5 Things to do while shopping for Kaftan

Girls love kaftans, and it is evident from the fact that the dress is not restricted to vacations and beach wear anymore. They have successfully transitioned to formal segment as well, that too with some serious aplomb! However, not every kaftan dress you can get hold off can pass off as a formal wear, more specifically when you are actually in a business meeting. To give you some quick guiding tips on how to shop for kaftans for different occasions; we bring you 6 never-miss pointers for every shopping outing.

Kaftan Online India
1. Focus on the fabric
New trends in kaftan and simple Abaya collection reveal the entry of some really cool and contemporary fashion fabrics. For instance, jacquard weaves and chiffon remain the most popular materials for this season. For the upcoming winter collection, explore from the whole new range of wrap around satins and silk kaftans embellished with Swarovski gems and metal studs.

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Avoid polyester and Rayon fabric for good. They are not decently close to represent a formal identity.

2. One kaftan for exclusive occasion
Never mix and match your kaftans for different occasions. Always resort to exclusivity. Yes, kaftans do give lot of flexibility in terms of accents and pairing, avoid going the casual corridor. Keep your kaftan reserved for that special moment always. Mini kaftans are perfect for formal occasions. Maxi-length kaftans with v-neck don’t quite make the cut as formal attire.

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3. Run through the prints
Stay on top of the trend while buying kaftans using extensive research on prints. Latest prints always sell like hot buns, especially during summer when designers launch exclusive party wear and beach wear collections.

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In 2016, don’t miss out on the opportunity of owning the quintessential Argyle kaftans, or the bold and elegant Arabesque. Moroccan kaftans featuring airbrush prints with a whiff of bead and real symmetry also rake in big interest, especially among art lovers.

4. Embroidery
Every kaftan has a signature appeal. Most buyers miss out the embroidery part while shopping online or from streets. Always look out for extensive embroidery or stonework patterns. Upcoming kaftan collection in your wardrobe must necessarily feature the best of Chicken scratch, Colbert, Brazilian embroidery, Assisi, Quilting, Gold work and Jacobean painting styles. Stump work and hand-woven needle embroidery are running items with huge demand among regular professionals.

kaftan online

5. Neck designs
Kaftans and Abaya have exceeded the fashion boundaries with their bold cuts and ravishing necklines. To be safe on the formal outing, pick a kaftan with halters with slip stitched underneath. Give it a silhouette character with wrap-around, or scoop the contours with a deep U-neckline. Off-shoulders and poppy necklines are formidable options for bold and fiery professionals willing to make a stunning fashion statement. Avoid Keyholes and Surplice necklines if you sport a fuller body.

online kaftan India

While going for Kaftan Online India shopping, always pick elegance over innovation. You might want to retain the kaftan for its new-age fashion appeal, but don’t waste the elegance factor ever. Most buyers end up buying tube-top inspired kaftans that are nothing but longer versions of their bath robe! Use above tips to get the best.

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8 Types Of Jacket Every Woman Should Own

Stay covered, season after season with some of the most fashionable ladies jacket. Before you actually wear them, there are many things that go into building a flawless jacket wardrobe. With over 150 different designs available in the market, we bring you top 8 ladies jacket designs that we believe every woman must own and flaunt on special occasions.

fashionable ladies jacket

1    Parkas
Also called Anorak, it literally means “animal skin”. The Parkas come with a hood and a faux fur lining with lace panelling. It closely resembles the Icelandic and Eskimo jacket designs inspired by caribou and seal skin texture. If you live in a cold and wet place, Parkas ladies jacket should be your top choice. Look-wise, Parka is a knee-length waterproof coat fur lining and synthetic warming material inside.

Parkas online

2    Bomber jackets
90s bad-ass Bombers are still popular as they were then. They have made a successful crossover from military uniforms into contemporary fashion elements. Vintage bomber jackets with new-age styling concepts reveal the popularity of oversized ladies jackets worn over pencil skirt. A white tee underneath and a denim legging topped with bomber jacket builds an androgynous style quotient.

Bomber jackets online

3    Trench coats
Trench coats blend in the class of formal wear with sporty appeal. They give every girl an off-duty model look. When cinched around the waist, and worn with denim and sneakers, the trench coats can be teamed with lace just as beautifully as over a stripped button-down shirt.

Trench coats online

The quintessential elements that make Trench Coats so popular are the gun flaps, epaulettes, double breasts and the belt.

4    Quilted
Turn into a fashion icon this winter with strapping quilted ladies jacket. They are a central fashion item for autumn and winter, owing to the popularity among hipsters and professionals alike. Inspired from the original husky jackets, the Quilted Ladies jackets have a basic boxy cut with single breast and five rows of snap buttons.

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5    Cocoon
Cocoon ladies jackets are barrel-shaped outerwear offering the best fit among all jacket types. It has a tapering hem which narrows down from top to bottom. It doubles up its grace quotient when paired with a skinny jeans and shirt.

Cocoon jacket womens online

6    Swing coats
Another vintage ladies jacket from the 60s, black velvet swing coats come with a retro-styled apple cut that skims past the waistline. A perfect outerwear for girls with broad hips, the swing coat conceals the heavy midriff in neat manner.

Swing coats online

7    Reversible
Most reversible ladies jacket have one fixed colour—black. It makes it easy to pick them owing to their dual tone. Apart from the colour, most reversible ladies jackets have one plain side and other with embroidery. The cuffs and the hem are ribbed to extend its retro appeal. If you travel to your work, these reversible coats are stylish options all round the year.

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8    Fringe Jackets
Suede fringe jackets deliver a cowgirl personality convincingly. The ladies jacket in fringe design has padded shoulders with dolman sleeves and quilts.

Fringe Jackets Online

Another popular jacket you can try out for this season is the mesh and sequined ladies jacket that comes with a cape theme.

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How to Create Romantic Bohemian Look with Kaftans?

Forget the trend that demands you to be strict and sharp. 2016 so far has been contrastingly different from the previous years, thanks to the popularity of kaftans and abaya dresses. According to popular women magazines, the season is all about staying cool, trendy and stylish with loose and dramatically colourful kaftans. That’s exactly why we picked romantic Bohemian as one segment that we think goes with every occasion.

Kaftan Online India

Here is a 6-step guide to turn it on with gypsy-inspired kaftans.

Step 1: Shop for the occasion
Are you planning to wear the kaftans for any particular outing? Kaftan Online India trend has lovingly crossed over to formal collections now, but it does not mean you favour them over shirts and gowns. Perfect for casuals, especially when you have a windy destination to manage, Bohemian kaftans blend with the backdrop with ease. We don’t mind you trying a chic modish mini-kaftan paired with sexy denim short to your next Safari escapade.

Buy Bohemian kaftans

Step 2: Flattering neckline
Hop onto the streets to find the kaftan with perfect neckline. Boat necks and V-necks are passé. Bold and fiery stylists prefer to go with asymmetrical scoops and off-shoulder poppy kaftans. They look stunning when adorned with leather belts. Chiffon kaftans with netted panels on the sides always work with every neckline you choose. Explore plunging necklines to experience wildness.

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Step 3: Transparent kaftans are fun too
Give your wardrobe a transparent makeover. For those who love to show off their favourite tee and tops underneath the kaftan, can pick this ultra-modern fabric. A hot favourite in beach-themed party outings, transparent Romantic Bohemian kaftans can be worn over two-piece Hawaiian bikini or oriental Sukumizu or Mizugi.

Transparent kaftans Online

Step 4: The return of Yellow
We are not talking about ordinary pale yellow shades, but hundreds of varieties coming from the spectrum close to yellow. With over 50 recognizable shades of yellow, each colour has a symbolic element related to Romantic Bohemian kaftan look. Our personal favourites have lined up kaftans in Apricot, Citrine, harvest gold, Mustard, Sunglow and even the sandy Old-gold.

Buy Yellow kaftans Online

For those looking for extra highlights, saffron and canary are other shades in yellow you must explore in 2016. Jonquil, we love the name just as much as the colour. Do try it!

Step 5: Metallic accents
Dainty gold jewellery in 2015, but in 2016 it is all about platinum and bronze. The accessories are getting bolder and sharper. Long necklaces with chunky accents and geometric bracelets pep up the kaftan look with their dazzling sheen. If you are sporting a kaftan with bold prints or solid colours, accessories will vary accordingly. However, always dress up for the occasion. Pearls and crystals rock the floor with their brilliance floating in air in sweet cocktail party.

Kaftan jewellery
Step 6: The perfume
Accentuate the whole idea of romance with Romany scents like Parfum Gypsy from Byredo, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf or the sensuous Hypnotic Poison by Dior. Be it the star-studded embellished kaftans or backless maxi-length gown, they complement the theme of “Flow”.

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Top 5 Bridal Wedding Gown Ideas for Every Bride

Class never goes out of fashion and that is what is likely to be retained even years after your wedding day. Hundreds of wedding gown dress later, you can finally pick some of the best bridal gown that will turn you into a damsel for the day like nothing else.

Picking the best bridal wedding gown to make it an event of the season depends on a lot of elements—your body type, complexion, time of the year and of course, the wedding theme.

Indian Bridal Wedding Gown

Here are 6 top bridal wedding gown ideas for every bride.

1 White Florals— Top pick of the season
White florals reflect the longevity of the moment. The scintillating patterns etched on intricate bodice and cascading skirt make it look like a tumbling garden. There are two options when it comes to picking White florals for bridal wedding gowns. You can either choose alluring embroidered florals or try out painted-onto-fabrics. The painted florals are definitely more contemporary than the embroidery ones.

white florals Bridal Wedding Gown
2    Lacy mermaid and trumpet dresses
A perfect prom-inspired bridal gown dress, the Mermaid fish tailed gowns continue to sizzle on the wedding circuit. However, it takes courage and superlative body shape to adorn this dress with aplomb.  You can pick from a hundred trending colours for the mermaids, each of which have a signature lacy waist and bodice reserved for the dress. Top picks of the season—Champagne, ivory and blush pink.

Lace mermaid and trumpet3    Celtic Tulle Stone-Washed dress
Subtle fabric shades with engorging Celtic designs make up for a scintillating combination of art, class and contemporary fashion taste. Best colours in stone-wash category preferred for tulle-braided gowns are taupe, pink and ivory with hints of pearl and blush. For a warmer appeal, the gown is given a bluish tinge, perfectly complimentary with cummerbund and a flaring skirt.

online bridal gowns4    Bridal suits and pant gowns
Unconventional to the core, and inspiring over the top—this is the most ravishing western element to be ever associated with the wedding. Bridal gowns with suits and pant totally eliminate the need to focus on traditional wedding items like bodice, corset, skirt and necklines. Decked with rich colours and fabulous cut lines, the suit and pant gowns carry a bohemian flavour in them. They can be featured in quarter-sleeves, sleeveless, off-shoulder suits and even bell sleeves. Bolder it gets with the suit, sweeter it looks with the bottom.

Buy Bridal suits and pant gowns5    3D Victorian Touches
Floral bridal wedding gowns with high necklines and beaded lace on flared sleeves belt out a strong message to the contemporary designers. Class is still the single most factor that makes any bridal gown rule the roost on the D-day. Padded along the corset, and laced bodice make the Victorian gown in White and Pale blue draw unflinching opulence even in twilight settings.

Image result for 3D Victorian Touches gowns

Another top trend in the rounds is the illusion-filled flutter sleeves with deep plunging neckline and embellished kaftan. The backless wonder is a high-price catch for the season, stitched with a strapless sweetheart trumped outline.

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Top 6 Reasons Kaftans Are Growing In Popularity

Kaftans or Caftan, as they are usually referred to in Islamic fashion scene, are longer versions of traditional tunic. It is a rather long dress with a coat like appeal that reaches till the ankles. In recent times, there has been a dramatic transformation in the look and utility of the way Kaftan is tailored and adorned. A huge variety of trendy Kaftans are available in Kaftan Online India stores.

kaftan online india

Here are 6 reasons that make Kaftan a delectable choice for formal as well as casual event.

1. Available in many fabrics

Kaftans are available in impressive collection of cotton, silk, georgette, velvet, felt, hessian and even corduroy. Synthetic fabrics like aramid, acrylic and lycra are also available in the online market, but nothing beats the popularity and utility quotient of natural Kaftan fibres.

Fancy Kaftans have intricate artwork, embellishment and embroidery to up their appeal. They feature largely around the neck line, the borders and the sleeves.

Online kaftan shopping

2. Cool formal look

Fusion of Kaftan with other established formal attires give the dress its uncompromising class and elegance. The full body coverage offered by the Kaftan kurta worn with a legging, harem pants or pyjamas is a top shopping choice for women in Islamic countries. Some Kaftan designs also provide the hoods and veils with their materials.

Overall, Kaftan is a stylish attire for evening and night events.

kaftan online India

3. Beach look with lustrous prints

Easy to wrap around without fuss, Kaftans are gaining popularity as beach dress as well as garden attires. They are the top choices for tourists wanting to explore the windy trails across the beach. Lustrous prints inspired from the nature and abstract art turn the simplest of drapes into colourful canvas of emotions and joyous moments.

For outdoors, Kaftans remain the best choice, especially for visitors traveling to tropical parts of the world.

Kaftan Collection India

4. Kaftan as a wedding dress!

Known as the “Covered Bliss” Kaftan inspired bridal wedding dress and gowns. While Kaftans continue to feature in full dress segments, some designers are taking a flight of creativity with an element of flamboyance. Arabic and Algerian Kaftans blend with the Islamic elements in fashion designing, and are available in diverse and eyecatching colours like peach, pearl, ivory, blue and blush pink. The shift from white and grey shades reveals the true reason behind Kaftan’s popularity in the western world.

buy kaftan kurti online

5. Short and sexy

Kaftans are getting shorter and bolder. Designers are taking a cue from different parts of the world turning the modest hijab-inspired dress into a sexy attire. Russian Kaftans in chiffon and crepe feature bold prints and beach-wear paddings. Perfect for casual occasions, wearing short Kaftans involves complementing the dress with loose fitting linen pants, swimsuit shorts and tank tops.

Kaftan India

6. Nude shades

Kaftan with crochet top covers up the base padding and bodice with exciting results. It is a bold concept that turns a simpleton into a sizzlingboho-chic fashion diva.

Kaftan shopping India

The scintillating features that separate these Kaftans from the regular maxi dresses are its wide embroidered sleeves and trendy round necks.

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Top 6 Wedding Dresses that go with Ladies Jackets

Love for jackets can put off your trend quotient by a long shot. Whether it is your western-styled bridal gown or a simple lehenga choli, the idea of sporting a ladies jacket for the occasion is a rather bold move. However, we bring you 6 iconic fashion statements that handsomely gel with ladies jacket with all wedding-centric attires.

Image result for ladies jacket on wedding lehenga

1. Lehenga with capes
Absolutely stylish to the core, lehenga capes are making huge statement everywhere in the Indian wedding circuit. Putting it up with the colourful sleeveless crochet jackets set the ramp sizzling. Perfect for Fall weddings, the cape dolls up any girl for the occasion.

Lehenga with capes

2. Dhoti sari
A fusion of sorts with high dare value, the idea of glamming up the dhoti sari with traditional shrug-styled ladies jacket is again a trail blazer of sorts for modern women. Dhoti sari is already a sizzling chemistry of elegance and suaveness. Adding the extra layer of jacket with sweltering embroidery sets the bar higher for wedding season.

buy online jackets for dhoti saree

3. Long jacket with Anarkali
Anarkali is the quintessential attire for any Indian wedding. Donning a long Bandi-inspired ladies jacket takes you straight into the passage of history where men and women shared the same style ideas. Folk embroidery mixed with Nouveau stitching and thread designs can turn any girl next door into a pin up sensation for the wedding event.

Buy long jacket with Anarkali

From accessorizing to the fetish footwear, Bandi ladies jacket is a safe layering option for Anarkali lovers.

4. Shrug jacket on Kaftans
Women love to shrug it all the way with off-shoulder kaftans gently embraced by the ladies jacket made of silk and satin, and tailored with finesse. The fabric provides enough room for experimentation with numerous other attires ranging from off beat Sari Dhotis to the more traditional and formal, anarkalis. However, the shrug jacket on kaftans is a demonstrative proof of how fiery the idea is for a winter event set under the moonlight.

shrugs on kaftans

5. Kurtas with Palazzos/ Shararas
Give your kurta fetish a sweet twist of styling with chich-modish zardozi ladies jacket. The twist lies in the pairing with palazzos and shararas that fit well on slim, tall and curvy women. The zardozi jacket compliments short as well as long kurta. Make sure you flaunt the best colours of the season on your zardozi ladies jacket to create a spectacular moment.

ladies jacket with Palazzos6. Asymmetrical kurtas
It is another experimental outfit idea that works well on day events. The asymmetrical kurtas with tie around design can test even the most voracious dressers on the planet. Trying the asymmetrical jacket with this attire is a challenging task. Proper layering of the dress with elaborate accessorising from top to bottom can make the challenge a sweet experience.

jacket on Asymmetrical kurtas

Asymmetrical jackets inspired from the traditional kota dress or the achkans have made a swashbuckling comeback to the wedding scene.

Without doubt, there are many safe options for the wedding season that are way too safe. Add the Ladies jacket collection for a rather spicy outing without much hula.

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A look at Top 5 Features of Modern Abayas

Like any other religion, Islam has a specific dress code. In fact, the women of the community should be modestly dressed. The hijab and the abaya are the traditional attire of the Muslim women. However, today many women use the abaya as an outfit to express their style and personality. Even if, it is a typical example of conservative clothing, it is often lustrous. As mentioned, today these are available in several modern designs and styles. Consequently, it becomes easy for women to showcase the personal styles without any kind of disrespect towards the religion, as a whole.

Modern Abayas Online

1    The Concept of Abaya:
It is not surprising to find that many people are not aware of the concept of abaya. The loose fitting and long sleeve robe is designed in such a way so that it can be worn over a regular clothing. It often resembles a Kaftan, as well. At times, it is paired with a head scarf, commonly known as hijab.

Head scarf with Modern Abayas

2    Style & Fitting:
It is important to note that the abaya is designed to cover the overall length of the arm. Some of these come tailored with different sleeve sizes and in different shapes. Moreover, many of them are even available in some luxurious and basic designs. Many of them are fitted at the lower and higher waist. Some of them come in stitched in particular styles with separate belt or sash fitting around the waist. Many of them are available with designs and high collars along with a flaring fit.

abaya online

3    Available In Various Colors:
Traditionally, Simple Abaya Collections were available in black. Even today, it is one of the most preferred colors, especially in the Muslim countries. Apart from that, you can expect to find these in plethora of color options ranging from bold colors to earthy tones. Along with going for solid colors, some women love experimenting with different fabrics of the abaya.

Buy modern abayas online

4    Choices of Fabric:
You will find these abayas in wide varieties of fabrics today ranging from silk, cotton, chiffon, crepe, rayon and georgette. However, silk and chiffon are the best because luxurious and rich looks they offer. Well, you can go for something that gives you the highest level of comfort, as a whole.

Image result for georgette Modern Abayas

5    Embroidery & Embellishments:
The traditional styles of abayas are quite different from the modern styles. This is mainly because of the featured accents in which these are available. The embroidered cloaks are increasingly getting popular in the recent times. Embroidery is often found along the sleeves and necks. Some of the embroidered designs also are found along the edges and seams. Sequins and jeweled embellishments are often impressive when checked in the context of solid colors. Some are found with lace embellishments and sashes.

Image result for Embroidery Abayas

Therefore, considering the varieties in terms of design, style and patterns of modern abayas, it is up to you to decide the type of abaya that you want to go for. On the basis of that, you can Buy Abaya Online and express your style statement in the best way.

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A look at Top 6 Most Comfortable Fabric for Summer

The summer season is no doubt bright and cheerful, but in a country like India, summers can often be frustrating due to the intense heat. The fiery heat and the sweaty summer should not stop you from expressing your style statement in some of the best outfits. You do not want to sweat and remain comfortable regardless the place you go. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you select some of the cool and comfortable fabrics so that you can easily beat the summer heat. This in turn will also keep your mood in the top form.

Top Summer Fabrics:

As you know there are plenty of fabrics to choose your outfits from. However, there are some exclusive fabrics ideally suitable for the summer season. It is time to take a look and derive lots of inspiration from the same.

1    Cotton-
It is a well known fact that cotton is the most breathable fabric to beat the intense heat of the summers. The light weight and soft fabric is definitely the ideal option for the Indian summers, and it would even help you stay cool. It helps in proper air circulation and thereby you can bear the heat.

cotton saree

2    Khadi-
The khadi fabric is now popular all over the world. It is coarse, but easy to maintain. At the same time, you can also expect to stay cool and comfortable in the intense fiery days of summer. The soothing fabric will uplift your mood, as well.

khadi saree

3    Chambray-
This is indeed a cool textile that can give you some extraordinary level of comfort. At the same time, you can even look fashionable because it gives an illusion of denim. The woven textile is light in weight and the fabric is breathable and long-lasting. Thus, it is the ideal fabric for the hot summer months.

Chambray saree

4    Linen-
The natural fiber made form flax plants can offer a cool feel and amazing comfort. Therefore, it is the perfect choice of fabric for summers. You can wear this fabric and relax the summer heat without any form of discomfort.

Linen saree

5    Rayon-
This excellent fabric would give you intense comfort during the summer heat. The man made fabric comes with a glossy look, but it is inexpensive compared to silk. It quickly evaporates moisture and remains dry in the extremely hot weather. Moreover, the fabric does not stick to your body, which is again great.

Rayon saree

6    Original silk-
The delicate fabric can be worn not only during the summers, but also during the winters. It comes with an absorbing property due to which it can be used in the intense heat of summer. It tends to absorb the dry moisture quickly, due to which you will feel comfortable as well as luxurious. You will also find that this hypoallergenic fabric is also the most durable one. It is the reason silk sarees and silk Salwar Suits comes up as an evergreen choice for every season.  Hence, you can make the best use of it in any season.

Original silk saree

These are some of the most popular and most comfortable fabric that you can choose for the hot summer season. Visit leggings online shopping stores to get latest variety of summer apparels at affordable price.

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Top 4 Tips to Get Perfect Blouse for Your Saree

When it comes to sarees, the first thing that comes to the mind is the blouse. After all, it is a crucial part of any woman’s wardrobe. It can even create a great difference in a well draped saree. Therefore, if you want to show off your beautiful figure by draping a saree, you should definitely make way for a wonderfully fitted blouse. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that instead of going for a readymade blouse at the last moment, the wisest thing is to get the blouse stitched in advance. Today, you can select from different designs, patterns and even colors. This in turn will certainly highlight some of the best features in your body.

saree blouse online

Tips To Flaunt Your Style Statement:

Saree is undoubtedly a great outfit, and when you combine it with a fitted blouse, you can further enhance the look.

1 Accurate measurements-
Different women have variations in body shapes and sizes. Make sure that while stitching a blouse, the body measurements are recorded in the most accurate way. Otherwise, an ill-fitted blouse can ruin the entire look of the saree. Hence, you need to approach the right tailor. This in turn will ensure complete accuracy of the blouse that best suits the frame of your body. At the same time, you should also make sure that it is not excessively tight.

Indian saree blouse online

2 Wearing the right bra-
As you finish up with a nicely fitted blouse, you should also pay attention to the size of your bra. One of the most important things that you should not forget is to wear the correct bra under your blouse. Consequently, it will play a great role in enhancing your overall figure as well as the look of your blouse. For instance, if you are wearing a backless blouse, you should go for a backless bra too or cups that stick to your body. For a halter neck blouse, you should wear a strapless bra or a low neck bra. On the other hand, if you want to expose your cleavage, you can wear a push-up bra.

latest designer blouse online

3 Selecting the fabrics-
Often, selecting the right fabric of the blouse can be challenging. You should always choose something that complements the fabric and type of your saree. Avoid choosing filmsy fabrics for winters. Cotton, chiffon and net has become a huge craze now, and they are increasingly being used as blouse materials for the summer.

online blouses

4 Simple and balanced-
You might not want to match your saree with your blouse because this is slowly getting out of fashion. However, even if, you go for a mix and match look, you should try to achieve a balance so that you get the perfect look. For instance, a heavy embroidered saree should have a plain colored and simple designed blouse. On the other hand, a designer blouse can enhance the look of a plain saree.

blouse online

Thus, there are hosts of options for you to try, and this will create the ultimate difference.

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Top 10 Tips to Wear an Artificial Tattoo

Wearing an artificial tattoo is no big deal; the most wonderful thing is that even if you don’t have anyone to help you, you can actually wear it all on your own, unless you want to get it on a place where your hands are unable to reach (like your back or at the back of your thighs, where you can’t see). In such case surely you would need help of someone.

temporary tattoo designs

If you want to wear an artificial tattoo on your shoulder, arms, wrists, waist, belly, thighs, calves or feet, you can easily make it without anyone’s help. Here are some of the ways that teach you how to wear an artificial tattoo:

1) The first thing that you need to do is buy the tattoo that you wish to wear; visit a good e-store that is into such tattoos and pick up all the designs that you like. The good thing is that most of the artificial tattoos are quite cheap or affordable and hence you are not expected to shed off a lot of money from your pockets.

2) Now, peel off the plastic coating that protects the tattoo; you need to be extremely careful when you do this; there are a lot of people who damage or destruct the design of the tattoo, just because of their hasty behavior. Don’t haste – take your own sweet time to peel off the plastic covering.

temporary tattoo

3) Once you decide where you want to wear the artificial tattoo, the next thing that you need to do is clean the area with a soft wet cotton ball. Clean the area thoroughly so that no sweat or dirt is left at the place where you are planning to stick it.

4) Now place the tattoo face-down on the selected or chosen area. This is something that you need to do carefully, again. This may damage the size and design of your tattoo, if you don’t keep the sticker firm on the skin.

mehendi tattoo

5) If you have a sponge, you would need it for this step. You need a damp cloth or sponge (but not a soaked one) to press the tattoo on your skin. Keep doing this for a few moments.

6) Now, hold the damp cloth or sponge in the same position for around 60 seconds.

heena tattoo

7) Take off the damp cloth or sponge from the area.

8 ) Now, gently take off the paper to allow the tattoo design to stick onto your skin.

online tattoo designs

9) Leave the tattoo to dry for around one complete minute.

10) Congratulations; you have a temporary tattoo!

temporary tattoo online

Follow these top 10 tips to look glamorous in parties. The best thing is that the artificial tattoos looks magnificent with traditional attires like Designer Saree and Salwar Suits. When wearing traditional attires you can stick tattoos on arms, neck, back and navel. Visit Indian Wedding Saree store to buy magnificent collection of artificial Tattoos in attractive designs and shapes and be a style diva.

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