresses

Today, kaftans are worn by all women, irrespective of size, shape, and in this case, irrespective of any religion. The kaftans today come in a lot of colors, sizes, cuts, prints, stitches and what not! The necklines are also varied, from round necks to plunging V-necks. Several wedding kaftans have buttons in the front while the others are made from the inspiration of the kimono sleeves.

Kaftan Online India

Reasons why Women should Wear Kaftans in a Wedding

From the brief introduction above, you can very well understand that kaftan truly enhances the beauty of the wearer. With so many options in the variety, the ladies can effectively get hold of the perfect one which they can wear at a wedding. In this case, the fashion designers and the designer’s boutiques have a whole lot of options of kaftan dresses and kaftan tops which are suitable to be worn on auspicious occasions like wedding. The wedding special kaftan tops are made from silk, chiffon, georgette and other such gorgeous materials which are light in weight and also free in flowing. These dresses are not heavy, and also well-ventilated due to the free and long sleeves. You will never get sweaty by wearing it. Kaftans as wedding dresses come in vibrant colors and intricate designs and embroideries as well. You can get them at affordable prices as well.

wedding kaftan dresses

Kaftans as Other Dressing Options

Kaftan is such apparel which can fit women of all sizes. In fact, kaftans are indeed a great clothing option for the women that too, belonging to all age groups. Kaftan can also be worn as a great beach wear. In fact, there are nightgowns which are shaped in the form of kaftans. It is obvious that these clothes are comfortable. They are found in a lot of prints, colors, and patterns.

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Wedding Outfit Ideas for Indian Guests

India is a colorful land which is globally popular for hosting larger than life weddings. So, if you are to attend one of those, then you have to create a niche of your own among the guests. Below are the enlisted and categorized details of what to wear in an Indian wedding:

  • If You are the Groom or the Bride

    The men should always go with the popular Sherwanis and Dupattas along with Pagdis while the women shall make it a mandatory point to wear colorful Lehengas or Sarees for the D-day.

Groom and the Bride wear

  • Apparels for Engagement

    The ideal clothes for the engagement ceremony must be in the theme of the combination of ethnic and western. Velvet suits with pointed toe leather loafers for men and Light weight Shararas or Salwar suits with costume pieces of jewelry are must for women.

Engagement wear

  • Wearable for the Parents of the Groom or Bride

    The fathers should make it a point to discard the traditional style of silk kurtas and pajamas and instead choose to wear Jodhpuri pants and bandh gala to pull off a sophisticated look.  For the mothers, they should experiment with embellished and sequined sarees along with gorgeous matching jewelry and accessories, all in bright colors.

Bandhgala suits

  • If You are the Sibling or Cousin of the Blessed Couple

    Stick to the concept of style and comfort. A luxury is always an option but carry it off with style and grandeur. Wear clothes that fit nicely and also carry your statement of style. For the men, go for silk Sherwanis and Bandhgalas while for women, a designer lehenga or a salwar suit matched with simple makeup and accessories will do the job. Cousins and siblings have the chance to encounter their potential partners in the marriage so, looking the best has to be the prime concern for them.

Anarkali salwar suits

  • The Wedding of your Future Brother-in-law or Sister-in-law

    For the men, a designer bandh gala is ideal along with leather pointed toed shoe or an elegant tuxedo can accomplish the requirement of good looks. For the ladies, saree is an ideal apparel that can help you make look stunning.

Online bandhgala suits

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Indian Wedding Sarees in the Modern Era

India is the blend of traditionalism and modernity. On the global Dias, the wedding of India is popular as Big Fat Indian Weddings, full of color, glamor, and excitement. The wedding ceremonies are full of decoration, food, drinks, colors, clothing which together form an impeccable mélange of tradition, culture, and values. The contemporary weddings of today’s modern era have transformed immensely. The reason behind the transformation is the obvious factors of Globalizations. Now the brides are taking ‘Haldi Ceremony’ photos in sunglasses and even in certain cases, with a bottle of wine. But one thing is standing still in its rightful place, and that is the Bridal saree of the brides of India. There were many trials where even the saree had to face the experiments of the designers, but it is still standing strong in its original avatar as the most loved and coveted bridal wear of the mighty land of the Hindus.

Wedding Sarees

The bridal sarees are even run on the runways where the models flaunt their curves through the perfect pleats and colors. The enrichment of the sarees is evident with the use of the opulent embellishments. A wedding saree with the semi-ethnic style makes the bride look both traditional and modern. The wedding sarees of this criterion is rising daily on demand. Also, when the brides opt for the casual ethnic look, her folks are now opting for the traditional sarees teaming with traditional jewelry of gold.

Below are the Enlisted Details of the Three Traditional Bridal Sarees of the Indian States:

  • Kanjeevaram

    This traditional saree hails from the southern greenery of the Indian subcontinent. The sarees are immensely popular with the women for being colorful, bright and heavy.

Kanjeevaram Saree Online

  • Net Sarees

    Just as the Kanjeevaram, the net sarees are popular in the Northern India. These net sarees had sequins and zari throughout the body and also heavy embroideries.

Net Sarees Online

  • Banarasi

    Banarasi’s origin occurred in the holy city of Kashi, but it is immensely popular with the ladies of Bengal. They not only wear it during the wedding but also wear it during any auspicious occasion.

Banarasi sarees Online

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The charm of Indian wedding sarees spell a cast on women!

Thanks to modernization and development in the fashion industry, and of course the fashion designers, that there’s a high rise in demand of the custom designed wedding and bridal sarees. There are new collections as per seasons like spring collection, winter collection, etc. and there are styles and designs to suit any bride, be it a modern or a traditional Indian bride. The identity of Indian women is often associated with it. Sarees have been a part of Indian tradition from decades. World famous Indian weddings are thought to be incomplete without them.

indian wedding saree

Every woman since her childhood, has dreamt of being a bride, and has even pretended like one by draping herself in her mother’s dupatta. Therefore, a wedding is special, and supposedly one of the most important event in any woman’s life, especially in India. For brides, wedding sarees are designed beautifully, and in a way that displays the personality of the bride.

wedding sarees india

The demand for designer wedding sarees is reaching new heights, thanks to the designers, who have come up with exceptional designs in the wedding range. A new era in the fashion can be seen with the introduction of enhanced designs of sarees into the main stream fashion by the world’s best designers.

online bridal wedding sarees

Some of the facts that one should keep in mind while choosing designer wedding and bridal sarees that will surely seek public attention includes the basic design, the embroidery work and the printing time.

•Choosing a wedding saree is one of the most difficult and time consuming task for a woman, as they have ‘n’ number of options out there, each one better than the other. Women usually get confused when it comes to shopping for their bridal sarees. So, the first preference should be given to the fabric of the saree.

wedding sarees india online

•Most of them prefer silk sarees, as traditionally silk and cotton are thought to be of the best quality fabrics. But, these days, brides can choose between a whole range of fabrics such as Silk, Georgette, Pure Chiffon, Satin, etc.

•The color is one of the most significant aspects of the saree. Traditionally, red was the preferred color, but nowadays brides prefer to wear the kind of colors that complement their skin tone and jewelry as well. In this world of million colors, there can be an endless combination of colors to choose for bridal sarees, whereas the most common colors are red, pink and white etc., nowadays many other color combinations are demanded by women.

Bridal sarees online

•The design of a wedding saree is also of great importance. The beauty and the elegance of a wedding saree can be seen in the delicate embroidery done on it. The design includes embroidery work in semi-precious stones, zardosi, resham, bead and mirror work. These are some of the most popular designs available. A designer can help the bride in a better way to choose the right kind of saree.

•Designers having a range of wedding sars caused by moths, you can do several of things for moth prevention & pest control:ees which offers you the best suited one that the bride can remember for a life time.

sarees online India

•The metamorphosis of sarees from a simple traditional outfit to a trendy and fashionable outfit can be seen in today’s world of fashion. Today, women get really attracted and enthusiastic towards the new collection of sarees into the mainstream fashion by our world’s best designers.

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Are you choosing your drape carefully? Find out what you should know!

Sarees are undoubtedly one of most elegant garments that one could find in a woman’s wardrobe. Sarees have been a part of the Indian culture and traditions since time immemorial. Despite the fashion development and introduction of modernization and various modern clothes in the market out there, Indian sarees are one of the most preferred garment, as they have always been.

sarees online

It is very obvious for females to get confused when they go out in the market for saree shopping, given that there is a huge variety of colors, fabrics, styles, designs, and embroideries that you would find in sarees. The uniqueness of the sarees is what makes them so loved and one of most preferred garment, especially when it comes to ethnic wear.

Buy Sarees Online

The best part about owning sarees, is that you can wear them anywhere and at any event whatsoever. Seriously, from giving a presentation in your office, to attending the parent-teacher meet for your child in his school, from attending the engagement ceremony of your best friend, to making it to your cousin’s wedding. There is no place you cannot make it with a saree.

Indian sarees online

What’s very important when you choose sarees for yourself, apart from the design and color, is the drape of the sarees? Sarees are worn throughout the country but in different styles and drapes. Sarees are made for all body types and it is said and believed that irrespective of your body type and frame, you would look great in a saree.

wedding sarees online

If you have a tier around your belly, trust a saree to help you cover it up like never before. If you are short in height comparatively, let the saree do the trick to make you look taller.A saree, if only chosen wisely, will do complete justice to your body and personality. For example, if you are short, do not pick sarees with broad borders or with blocks, rather go for the ones that have thinner borders as they will take the attention away from your short height. Similarly, taller girls should refrain from thinner borders because that will actually end up making you look like a pillar.

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Indian wedding styles for women to flaunt!

India is a country that is known for its colorful history, religious diversity and rich culture. Every corner of the country celebrates weddings in its own unique style and fashion. People from different religions and regions in India, celebrate the weddings as per their religious norms and traditions and that’s what makes every Indian wedding unique and special.

Indian Wedding saree

The wedding attire is an important aspect of Indian marriages. The bride and the groom are attired in the choicest outfits that make them look spectacular. The wedding dresses are different in different regions of the country. Indian bridal wear is renowned the world over for its intricate designs, opulent embroidery, rich fabrics and vibrant shades.

Bridal wedding dresses

When it comes to traditional Indian attire, the Indian bride has several options to choose from. Whether it is the saree, the lehenga, the salwar kameez or the ghagra choli – the options are aplenty.

Sarees –

Elegant, sophisticated and stylish, the saree is a widely popular choice. Wedding sarees are generally made of rich colors and fabrics and feature opulent designs. The huge mind blowing variety of Indian wedding sarees that are popular across the country includes, Banarasi, Kanjiveram, Zardousi, etc. The 6 yards of fabric is paired with a blouse and long skirt (worn underneath the saree) creating an overall stunning effect.

Buy bridal sarees

Lehenga –

Another popular wedding attire, a lehenga comprises a long, heavily embroidered and ornate skirt worn with a waist-length blouse and a duppatta. Lehengas are available in a wide range of colors, cuts and fits to suit every kind of taste, personality and budget.

Wedding Lehenga Online

Salwar Kameez –

Mostly worn by Punjabi girls on their wedding day, a wedding salwar kameez comprises a well-fitting, heavily embroidered knee-length tunic, loose pleated pants and an embellished duppatta.

Bridal Salwar Kameez

Designer sarees –

The changing trends have brought to the fore designer sarees for women who want a fusion of the traditional and the modern. Bollywood has considerably influenced the way young contemporary women of today dress up for their special day. The designers are coming up with several stylish twists to the traditional saree, which have been very well received. Brides now have several innovative styles to choose from instead of just draping the fabric the traditional way. Also, even though red has always been a favorite wedding dress color, these days girls are experimenting with different shades as well.

Designer Sarees for Bride

Indian wedding dresses mirror the country’s rich traditions and craftsmanship. With so many options to choose from, the Indian woman has no option but to look resplendent on the most special day of her life.

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Bridal and wedding sarees in Asia are becoming popular around the world

The saree is an attractive attire worn largely in Asia. Bridal sarees are very much in fashion in this part of the world. Women can wear these pieces in different styles which is why fashion designers keep discovering new ways to wrap wedding sarees. The saree has a well-dressed and luxurious look. These designs are given a lot of value in Asia. These are traditional made from luxurious fabrics such as silk detailed with colorful embroidery and crystals. Some even have 24 carat gold threading.

Image result for wedding sarees in Asia

Weddings usually bring exceptional moments in the life of a woman. It is a woman’s wish to wear special wedding dress on this occasion. Like they say, you don’t get married every day. Bridal sarees add glamour to her look on her most important day. These designs make you appear gorgeous and classy. A collection of wedding sarees may be crafted on net, crepe, georgette, glass tissue, jari and net, viscose and faux. These are considered to be ideal outfit for any event. The stylish and traditional outfit is worn nowadays during weddings. They have been modernized with time in the fashion industry and are wrapped in different styles.

Image result for wedding sarees in Asia

Women can find a lot of varieties in the styles she chooses. Many collections offer an amazing variety of handwork sewing full of sequins, resham, zari and many more suits for every occasion, party and wedding events. Bridal sarees with dupatta are very much in fashion these days. Designer fashion choice embroideries customized with beads, stones, lace work, kundans, and traditional gota patti are the most popular these days.

Image result for wedding sarees in Asia

Printed pure georgette and faux crepe designs are the latest fashion in town just to maintain the expectations of tradition. Stunning colorful designs tell a story about a great cultural history. Normally, there are varying sets of clothes for brides in different cultures.

Image result for wedding sarees in Asia

Creativity of today’s designer makes this dress attractive and exclusive from other dresses. Bridal sarees in white also mix together with extra fabrics other than silk. Many people have discovered white bridal sarees using Kanjivaram silk, georgette, chiffon, crepe, Kora and jute fabrics are the most elegant for their wedding day.

Image result for Bridal sarees in white

Hand embroidered garments hold a vital place in this part of the world.

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