India is a land of diverse fashions which have been born out of the many cultures that dot her landscape. One such glorious fashion are long lehenga cholis. The lehenga choli is an ancient dress form that is renowned for its beauty, grace and elegance.

In a lehenga choli, there are three parts: the choli or blouse, the lehenga or skirt and the dupatta or shawl. The blouse may vary in length and design but is well-fitted and embellished according to the occasion for which it is being worn. The lehenga follows the same principle except that it is typically floor length and can be shaped in many ways, i.e. A-line, mermaid, umbrella, fishtail or flared. Lastly, the dupatta is worn much like the pallu on a sari and it can be in either a complementary or contrasting color to the lehenga and choli.

lehenga choli online

Long lehenga cholis can be made from a wide range of textiles, ranging from classic to cotemporary. Listed below are three of the most popular fabric choices for lehenga cholis:


This is by far the most popular choice for a lehenga choli. Silk is a frequently sought after material that is produced in many regions of India. Several weaving techniques are used to make the lehenga. After it is weaved, the silk lends a shining sheen to the look of the skirt. It also has a smooth fit and is lightweight, making it the ideal attire during warmer months. Even the fit of the blouse is close to perfect with silk. The Pattu Pavadai is an example of a lehenga choli made entirely from silk.

indian lehenga choli


This is a favourite material for making lehenga cholis inspired by Gujarati and Rajasthani traditions. Also called ghagra choli, these are breezy, comfortable and airy to wear. Since cotton is a light and absorbent material it takes on dyes very well. Many cotton lehenga cholis feature intricate mirror and embroidery work. You will often see women wearing ghagra choli while playing dandiya during the Navratri festival.

lehenga choli for wedding


Georgette is the preferred fabric amongst fashion designers. It is pliable and fluid and very suitable for lehenga that are inspired by modern designs. Many brides love wearing georgette lehengas because it has a flattering drape and an elegant feel against the skin.

Crepe and chiffon are close cousins of georgette and are also used to make contemporary lehenga cholis.

long lehenga choli for wedding

The type of fabric you prefer for your lehenga will depend on the occasion and personal taste. For traditional occasions, silk lehengas work best. Georgette and chiffon are ideally worn during wedding and reception parties.

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Women palazoos are a fashion icon of the 1960s and 70s that is definitely here to stay! In fact, their comeback has been so fierce that it’s hard to find a single fashion blog or shop that doesn’t mention or sell them. This beloved pant style features a super wide leg that has flowing pants. Every woman loves palazoos because they complement every body type and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Palazoos are also very comfortable. It’s hard to imagine anything so beautiful as also being comfortable. Due to their light material and flowing quality, palazoos are ideally worn in the warmer months.

Palazoo pants

Another endearing quality about this symbol of the sixties is that it can be worn anywhere and anytime! Here’s how you can style your women palazoos:

To Work

Palazoos are perfect for work, especially when you expect to sit through meetings and meet clients. For the office, palazoos made from heavy crepe work best. Since crepe is a denser material, it will not wrinkle very easily. You can easily dress up in a sharp jacket and blouse. Complete your ‘office’ look with a pair of wedges to give you some height.

Palazoo trousers

For an Evening Out

Who’ says palazoos can’t be worn for fun? A pair of silk/satin palazoos with a crop top are a great way to get your evening started. Add a dash of boldness by combining your look with a pair of high heels.

For a Holiday

Palazoos are the best pants to take on a holiday. They don’t require much room in the suitcase and are definitely lighter than their denim counterpart. Get in the holiday spirit with a pair of printed palazoos. You can easily wear a tank or bikini top and a pair of casual slippers to match.

Buy Palazoo Online

For Formal Events

To create a smart look, coordinate your entire palazoo look in monochrome. That’s right! Match the colour of your palazoo pants with a top in the same colour. You can opt for accessories in a different colours but ensure their colour is the same as well, i.e. a navy blue outfit with earrings and shoes that are in red.

Women Palazoos

For Festive Occasions

How to look smart and appropriate for a religious/festive occasion? Pair your palazoo with a kurta. This is comfortable and chic. Opt for a kurta that is embellished and has high slits on the sides.

Palazoos are a must-have item in every woman’s closet. To shop for women palazoos today, visit Indian Wedding Saree today.

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The mens wear dhoti kurta is traditional attire in India. Even though the dhoti is worn across the country, there are variations in style, color and pattern, which are dictated by the cultural practices of that particular region.

Dhoti Kurta For Men

The dhoti kurta has many different names; dhotar in Maharashtra, Mundu in Kerala and Lacha in Punjab.


The term ‘dhoti’ originates from a Sanskrit term called ‘Dhauta’. It is an attire that has been worn from the beginning of recorded history. Apart from India, dhotis are worn in the Maldives, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It is the most commonly worn attire amongst leading politicians in India.

Dhoti Kurta Online


Dhotis are commonly made in cream or white. A typical dhoti requires up to five yards of material to make. Silk and cotton are the fabrics of choice for this attire. In southern states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, dhotis are in cream with a gold border. This lends it a sophisticated and richer look. It takes five knots to wrap a dhoti in the southern style.

In other parts of India, dhotis are worn like a pant where a portion is taken from between the legs and tucked behind and not like a skirt or loongi as in the south.

Indian Kurta men with dhotis


The humble dhoti has undergone many innovative changes. From the loongi style, it has now evolved into something structured like a pair of pants. This attire looks like a dhoti from the front but is actually a pair of pants. This unique innovation is a unisex form of dhoti as well, meaning it can be worn by both men and women. It is especially popular with younger crowds.

In addition to style, dhoti kurtas are also made in different colors such as maroon and blue.

mens dhoti kurta


In Southern India, mens wear dhoti kurta is worn during a festival or marriage ceremony. It is part of formal attire amongst politicians. You’ve likely seen pundits adorning dhotis while performing poojas and other religious incantations. Dhotis are also regular attire worn in many rural regions of India.

shop mens dhoti kurta online


Cotton dhotis are worn in all seasons. They’re especially popular during the hot and humid pre-monsoon months. Silk dhotis on the other hand are ideally worn during formal, festive and traditional occasions.

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Mens wear dhoti kurta is a must-have classic attire. To shop for yours today, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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When it comes to attending a ceremonial function, one needs to wear traditional wear as that is apt way of dressing up for the occasion. Children also love to dress up in the similar traditional attires like their mothers as the kids or children build their own imaginary world in which they emulate their elders. They even modulate their voice, tone and expression to copy their parents or anyone who fascinates them. It is very interesting to note that their style statements and fashion consciousness also come from their parents especially for the little girls from their mothers whom they consider to be their role models and want to follow them in every small little way.

kids lehenga

Choosing the right type of clothes for these small girls is sometimes confusing. Parents want to buy the traditional wear but it may not prove to be very comfortable for them which sometimes lead to a lot of research which may not bring the desired results. In North India, events like wedding means spending time and money to buy clothes for the whole family. Small girls look the prettiest and the cutest dressed up in traditional Lehengas and this also makes these girls’ heart flutter with excitement and happiness but the parents can feel a little apprehensive as they want their children to enjoy the function without feeling hassled or clumsy because of the traditional apparels.

online kids lehenga

While buying Lehengas for kids one must remember to look into a few very important points:

• Colour Choice: Children look their best in bright, vibrant colours but one can always pay attention to the climatic conditions and the time of the event. Brighter colours are best suitable for the evening or night functions and if the weather is too warm, pastel shades give a cooler appearance.

buy kids lehenga

• Size: It is important to buy an apt size or getting one stitched is not a bad option. Buying a semi-stitched lehenga gives freedom of getting the right size stitched for children as their sizes may vary and getting a standard size may not be so easy.

• Comfort: Comfort of a child should be the first priority as children can be more affected by discomfort than the elders. This discomfort could be caused if the fabric chosen is rough in texture or the seams hurt the child. It is important to buy the pure fabrics for the children.

• Price: When a parent is buying a lehenga for a small child, one must not forget that children grow up fast and they outgrow these clothes. Buying too expensive Lehengas can prove to be a waste as children may not be able to enjoy wearing them for a long time.

buy online lehenga for kids

The answer to all such problems lies with Online Stores which not only cater for the quality products but are also prompt and punctual in delivery. Even then it is important to check that your online store has abundant variety and their designers have created styles which are chic and elegant along with being simple and easy to handle.

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Salwar Kameez, as an Indian female attire has gained popularity nationwide and they are worn by all the women, irrespective of their social and cultural backgrounds. Hailing from Punjab, it was the traditional attire worn by the Punjabi ladies and even men, though the shape of the kurta was a little different for both the genders. There was not much of a change experienced in its style in pre-independence or post-independence period, but that does not mean that no innovation was ever tried. Just like the language remains the same but its dialect and accent changes from region to region, in the same manner the same salwar-kameez experienced difference in style and design from one region to other. Though some differences were negligible, some proved to be significant, like Patiala, one of the districts in Punjab showed altogether a different design of salwar which eventually became so popular that it won accolades all across the country and soon a new fashion statement was witnessed in this already popular pair of clothing.

Patiala Salwar Suits

Patiala Suits comprise of a well fitted kurta or tunic of medium length, accompanied by bottom wear called Patiala salwar which is stitched differently from a normal salwar as this salwar is with flare and consumes double the cloth used for the normal salwar, but what makes it most appealing is the attractive look and comfort, loose style, which goes well with Punjabi jutis or mojris. This is all season attire which can be worn casually as well as in a party or wedding as this apparel is available in variety of fabric ranging from cotton or blended material to silk or brocade. A soft flowing dupatta completes the look.

Punjabi Patiala Salwar Suits

Patiala suits are available in array of colours and the kameez’s beauty is enhanced when it is adorned with hand embroidery with threads or mirrors or any other form of craftsmanship displayed on it. We can no more say that Patiala suits are popular only in Punjab or North-India. In fact, this outfit has won the hearts of Indian women from all walks of life.

readymade patiala suit

Patiala suits are designed by all the leading designers to be worn at any of the pre-wedding ceremonies or family functions. They are also available in ample variety with many of the popular online stores but the most exclusive collection is displayed only with Indian Wedding Saree, an online store that caters for the most exquisite variety of Patiala suits, available in the premium quality fabric and array of colours. We have semi-stitched or fully stitched suits variety so that variations in standard sizes are well taken care of. If you are looking for a suit for Mehendi or Sangeet ceremony, our range and variety is going to surprise you. Our transparent return-exchange policy makes it easy for the customers to buy the product without hesitation. We deliver what we promise and we also keep on updating our collection according to the new fashion trends.

Patiala Salwar Kameez

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Salwar Kameez, a duo hailing from Punjab as a traditional garb soon found its place amongst the traditional wears of India. Though this attire has its earlier roots in Punjab and western Pakistan, the reason why it won the hearts of the people of India is it being comfortable to wear and easy to stitch. Salwar-kameez has been recognised as an undeclared national dress which is worn all over the country by the women of all the social stature, which somehow proved its popularity.

printed salwar suits

We, human beings are always craving for novelty in everything, especially, the fashion and clothes must after a while acquire a new face so that one can enjoy freshness and change in style and the same goes for the salwar-kameez.

printed salwar kameez

Since the printed fabrics came into existence, salwar kameez of yesterday adopted a new style and made a novel fashion statement. Textile Printing is an art form which needs technical skill to be learnt. Colours are applied to the fabric according to the design or pattern and it is more or less a manual work. Indian printing methods involve not only handwork but also stencils, screen, block prints and tie and dye techniques and prints. Indian printing is unmatched and exceptional from rest of the world as it applies a unique skill in creating this globally acclaimed and appreciated art form.

printed multicolour salwar suits

No wonder these prints have revolutionised each fabric in its own way and we can say here that each fabric comprises of certain set prints which go with them. For example, silk fabric is generally printed in Kashmiri embroidery style prints while chiffons are most often found in floral prints. In the similar manner, crepe and cotton can very well carry abstract art prints while rayon and polyester can be adorned with all types of prints. One can say here that prints vary from fabric to fabric, also accompanied by the new fashion trends which decide what kind of patterns will be pronounced as more fashionable in the coming season.

printed suits

We at Indian Wedding Saree bring to you the most amazing prints in salwar-kameez. This collection of salwar-kameez is available in stitched and semi-stitched versions and in array of colours. We ensure that you get your stuff according to the latest fashion trends but most important thing that we make sure is that your readymade salwar-kameez are stitched and designed according to the standard sizes. Our premium fabric and sophisticated and classy prints stand apart from anything that you have ever bought and the best part is that our Printed Salwar-kameez is pocket-friendly with uncompromised quality. Our transparent terms and conditions make it easy for anyone to shop online with confidence. We make sure that all our products are delivered on time so that you can enjoy wearing this variety in office or parties as we cater for a wide range. Our silk prints will make you stand out in the crowd in any wedding or party you choose to wear them with an equally elegant dupatta which accompanies this pair.

printed suits online

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Embroidery has been an integral part of the fabric saga that one has witnessed in many forms which displays true craftsmanship. It showcases skilful use of threads in array of colours, wires, mirrors or beads with a needle which expertly fixes these adornments on the fabric and transforms it from ordinary to extraordinary. Be it any fabric, embroidery makes it stand out, adding style and grace which lends charm and beauty to its wearer. There is no denying the fact that embroidered fabric has been the part of any culture and civilization since the times bygone and it is the unique skill and expertise which has held our attention towards this artistry.

embroidered sarees

Indian history of attires has been rich and colourful. Since Indus Valley Civilization, the popularity of one outfit has never seen a decline. It is a wearer’s delight and onlookers cannot help but admire how it makes any woman sensuous, adding femininity, grace and elegance to her personality. Yes, no other attire comes even closer to the charisma displayed by a Saree. All these years have witnessed Saree as a customary wear at any traditional gathering. It may be worn or draped in different styles at different places or regions of India; it still remains unique to Indian culture which has no doubt fascinated even the western world leading this six yard fabric win a global status.

embroidery sarees online

Though the modern Indian women may have many western dresses in her wardrobe, none of them can replace this incredibly sexiest attire, which our designers always make an endeavour to amplify in style with different ideas blending the past and the present to create the most desired effect. This only has brought the olden times back wrapped in modern and trendy styles when the Embroidered Sarees which have existed since ancient times were given a complete makeover and a new avatar received a warm welcome in the present times. In fact embroidered sarees have found an upgraded status and a comfortable place in any woman’s wardrobe. These sarees may be worn at any occasion, be it a party or a wedding. They also are a must have for the bride’s trousseau, adding flamboyance along with grace and elegance at the same time.

buy embroidered sarees

Embroidery designs vary from being simple and sober to vibrant and unique, depending on the choice and occasion, where they can be worn. They have a designer appeal, yet a traditional touch to blend in any background. Embroidered Sarees have found a huge market not only in India but abroad. These sarees, no doubt are stylish, elegant, classy, chic and glamorous.

shop embroidery sarees online

We at, Indian Wedding Saree bring to you the most beautiful online range of embroidered sarees which are suitable for any occasion and make you stand out in the crowd because of the awesome texture and designs that speak of splendour and magnificence. We have the most exclusive embroidered work from each state of India which add to their exquisiteness and unparallel looks. We are a trusted company and never disappoint our customers. Visit us and browse through our products. Don’t miss our special offers and discounts which make your shopping experience more exciting.



Victorian era has been the golden period in the history of England, be it the British, winning over half the world and converting it into its colonies or giving the world a lesson in how a well-bred gentleman and a lady are identified and recognised. Also, how important it is to be dressed up impeccably and to follow the mannerism that showcases sophistication and class. English women, known for their stunning evening gowns always displayed their taste in fashion and style.

Party Wear Gowns

India, itself being the colony of the British has somewhere imbibed that English taste for things. Though Indians appreciate their own culture, yet there is no denying the fact that somewhere British way of life has been well adapted by us. Somehow, we cannot get over this, especially our fashion sense is influenced and till date, women feel globally accepted in these Party Wear Gowns that look elegant and graceful even in the traditional setup.

Gowns have an uncanny way of changing any woman’s personality and adding more charm and freshness to it. Moreover evening gowns being a foreign adaptation to Indian culture, add an aura of excitement and adventure. They are easier to wear than a saree and always enhance height as well as stature to one’s personality. They are most suitably worn at the theme parties where western gowns make one look aptly dressed for the occasion.

womens gowns

These days, theme parties and destination weddings have come into vogue which has made the fashion industry look into designing of western gowns, both elaborate and simple, to give variety and more choice to the buyers. Earlier, these gowns were worn only in high class parties and middle class found them to be too expensive or outrageous but with the passage of time and change in the thought process of Indian family values, gowns are no more considered to be belonging to any particular class. Rather, they are fondly accepted as part of any wardrobe.

Designer Gowns

We at Indian Wedding Saree proudly bring to you the most stunning collection of party wear gowns which are available in array of colours, be it solid or printed in different sizes that makes it an easy choice for the women to buy. These gowns are being catered in different fabrics from silk, crepe or rayon and even the blended one to suit everyone’s taste and choice. Our designers are forever making an endeavour to bring to you the latest of the fashion trends followed in global markets.

party wear gown dress

Not only that, one also finds these gowns in traditional Indian block prints too which makes the choice broader giving one an opportunity to keep it more Indianised if they wish to do so. We have very transparent return-exchange policy to make it a hassle-free online shopping for you. Our aim is to make our customers happy and satisfied with the products that we bring to their doorstep. That is why our customer friendly approach gives us an edge above others.

women party wear gowns

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Indian fashion industry has evolved so much that one finds it the most fascinating to witness it adapting the fashion styles of different cultures and creating a perfect blend with Indian culture and make them look more Indianised. Rather they have acquired a new name called ‘Fusion wear’ which showcases true blend of ‘desi’ and ‘videshi’ styles. Fusion wear has very successfully won the hearts of those fashion conscious people who are always looking for more exciting fashion styles.

Cotton Tunics

Tunic comes in the category of fusion wear and is known to be a multi-purpose garb, believed to be worn by the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians in ancient times by both the genders. Tunic has evolved with time but still not lost its popularity because of it being immensely comfortable to wear. Tunics resemble Indian kurta but they are stitched differently, yet carry the same grace and charm. They can be perfectly paired with denims or leggings. Tunics symbolise global wear which make one feel confident, graceful and fashionably dressed according to the present international trends.

Online Cotton Tunics

Tunics have been given a very easy access in any woman’s wardrobe as they are stylish and trendy along with being multi-purpose. They are most suitable for the office wear or light evening parties where you can wear them with accessories; either traditional or western that makes them go with any theme. These days, when loafers or sneakers are so much in vogue, tunics can be carried so well in that casual killer look.

buy cotton tunics

Cotton is the most appropriate fabric for the Indian climate as it lets your skin breathe comfortably along with absorbing the sweat. Cotton Tunics are the most suitable to be worn in any weather conditions. They never lose their charm, grace and elegance at any point of time and remain the favourite all time fabric of Indian women, who can very stylishly carry them as the fusion wear suitable for any age or class. A little embellishment on the neckline can enhance the looks of these tunics which can be worn in the trendy prints or solid colours, giving a style statement of their impeccable fashion sense.

tunics for women

We at Indian Wedding Saree proudly display the latest and the trendiest collection of cotton tunics which have gained a special status with Indian women who enjoy the comfort of wearing something not fully traditional but with a western touch which adds to an oomph factor. They speak highly of her fashion sense and fine taste. Our designers always make an endeavour to create something more exciting and interesting and cotton tunics in different styles, patterns and array of colours truly display the same. We update our collection from time to time and keep the latest fashion trends in mind so that you are offered a globally approved latest style at our online store. Our transparent policies and customer friendly approach makes your search end here. For us it is very important to satisfy our customers with the premium quality of our products along with wide choice to choose from.

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Indian weddings are very special comprising of many events. Earlier, when time held no constriction for the people, it was expected of the close relatives to be present for all the ceremonies. Present era is different. Paucity of time has taught us all to shrink these moments of togetherness and create a short and sweet affair but then, there can’t be any compromise on the ceremonies that we wish to enjoy together. Hence, the events like Sangeet and Mehendi Rasam cannot be less important to do without. Rather the host and the guests look forward to these pre-wedding events where they get to share and experience the feeling of bon-homie with one’s friends and relatives.

Mehendi Lehenga

All the important functions of the wedding need to be planned well. For any girl, preparation of an event is incomplete without deciding about the attire that she is going to wear for the occasion and rightly so, because these happy times become more enjoyable if everyone around is dressed to suit the occasion. Sangeet and Mehendi Rasam, being traditional functions demand traditional dressing up and what looks more ethnic and traditional than a lehenga, which is not only fashionable and trendy but also reflects class and sophistication.

Sangeet Lehenga

These days when things are done more professionally to achieve better results, how can the apparels worn for the wedding events be left without giving them a designer’s touch? That is how one experiences, Indian markets flooded with Designer Lehengas which are available in array of colours and styles. Two most important things have to be kept in mind while buying a lehenga. One, the style that you are buying must suit your figure and second it must be in your budget. All designer attires do not suit every one. So, it becomes crucial to choose well. Be it a Fishtail Lehenga or a Flared one or the Lehenga Saree, it is important to buy not only by the fashion trends but also by one’s own fashion sense which would suggest the right thing.

Mehendi & Sangeet Lehenga

Online shopping has made life easy in present times when one is always trying ways to save some time for oneself. It, no doubt gives freedom from taking up the tedious task of roaming from shop to shop looking for something that you fancy. Rather it becomes convenient as the lehenga that you want is just a click away. It has become the most viable solution as a good online store gives you ample choice in colours and styles along with the fabric. The store’s exchange and return policies make it the most hassle-free shopping for you.

Buy Sangeet Lehenga

Indian Wedding Saree is one such online store that caters for all your requirements of an Indian wedding, be it the pre-wedding or wedding apparels. The store boasts of rich and lavish collection which always keeps in mind not only the latest fashion but also the quality and cost. Buy here the embellished lehengas which display extraordinary craftsmanship, absolutely apt for the occasion. No doubt your taste and choice are going to be admired when you wear these Sangeet and Mehendi Lehengas designed especially for the ceremonies. Visit us and find the difference.

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