How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Saree for Your Body Type?

Weddings are an important occasion for us. Needless to say, we all wish to look good and simply stand apart from the crowd on that day. In order to look our very best, it is imperative that we choose a wedding saree that will suit our body type and personality. Remember the wedding wardrobe can either make or break your dream wedding, so ensure that you choose it with lots of thought and care. It is vital to understand each one of us has unique body type and needs to dress up accordingly.

Here are ways of choosing 9 yards for your wedding depending on your body type.

Pear Shaped Body:

If you have a pear shaped body then your bottom is heavy in comparison to upper part of your body. Ideally, you should opt for fabrics like chiffon or georgette that are figure clinging and will give your body a much desired attractive look. Stay away from buying mermaid cuts for the wedding day as it would accentuate your heaviest part of the body and draw unnecessary attention to it. You can drape your saree in the Seedha Pallu drape that will make your body look proportionate. Depending on your height go for small prints and designer 9 yards with borders.

Apple Shaped Body:

If all the fat in your body is concentrating near your midriff then you have an apple shaped body. Hence, a lot of extra care and time needs to be devoted to pick up the best wedding clothes for you. Try out clothes with beautiful borders and embroidery. No matter, which way you might drape it ensure that your stomach and waist line is covered. In fact, you can just solve your problem by opting for a longer blouse like Rajasthani women wear. It will cover your problematic area. Also, try draping you’re a bit higher to create the same effect. You can opt for silk, crepe or any other heavy fabric. The idea is to abstain from materials like net that are translucent in nature. For creating a dramatic look you can wear Ulta Pallu with a contrast blouse.


If you are overweight and planning to drape an elegant saree on your wedding then the first thumb rule is to stay away from fabrics like cotton that are stiff in nature. These fabrics will not mould as per your body type and will stand out as a sore thumb. To get a balanced look try and choose chiffon or silk sarees that will create the illusion of a body line. Try and opt for dark colors. If you want to look ethnic then go for handloom woven ones that will also look good on you. To camouflage your fat, you can wear a full sleeve blouse.
Remember irrespective of what you wear and how you wear? Clothes have to be worn with an attitude and a big smile to look your best in your wedding saree.

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