The Kanjeevaram sari is a traditional attire that is woven in the village of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Kanjeevaram silk saris dominate the South Indian sari market. They are the height of sophistication, suitable for any religious ceremony, occasion or wedding.

kanjeevaram saree

The Origin of Kanjeevaram

The King of the Chola dynasty ruled in Kanjeevaram between 985 and 1014 AD. During his reign, he started the silk trade. However when Krishna-Deva Raya took the throne in the early 15th century, the Saligars and Devangas, weaving communities from Andhra Pradesh, moved to Kanjeevaram. Their move marked a historical migration of the silk industry to Tamil Nadu.

kanjeevaram saree onlineThese two weaving communities had extensive experience and knowledge of silk weaving. The Kanjeevaram sari bears patterns and designs that are seen in Hindu scriptures and on temple walls. The silk of this region continues to be highly regarded amongst other silks in the world.

online kanjeevaram sareesToday, there are approximately 5,000 families who are directly involved in the weaving of Kanjeevaram saris.

The Making of Kanjeevaram Saris

Kanjeevaram saris are made from pure silk which is obtained from the mulberry worm. The silk is hand woven and is double wept or double warped. The warp frame has about 60 holes which is capable of weaving 240 threads. The increased number of threads in a single weave is what makes a Kanjeevaram sari so sturdy.

silk saree onlineEach sari is finished off with a zari border in either silver or gold. For a gold border, the silver is first woven in and then it is later coated with gold.

The design of a Kanjeevaram ranges widely from stripes, checks and florals to natural motifs such as birds, animals and leaves. Many intricately made Kanchivarams feature scriptures and images from Hindu texts and South Indian temples. The pallus are woven with paintings showing depictions from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Depending on the intricacy of the sari design, a single Kanjeevaram sari requires up to 1 week to be woven.

buy kanjeevaram sareeThe Kanjeevaram sari is the number one attire of choice for South Indian brides.

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Dori work is an ancient Indian craft that features spectacular embroidery work. This magnificent artwork is achieved with a simple needle and thread. It often uses other stitching techniques such as couching and Zardozi stitching along with the use of fine, multi-colored silk threads. These vibrant threads are used to enhance the motifs and designs of the fabric.

Dori work

The History of Dori

The existence of Dori work can be traced as far back as the Cro-Magnon period. Many pieces of fabric were found containing stitch work patterns. These fabrics were also creatively stitched with precious gems in many colors.

Traditional Dori work was often worked for members of the royal family. During the Mughal period, emperors often patronized this type of work. They often sought this type of embroidery on their costumes and robes. The fabric used to make their attire featured innovatively stitched artwork with stones and gems carefully studded in to the design using Dori embroidery.

Dori Work SalwarThe complexity of the Dori embroidery provided an indication of the person’s class and rank in society. In other words, the more detailed and intricate the Dori pattern, the higher the rank or social class.

Variations of the Dori

Apart from the colorful array of threads used to make beautiful Dori designs, many modern day designers are also opting for metallic colored threads such as silver, copper and gold. Even shimmery colors are taking precedence over regular colors. These threads are being used to create eye-catching motifs and patterns that will elicit admiration from onlookers.

Dori Work Salwar

Application of the Dori

Dori work was originally seen on the traditional attire of royal families, i.e. the Mughals. Today, Dori embroidery can be seen on garments such as kurtis, salwar kameez, tunics, saris, blankets, dress shirts, shoes, skirts, caps and purses. In the fashion industry, the current expression of Dori embroidery features the use of pearls, sequins and semi-precious stones worked into the stitching of the sari.

Dori Work SareeTo learn more about this ancient Indian handicraft, or to view ethnic clothing items featuring the famous Dori embroidery design, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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The Indian saree is an elegant attire that has stood the test of time. It looks good on all women. Unfortunately, many women find wearing a saree very challenging and this can be contributed to the loss of its appeal. Part of the challenge lies in making perfect pleats and wearing the dupatta.

saree DrapingTo conquer these difficulties, there are four unique saree styles that you can try, which will help you put on this graceful attire without feeling overwhelmed.

These four unique saree styles are:

#1 Ready-made Pleated Sarees

Ready-pleated sarees are a boon for women who simply are unable to make pleats. These are sometimes called pre-stitched sarees because the waist and pleats are readymade. With this saree type, you simply have to pull on the saree from the bottom and lock the pin in at the waist. Take the pallu and wrap it once around your waist before letting it fall over your left shoulder. Simply shake out the pleats so that they fall evenly and you’re ready to go!

Ready Made Pleated Sarees

#2 Lehenga Saree

Similar to pre-stitched saree, there is no special skill or tool required. Unlike the previous style of saree, you don’t have to worry about pleats because there are none! The pleats in this lehenga style are replaced by panels, lending the outfit a modern touch. You simply have to pull up the lehenga, tuck it in and then drape it. You can wear the pallu in any style you wish. Today this type of saree is becoming a popular theme amongst brides.

Lehenga Saree


The half saree is a traditional outfit borne out of South India. Sometimes referred to as the Langa Davani, it was commonly worn by girls who had crossed puberty. In English, the Langa Davani was also called the half saree.

The half saree has three components: the lehenga or skirt which is tied at the waist, the voni or chunni and the blouse. Unlike other types of traditional wear, the half saree is not subject to traditional patterns or motifs. It is typically constructed from silk or cotton. The half saree is often designed with zari or heavy borders. The pallu may be in a different color compared to the rest of the saree.

Half Saree

#4 Saree Gowns

The saree gown is a fusion of the Indian saree and Western gown. It is a beautiful silhouette for women who have difficulty draping a saree. You simply have to put the gown on and zip it. This type of saree was first inspired by Princess Diana in 1988 when she wore a saree gown designed by Catherine Walker. A similar outfit was worn by socialite Paris Hilton during her India tour in 2011.

Saree GownsMake saree wearing a breeze by considering the above saree styles. To learn about more saree styles, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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One of the most noticeable features about any Indian wedding, ceremony or festival are the elegant saree ensembles. Although just six yards of fabric, the saree transforms into a stunning piece of clothing when it is wrapped and draped around the body. The saree accentuates and flatters all body types and shapes. It truly is one of the most versatile attire around. This versatility is also seen in different types of sarees that arise from all over India, particularly from Gujarat, Bengal, Maharashtra and South India. Each region has its own special weave, colours, motifs and materials that it works with to produce what could arguably be the best cultural representation of that region.

Traditional Indian SareesIf you have a passion for traditional sarees, we recommend having following four in your wardrobe:

#1 Jamdani Sarees

Jamdani or Dhakai sarees have their origins in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Hindu weavers who immigrated to that region (East Bengal at that time) also brought their weaving technique with them. Dhakai sarees are some of the most luxurious forms of hand-woven sarees. The term ‘Jamdani’ is a Persian one meaning flower and vase. This is why it’s common to see intricate floral motifs in these sarees.

Jamdani Sarees

#2 Paithani Sarees

The Paithani saree is a hand-woven silk saree with rich, ornamental borders, bright colours on the border and peacock, vine and floral designs on the pallu. It is the saree of choice for festive occasions. Paithani sarees are worn by Maharashtrian brides. The allure of Paithani is its interplay of delicate weaves, vibrant colours and opulent fabrics. Purple and green Paithani sarees are the most common.

Paithani Sarees

#3 Tussar Silk Sarees

Tussar is a wild form of silk that is produced in the Eastern Indian states. This unique saree has a naturally occurring golden sheen to it, therefore making it suitable for all types of occasions. In its purest form, Tussar sarees are available in shades of beige and cream, however they may also be dyed in several bold colours. A typical Tussar silk saree has golden undertones, colourful pallus with kantha or embroidery work on the borders. Sometimes the body of the saree features hand-painted Madhubani motifs.

Tussar Silk Sarees

#4 Kalamkari Sarees

The Kalamkari art form originated in India over 3,000 years ago. Its name is derived from two Persian words: ‘kalam’ for pen and ‘kari’ for work. In Kalamkari, a pointed bamboo stick is used to paint the motifs on silk and cotton fabrics. Some Kalamkari sarees are done with block printing, involving more than twenty dyeing stages. This artform was almost deemed extinct but thanks to the attention being given to Indian handicrafts and particularly by Bollywood celebrities, Kalamkari sarees are regaining their popularity.

Kalamkari SareesThese four types of traditional Indian sarees are must for every Indian woman’s wardrobe. To view more Indian handicraft sarees, please visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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The average Indian woman is like an octopus; with just two hands she tries to manage her home, her family and her career, leaving little to no time for herself! As a result, dressing for comfort becomes a priority and a necessity. Nothing screams comfort better than cotton.

cotton kurtiToday’s designers have kept the modern Indian woman’s needs in mind to come up with 8 must-have cotton kurti styles that provide suitable attire for every occasion, ranging from home to the office.

These are:

1. Long Printed Kurti

It is a trendy style featuring a Chinese collar and ¾ sleeves. You can wear this cotton kurti to work and at home while entertaining guests.

long printed kurti2. Tail-cut Kurti

Designed to enhance a woman’s natural curves, tail-cut kurtis are fashionable as well as comfy. Its attractive design will surely turn heads at work and at your next kitty party.

tail cut kurti3. Straight-cut Kurti

This is a mid-thigh high kurta featuring long sleeves with a button front. Due to its short length, you can easily pair with your jeans and a trendy scarf.

straight cut kurti4. Cotton Tunic Kurti

A modern piece converted into a classic shape, tunic style kurtis can be easily paired with a wide selection of pants. Depending on the level of embroidery and embellishments on the tunic, you can easily wear for occasions ranging from casual to formal.

cotton tunic kurti5. Anarkali Kurti

This is a classic shape that never goes out of style. Perfect for many body shapes, the style of an anarkali cut makes it suitable for entertaining as well as informal evenings out.

anarkali kurti6. Long Formal Kurti

This is a must-have item for your office wear. It has a Mandarin collar with ¾ sleeves. It has a natural, formal appearance, making it suitable for wearing to important meetings.

long formal kurti7. Asymmetrical Kurti

This is an elegant and trendy shape, suitable for women with a lean physique. It is a perfect item to wear for a special evening out with your spouse or to a get together.

asymmetrical kurti8. Multi-coloured Print Kurti

For those days when you want to dress in a modern style but prefer to be comfortable, a multi-coloured print kurti is the perfect option. You can easily pair with leggings in any colour that appear on your kurti.

cotton tunicsCotton kurtis are an essential wardrobe item for every Indian woman. Get yours today at IndianWeddingSaree.

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Sarees are one of the most favoured Indian ensembles. Sarees are full of charm. They can be worn throughout the year and never go out of fashion! Whether you are heading for a parent-teacher meeting or a dinner party, wearing a saree just makes you look more elegant and graceful.

latest saree collectionMuch like other ethnic Indian wear, the humble saree has experienced many creative transformations. Listed below are some of hottest design trends you can expect to see in designer sarees:

1) No Pleats

No that wasn’t a typo! Many designers are featuring sarees without pleats in their collections this year. So what is the essence of a saree if it has no pleats? Just look at examples from India’s top designers Manish Malhotra and Varun Bahl. Wearing a saree without pleats is actually stylish, not to mention easy to wear. It’s definitely eye-catching. If you’re one of those women who likes to have a balance between ethnic and chic, then this type of saree is a great choice.

No pleats saree2) Tassles and Fringes

Want to add some oomph to your saree? Look for one with tassles and fringes, either on the border or the pallu. Not only is this a stunning way to dress it up, but it definitely catches the eye.

Tassels & Fringes in Saree3) Statement Borders

Statement borders are broad and detailed, usually featuring an intricate floral print or a gota patti. These are added to plain or printed sarees. Due to the width of the border, it helps to accentuate the look of the saree, particularly if it’s a plain one. Sarees with statement borders are an excellent option for casual occasions such as birthdays and dinner dates.

Saree with borders4) Long-Sleeved Blouses

This is a hot new trend that’s here to stay. Expect to see tulle, lace and embroidery work on the sleeves. Long-sleeved blouses look supremely elegant with simple or plain print sarees. Some designers create a deep round cut in the back of the blouse while leaving the front with a high neckline.

Long Sleeved Blouses with Saree5) Different-Coloured Pleats

Call them statement pleats if you like because it’s a fiery new trend amongst many designers. The idea is to have the pleats in a different colour from the saree. Usually in a contrasting colour, i.e. black and white or red and green, blue and yellow.

Different Color Pleats in saree 6) Geometric Prints

This is a common trend that will be seen on georgette and chiffon sarees. You can expect small, multi-coloured prints on neutral backgrounds. These types of sarees are perfect for the office or for lunch with friends.

Geometric Printed SareeIf you like to stay up-to-date with current fashion trends, have a look at the latest saree collection at IndianWeddingSaree.

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The lehenga or lehenga choli is a traditional style of ethnic clothing worn by women all over India. It is commonly worn in the Indian states Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Nepal, Punjab and Haryana.

Indian LehengaThe lehenga consists of three parts: the choli or blouse, the lehenga or skirt and the chunni or dupatta. Historically, lehengas evolved from ghagra cholis which are a three piece ensemble that includes the lower skirt, veil and chest band. This form of clothing was mentioned in Buddhist Pali and Sanskrit literature in the 6th century B.C.

Indian Wedding LehengaModern Lehengas are a variation of the ghagra choli. Lehengas can be found in a range of styles and designs which are greatly influenced by current fashion trends, fabric of construction, stitching and embellishments.

wedding lehengaListed below is your guide on how to find the perfect lehenga:

Fabric of Construction

Lehengas are stitched using many types of fabrics including cotton, crape, satin, net, chiffon, velvet, brocade, khadi, georgette and silk. Despite having such a large variety of fabrics, silk and georgette lehengas are some of the most popular.

Bridal lehengaDecorative Stitching

The embroidery patterns on a lehenga choli are one of the most important aspects of its appearance.  Popular types of embroidery and decoration are shisha (glass), gota, phulkari, kundan, nakshi, zardozi, mangalgiri, ikat, maheshwari and zari. Lehengas made for weddings often feature precious and semi-precious stones as well as embroidered pearls, sequins, zari and silk.

Fancy LehengaThe decorative stitch will determine what type of function or occasion the outfit is suitable for. For example, during the festival of Navratri, many Gujarati women wear lehengas with shisha (mirror) work.

Lehenga Design

Lehenga cholis are available in numerous silhouettes. Some of the most popular shapes are mermaid, A-line, full flair, cut lehengas and panelled lehengas. The outline of the lehenga should suit your body shape. For example, if you have an hour glass figure a mermaid style lehenga will complement your body shape.

Lehengas OnlineCholi Design

The blouse of a lehenga is also subject to much intricate detailing. Apart from the embroidery and embellishments that may be sown on, blouses are often cut in a specific shape or sewn with silver and gold threads. In modern lehengas, the blouse may be a completely different colour or material from the skirt. It is not uncommon to see a velvet choli with a georgette skirt.

Lehengas for BrideTo find the perfect Indian lehengas, visit IndianWeddingSaree.

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The Importance of Designing a Bridal Handbag for an Auspicious Indian Wedding

The world has been changing its style from time to time. With the pace of changing of style, the bags that carry the things for offices, schools, and other institutionary work is also changing. From just a simple bag to one of the most fashionable style statement bags are also changing. Handbags are now available in style with various designs.

indian bridal handbags

Designer Handbag Makes Status Statement

Designer materials always make a statement. In the modern world of fashion, everybody wants to be in the limelight of glamor by styling their looks. They want their style to be the focus of attraction for the others. Two of the craftiest things that became the statements of style in the present time are the top handbag designs and Party Wear Shoes. From taking official documents to carry household items to cosmetics especially for women, handbags are a craze. The bags make a person’s overall personality.

handbags for bride

Selecting the Stylish Bag for the Right Occasion

In the market, there are plenty of handbags available in different styles and colors. But it became tough to choose the right one from the market. According to the occasion, handbags should also be determined accordingly. The designer handbags have the category divided with time. Therefore, choosing one from a designer’s collection rather than spending time in the open market will be a better option. The designer handbags by a designer have a unique style and can be styled with Traditional Indian Wedding Attire. These methods vary from one to the other. They also have a single genre. This genre portrays the work that the artist has made to make the handbag a statement of style.

indian bridal handbags

Designing the Bags with Crafted Gentle Care

Designing a handbag is not very easy. Although there are numerous branded bags available, only a few of them grabs attention. The main reason behind this is the way the handbag has been crafted. People will look for those that have an elegant style and also affordable.

handbags online

Hence, it is evident that designer handbags can substantially make a bride appealing and attractive. Moreover, one can find a lot of stylish designer handbags on online sites.

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The Present Day popularity of Sherwani Among Indian Groom in Marriages

It is a commonly accepted fact that every individual dreams to cherish a wedding day with tasty food, lavish decorations and desired apparels. Quite interestingly, in Indian weddings, the attire of the bride and groom are considered as one of the significant parts. On the other hand, it is also a well-accepted fact that through the entire world, Indian weddings are known as one of the most colorful events with the existence of several corollary rituals. Hence, it is quite obvious that the attire of the couples have to be special so that the guests can remember it for a long time. Like the bride, the groom also has to take special care in the selection of their wedding apparel. They can also take help from modern day wedding stylists to make sure that they sport a look that the guests would remember for a very long time.

Designer Sherwani

The Current Choices Available to Grooms

Nowadays, with the evolution of the internet, one can take great inputs so that they can style fashionable. One can also wear the Kurta Pyjama (another form of Sherwani) on their wedding day. Though modern day grooms wear more stylish outfits, dressed in a Kurta on the marriage day has its essence. Moreover, a groom can also look for matching accessories that would further make them look their best. On the other hand, pyjamas can also enrich the looks of a groom. There are many emerging varieties of pyjamas as well as kurtas that complement the look of the groom. If a groom wants, they can style it with a silk scarf called dupatta. These accessories would make sure that the groom would be able to sport a unique and traditional look.

Online Sherwani

Being Traditional is the Best Bet

In recent years, more importance is being given to traditional look as it makes a groom sport an appealing personality. On the flip side, the long Kurtas or Sherwanis are available in vivid colors and varieties that ensure that it would help the skin complexion of any groom. One can easily get hold of these traditional yet fashionable items at major retail stores. It is interesting to note that Indian wedding apparels are popular all over the world and the mighty Sherwanis feature at the top.

sherwani for groom

You can head to online stores like to shop for your favorite wedding apparels.

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Buy Sarees Online in India to Follow the Trend Perfectly

Indian women and sarees are two sides of the same coin. The Indian women, no matter how modern they are in their lifestyle, they simply just cannot afford to miss out on wearing saree whenever any traditional occasion comes in front of them. Gone are the days when the women used to adorn sarees almost every day, in every hour of the day. Be it wearing the saree at home, or wearing an expensive piece of a wondrous 9 yard at any event; sarees were inseparable from the existence of the women in India.

Indian Engagement Sarees

Now, with the modernization of time, the fast paced life of the women does not provide the ladies with the ample amount of time to drape and pleat the sarees in a picture perfect way. In this scenario, the jeans, tops, tunics, and kurtas have over taken the sarees. But still, when it comes to dressing up for any occasion, a traditional one, the ladies solely rely upon the beautifying aspects of the sarees. And with the advent of the modern internet, it has become easy for the ladies to buy the sarees in just a matter of seconds, at any hour of the day which are delivered at their doorstep. Below are certain advantages that the internet provides the ladies while buying the sarees online. Dig in to know more.

Indian Saree Online

  • The advantage of saving time cannot be ignored while buying sarees online. In the battle between managing the personal as well the professional life, the ladies seldom find the time to go to a shop and browse through the hundreds of options. In this case, the internet comes in handy, as mentioned before. The ladies can buy the sarees at any time, and get the sarees delivered at their office or at home within the given date.

Online Indian Saree

  • Another striking advantage of the online sarees is that they provide the customers with the designs in compliant to the latest trend. You can even get hold of the designer sarees which you have perceived in the fashion magazines, but could not buy them. Now you can easily buy the sarees with the help of the internet.

Sarees Online

For more information on the Indian Engagement Sarees and Latest Designer Sarees online, visit

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