Embroidered sarees are recognized all around the world as the most iconic symbol of the Indian fashion industry. This six yard long garment is created with many types of materials and styled with a number of embellishments and prints to bring out its character. Furthermore, the way you drape your saree and pin up the pallu enhances the look of the outfit even more.

embroidered sarees

One of the best ways to boost your ethnic saree look is by accessorizing it the right way. Earrings, bangles, shoes, purses/clutches and belts are some of the best accessories to complete your look. Accessories are a matter of personal taste. Not only do they help bring out your sense of style and beauty but they also complement the look of your saree.

Listed below are six fun ways to accessorize your embroidered sarees:

1. Statement Jewelry

A saree is deemed incomplete without certain statement jewelry pieces. One of the most recognized ones is the maang tikka. It proudly adorns your forehead along with a nose ring, a pair of bangles or a kadda, a pair of jhumkas dangling from the ears and of course, a pair of rings for your toes. You may select your jewelry based on the colors in your saree or opt for something modern or traditional based on the look of your saree. Currently, vintage-inspired classics are the hottest trend in jewelry design so you may want to borrow your mother’s statement pieces.

embroidery sarees

2. Pins and Brooches

You need something to hold your pallu in place and a brooch pin is the perfect way of doing so (forget about that safety pin). In addition, if you’re a novice when it comes to wearing embroidered sarees, you may want to invest in a pleat clip. This handy accessory will help to keep you pleats organized. Depending on the design of the clip, you may want it displayed or hidden.

3. Hair Accessories

Yes, your hair may be accessorized as well. Consider an up-do to complement your saree. Place small clips or hairbands within your do. This will give it just enough sparkle and spotlight. If you’re heading for a wedding, you may to wear more sparkling embellishments in your hair like a fancy headband or a tiara.

embroidery saree online

4. Bindi

A saree is incomplete without a bindi. You don’t have to opt for a red bindi every time (in case you’re married). Consider a colored bindi which matches the color of your saree. You may also consider bindis with small stones, sparkles and fancy designs. If you’re a plain Jane, do wear a red bindi but perhaps in a different shape than what you’re used to?

buy embroidery sarees

5. Ethnic Hand Bags and Pouches

An ethnic hand bag or pouch is the perfect match for an embroidered saree. In fact, these accessories can be paired with just about any type of saree. A pouch or hand bag is necessary for your personal items like make-up, keys, perfume, a handkerchief and of course money. You can opt for an ethnic purse that is a clutch or purse that hangs off your shoulder or even a pouch that dangles off your wrist.

6. Footwear

The right shoes can complement your saree rather well. Never assume your feet will be hidden and therefore don’t need attention. One of the best types of footwear for a saree is a pair of heels, either open toe or closed. However, if you’re unable to wear heels for a long time, we recommend a pair of raised flats or sandals. In case your heels/sandals are open toe, don’t forget to get a pedicure first!

embroidery wedding sarees

With these six accessories you can enhance the beauty of your saree. To shop for embroidered sarees, please visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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Shopping for your wedding sarees is perhaps the most exciting part of the entire wedding preparation process. There are many considerations that can help you narrow down your selection such as whether to go with a designer piece or something traditional, the color and material of the saree, types of embellishments, etc.

bridal wedding sarees

The following tips will help you select some of the best wedding sarees for your trousseau:

Set a Budget

We recommend browsing online and window shopping to get an idea for the price range of a typical bridal saree. Then set a budget accordingly. Keep in mind, this bridal saree will be worn once, so are you prepared to spend a lot? If you prefer a wedding saree that can be worn again, you can set a more realistic budget.

Wedding Saree

At Indian Wedding Saree, we feature an exclusive saree collection in a wide range of budgets.

Fabric Preference

Fabric matters greatly when selecting your bridal attire. Do you prefer a silk wedding saree? If so, consider a Banarasi or Kanjeevaram silk saree. Other popular saree options for a wedding include georgette, net, brocade, chiffon and velvet. When selecting your fabric, ensure it feels soft to the touch and you actually like how it feels on your skin.

bridal sarees

Select your favourite Color

There’s no set saree color for a wedding. Even though red is generally the most preferred color, who says you have to select red? In fact, red might not even suit your skin tone. Instead, select a color you absolutely adore and would actually wear. Also ensure, it suits your skin tone. Some of the most popular colours for a wedding saree are maroon, yellow, dark green and gold.

Sarees for wedding

Explore Designs and Embellishments

Designs and embellishments play a vital role in the bridal saree. In fact, they determine whether the saree looks appropriate for a wedding. You can expect intricate detailing on your bridal saree featuring semi-precious or precious stones, pearls, detailed embroidery, sequins, heavily designed borders with gold thread work, etc. It’s also common to see temple or religious motifs, scenes from epic stories like the Mahabarata or Ramayana, peacocks, etc.

Consider the Weight of the Saree

Bridal sarees vary immensely in their weight. Generally, the more embellishments and detailed work a saree has as well as the material, the heavier the saree. If you think you’ll be uncomfortable wearing a heavy saree for the entire night, we recommend silk wedding sarees. Materials such as georgette, jacquard and net, although beautiful, have a large weight.

wedding saree online

Examine the Blouse Piece

Attached on the end of the saree, is the blouse material (usually opposite end of the pallu). Do inspect this closely to determine whether you like the color and design pattern. Think about the fancy design in which you would stitch your blouse.

And Lastly the Pallu

The pallu is a standout piece on your saree. On a wedding saree, it is perhaps the most intricately designed and embellished. Consider how you’d like to wear your pallu.

Bridal Saree online

Are you ready to shop for your wedding sarees? Visit Indian Wedding Sarees today!

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Shopping for party gowns online is an enthralling experience. The variety of designs, colours, styles, cuts, shapes, materials, etc. are enough to make even a shopaholic into retail heaven.

Buy Women's Gowns

When it comes to party gowns, you may find it at several online retailers. We recommend you start your search by entering your clothing query into a search engine. Or you can shop directly at a reputable retailer such as Indian Wedding Saree. Believe it or not, this is the biggest step in the entire experience. Once you’ve selected your preferred online shop, you can proceed to our tips, which will help you select some of the best party gowns online.

1. Visit the Retailer’s website

In our case, we like shopping at Indian Wedding Saree, so that’s where we started our journey. You will immediately notice various menus beneath the main heading, i.e. Men, Women, Best-Sellers, Kids, New Arrivals, etc.

party gown online

2. Select Your Dress Type

Under the menu “Women”, scroll the mouse over to “Gown” and select it. This will bring you to a page filled with beautiful party gowns, ranging from Bollywood inspired to designer to wedding wear.

3. Specify Your Search

If you’re a true fashionista, you will slowly scroll down the page, appreciating each gown for its unique beauty. If you’re shopping for something specific, we recommend refining your search. To do so, the top left-hand corner of the page under “Home” states “refine your search”. You may select a gown according to a price range, discount, type, fabric, size and work.

If you select something in each of these fields, the results will be highly specific. You can be as general or specific as you like. For example, most women prefer to specify size, fabric and work.

ladies gown online

4. Browse Your Selection

After the page loads with your refined results, carefully peruse each gown. You will love some and dislike others. The ones you do like, we recommend placing them on your wish list. To do so, simply click on the gown you like scroll down to “Add to Wish List” located under “Add to Shopping Bag”. After picking a few gowns that you like, you can visit your wish list (top right hand corner of the page), and browse your final selection list.

5. Make a Final Choice

Ah, this is where you’re going to have to do some deep analysis. Once your wish list loads, select each gown one at a time to examine them for the following:
– colour
– style
– size availability
– price
– work
– washing instructions, etc.

If you like what is stated, we suggest keeping this particular gown in mind. Use this criteria to review each gown on your wish list. Delete the ones that don’t match what you’re looking.

buy women's gown

6. Specify your Details

For each gown that you’d like to purchase, ensure you select the garment size and your body height. This will assist the retailer in stitching your party gown.

7. Delivery Date, Shipping Charges and Return Policy

To ensure you’ll receive your party gown on time, enter your pin code in the field “Check Delivery Location”. This will give you a good estimate about when you can expect to receive your gown.

In terms of shipping charges, many retailers like Indian Wedding Saree provide free shipping across India as part of the Independence Day celebrations. On other days, you may contact Customer Service directly.

Information about the return and exchange policy can be found under “Policies” on the bottom of the page.

shop gown online

8. Place your Order

After making the necessary selections and carefully reading the shipping, return and exchange policy, place your order. You may do this by adding your preferred gown to the shopping bag “Add to Shopping Bag”.

To complete your order, you must have an account with the retailer or you may shop as a guest. You will be required to complete and submit a form asking for your Personal Details as well as the Shipping Address. You must provide a legitimate telephone number and email address.

9. Payment

The retailer will provide you with numerous payment options such as Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, Net Banking, PayTM, etc. Select the payment which you prefer and place your order.

10. Tracking your Order

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation on your email address/telephone number including information about how you may track your order.

gowns online

11. Sit back, it’s Worth the Wait

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for your beautiful party gown to arrive.

Take advantage of the Independence Day Sale and shop for party gown online now, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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Lehenga style sarees are the ultimate feminine attire. They define a woman’s curves and give her just enough sparkle; making her look like a movie star! This beautiful dress form has its roots in the saree; a six or 9 yard fabric that is made of fine silks and embroidered in delicate techniques which vary across the country. Wearing a saree takes quite a bit of practice and skill but unfortunately many young women today are still unable to dress themselves in it without seeking help. They also fear that the saree might slip off or the pleating is incorrect. This is why lehenga style sarees have become so immensely popular. This elegant attire exudes comfort, grace and style. It is one of the hottest trends in traditional wear; loved by women of all ages.

lehenga style sarees

When you shop for a lehenga style saree, you can expect to purchase in a semi-stitched format with 4.5-5.5 meters of fabric attached. It includes the blouse piece, skirt and pallu. Like its saree counterpart, it is made from a variety of fabrics such as crepe, silk, georgette, chiffon and jacquard looms.

Here are seven additional reasons to fall in love with lehenga style sarees:

1. Simple and Easy to Wear

To wear a lehenga saree, you don’t need specialized skills. Nor do you have to be concerned about the pleats and their alignment. In a lehenga, the pleats are pre-stitched or formed. This means after wrapping the lehenga around your body and placing the pallu on your shoulder, simply tuck in the top portion of the pleats and you’re ready! It takes less than five minutes to wear this attire.

lehenga sarees

2. Feels Comfortable

Wearing a lehenga saree is like wearing a skirt and blouse. It’s long, flowing and airy. After wearing one, you don’t have to be concerned about the pleats coming undone or the petticoat loosening or the saree wrinkling. Since the skirt is pulled up and fastened in place by a zipper, your look never changes. You will remain comfortable in your lehenga for the entire night.

3. Fashionable Attire

For some women, a saree can seem like a boring option. With a lehenga saree you have a stylish and trendy alternative. This attire is in trend this season so if you really want to make a fashion statement, a lehenga saree is the way to go. You can opt for a traditional looking lehenga something more modern and chic. Your final look will suit the occasion and your personality.

lehenga saree online

4. Extra Accessories not Required

In a saree, additional accessories are often required such as safety pins to pin down the pleats and the pallu, a tie clip to keep the pleats in the centre, a petticoat to support your saree and a blouse piece with liner. However all these items are not required in a lehenga saree. You simply pull it on, tuck in the pre-stitched pleats, wrap around and toss over the pallu and you’re ready to go!

5. 2 in 1 Styling

A wonderful feature of the lehenga saree is that it can be worn as both a saree and as a lehenga. If you opt for the second styling option, you have more choices when it comes to how you want to wear the pallu, i.e. free flowing, pleated, ghungat, Gujarati style, etc.

wedding lehenga saree

6. Suitable for Weddings and Parties

Lehengas are an elegant attire, making them suitable for both parties and weddings. As more and more brides are opting for comfort and sophistication in their wedding attire, lehenga sarees seem like the perfect fit. This attire enables them to move around easily. In addition, the look remains for the duration of the ceremony without much wrinkling or creasing. Bridal lehengas are so intricately detailed that they actually transform a woman into a princess for her special day. More importantly it is also a modest attire, suitable for solemn ceremonies.

bridal lehenga saree

7. Many Varieties and Designs

Similar to sarees, the variety and design options in a lehenga saree are enormous. The spectrum from traditional to contemporary is vast so it’s easy to find a look that suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

To shop for beautiful lehenga style sarees, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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India is a land blessed with many customs, cultures and religions. One of its greatest treasures is its handicraft industry, specifically its embroidered sarees. Influenced by many traditions, history and folklore, every region in India is known for producing its unique type of embroidered saree. Through a combination of fabrics, stitching patterns, colours and accents, India has one of the most diverse embroidered saree patterns.

embroidery sarees

The five types of embroidered sarees listed below are some of the most recognized and consequently the most popular:

#1 Chikankari

This needlework style arises from the land of Nazaquat and Tehzeeb, Lucknow. Chikankari was introduced by Queen Nur Jahan, the inspiration behind the famed Taj Mahal. This embroidery form came into full realization during the Mughal period. A single chikan piece is made by placing block printing patterns on top. The chikan craftsman will then embroider stitches alongside the pattern. The finished material is washed to remove traces of prints. Initially, Chikankari embroidery began as white-on-white but today many colours and fabrics are used. The variety is enormous, from white embroidery on cotton to soothing pastels on silks, Chikankari is classical charm.

embroidered sarees online

#2 Kantha

A traditional stitching style that is commonly practised in Odisha and Bengal, Kantha is made by rural women residing in these regions. Initially, kantha work was done on soft sarees and dhotis, with the thread drawn from the borders of used cloth. Kantha embroidery is known for its simplicity. It often features nature motifs such as flowers, animals and birds. Kantha work is often adorned on sarees and dress materials but it is not uncommon to see it embellish wall hangings, bed covers and upholstery.

Designer Embroidery Sarees

#3 Phulkari

This embroidery form is the second most popular thing to arise from Punjab (after sarson ka saag). As suggestive of its name, Phulkari features various flower motifs. This art form is typically practised by housewives. What makes it unique is that the embroidery is done on the opposite side of the material while the design forms in the front. The material used is either naturally dyed khadi or hand-spun cloth. The contrast created by bright embroidery on light coloured fabric makes the design stand out.

embroidery work sarees

#4 Zardozi

Even though its origins were in Persia, this art form flourished in India during the 17th century during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. In its original form, silver and gold threads along with precious stones and pearls were used. This rich embroidery form was stitched on rich silks and plush velvets. Zardozi was worn by royalty of that period. Today, silk threading and copper wire with gold and silver polish still adds a royal feel to the Zardozi. Many brides love wearing Zardozi on their wedding day, especially as sarees and lehengas.

buy embroidery sarees

#5 Kashidakari

This beautiful Kashmiri embroidery emerged under the benefaction of Mughal and Persian rulers. Even though how this stitch form originated is unknown. According to legends, a Persian Sufi saint carried this skill with him and taught it to craftsmen in Kashmir. What started as a craft soon became a source of income for farmers during harsh winters. Kashidakari embroidery features the flora of the scenic locality in Kashmir. Designed with chain stitches, Kashidakari is conducted on wool and silk.

embroidery sarees for women

To shop for your Kantha, Kashidakari, Phulkari, Chickankari or Zardozi embroidered sarees, visit Indian Wedding Saree today.

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India is a land of diverse fashions which have been born out of the many cultures that dot her landscape. One such glorious fashion are long lehenga cholis. The lehenga choli is an ancient dress form that is renowned for its beauty, grace and elegance.

In a lehenga choli, there are three parts: the choli or blouse, the lehenga or skirt and the dupatta or shawl. The blouse may vary in length and design but is well-fitted and embellished according to the occasion for which it is being worn. The lehenga follows the same principle except that it is typically floor length and can be shaped in many ways, i.e. A-line, mermaid, umbrella, fishtail or flared. Lastly, the dupatta is worn much like the pallu on a sari and it can be in either a complementary or contrasting color to the lehenga and choli.

lehenga choli online

Long lehenga cholis can be made from a wide range of textiles, ranging from classic to cotemporary. Listed below are three of the most popular fabric choices for lehenga cholis:


This is by far the most popular choice for a lehenga choli. Silk is a frequently sought after material that is produced in many regions of India. Several weaving techniques are used to make the lehenga. After it is weaved, the silk lends a shining sheen to the look of the skirt. It also has a smooth fit and is lightweight, making it the ideal attire during warmer months. Even the fit of the blouse is close to perfect with silk. The Pattu Pavadai is an example of a lehenga choli made entirely from silk.

indian lehenga choli


This is a favourite material for making lehenga cholis inspired by Gujarati and Rajasthani traditions. Also called ghagra choli, these are breezy, comfortable and airy to wear. Since cotton is a light and absorbent material it takes on dyes very well. Many cotton lehenga cholis feature intricate mirror and embroidery work. You will often see women wearing ghagra choli while playing dandiya during the Navratri festival.

lehenga choli for wedding


Georgette is the preferred fabric amongst fashion designers. It is pliable and fluid and very suitable for lehenga that are inspired by modern designs. Many brides love wearing georgette lehengas because it has a flattering drape and an elegant feel against the skin.

Crepe and chiffon are close cousins of georgette and are also used to make contemporary lehenga cholis.

long lehenga choli for wedding

The type of fabric you prefer for your lehenga will depend on the occasion and personal taste. For traditional occasions, silk lehengas work best. Georgette and chiffon are ideally worn during wedding and reception parties.

To shop for your beautiful long lehenga cholis now, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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Women palazoos are a fashion icon of the 1960s and 70s that is definitely here to stay! In fact, their comeback has been so fierce that it’s hard to find a single fashion blog or shop that doesn’t mention or sell them. This beloved pant style features a super wide leg that has flowing pants. Every woman loves palazoos because they complement every body type and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Palazoos are also very comfortable. It’s hard to imagine anything so beautiful as also being comfortable. Due to their light material and flowing quality, palazoos are ideally worn in the warmer months.

Palazoo pants

Another endearing quality about this symbol of the sixties is that it can be worn anywhere and anytime! Here’s how you can style your women palazoos:

To Work

Palazoos are perfect for work, especially when you expect to sit through meetings and meet clients. For the office, palazoos made from heavy crepe work best. Since crepe is a denser material, it will not wrinkle very easily. You can easily dress up in a sharp jacket and blouse. Complete your ‘office’ look with a pair of wedges to give you some height.

Palazoo trousers

For an Evening Out

Who’ says palazoos can’t be worn for fun? A pair of silk/satin palazoos with a crop top are a great way to get your evening started. Add a dash of boldness by combining your look with a pair of high heels.

For a Holiday

Palazoos are the best pants to take on a holiday. They don’t require much room in the suitcase and are definitely lighter than their denim counterpart. Get in the holiday spirit with a pair of printed palazoos. You can easily wear a tank or bikini top and a pair of casual slippers to match.

Buy Palazoo Online

For Formal Events

To create a smart look, coordinate your entire palazoo look in monochrome. That’s right! Match the colour of your palazoo pants with a top in the same colour. You can opt for accessories in a different colours but ensure their colour is the same as well, i.e. a navy blue outfit with earrings and shoes that are in red.

Women Palazoos

For Festive Occasions

How to look smart and appropriate for a religious/festive occasion? Pair your palazoo with a kurta. This is comfortable and chic. Opt for a kurta that is embellished and has high slits on the sides.

Palazoos are a must-have item in every woman’s closet. To shop for women palazoos today, visit Indian Wedding Saree today.

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The mens wear dhoti kurta is traditional attire in India. Even though the dhoti is worn across the country, there are variations in style, color and pattern, which are dictated by the cultural practices of that particular region.

Dhoti Kurta For Men

The dhoti kurta has many different names; dhotar in Maharashtra, Mundu in Kerala and Lacha in Punjab.


The term ‘dhoti’ originates from a Sanskrit term called ‘Dhauta’. It is an attire that has been worn from the beginning of recorded history. Apart from India, dhotis are worn in the Maldives, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It is the most commonly worn attire amongst leading politicians in India.

Dhoti Kurta Online


Dhotis are commonly made in cream or white. A typical dhoti requires up to five yards of material to make. Silk and cotton are the fabrics of choice for this attire. In southern states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, dhotis are in cream with a gold border. This lends it a sophisticated and richer look. It takes five knots to wrap a dhoti in the southern style.

In other parts of India, dhotis are worn like a pant where a portion is taken from between the legs and tucked behind and not like a skirt or loongi as in the south.

Indian Kurta men with dhotis


The humble dhoti has undergone many innovative changes. From the loongi style, it has now evolved into something structured like a pair of pants. This attire looks like a dhoti from the front but is actually a pair of pants. This unique innovation is a unisex form of dhoti as well, meaning it can be worn by both men and women. It is especially popular with younger crowds.

In addition to style, dhoti kurtas are also made in different colors such as maroon and blue.

mens dhoti kurta


In Southern India, mens wear dhoti kurta is worn during a festival or marriage ceremony. It is part of formal attire amongst politicians. You’ve likely seen pundits adorning dhotis while performing poojas and other religious incantations. Dhotis are also regular attire worn in many rural regions of India.

shop mens dhoti kurta online


Cotton dhotis are worn in all seasons. They’re especially popular during the hot and humid pre-monsoon months. Silk dhotis on the other hand are ideally worn during formal, festive and traditional occasions.

buy dhoti kurta online

Mens wear dhoti kurta is a must-have classic attire. To shop for yours today, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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When it comes to attending a ceremonial function, one needs to wear traditional wear as that is apt way of dressing up for the occasion. Children also love to dress up in the similar traditional attires like their mothers as the kids or children build their own imaginary world in which they emulate their elders. They even modulate their voice, tone and expression to copy their parents or anyone who fascinates them. It is very interesting to note that their style statements and fashion consciousness also come from their parents especially for the little girls from their mothers whom they consider to be their role models and want to follow them in every small little way.

kids lehenga

Choosing the right type of clothes for these small girls is sometimes confusing. Parents want to buy the traditional wear but it may not prove to be very comfortable for them which sometimes lead to a lot of research which may not bring the desired results. In North India, events like wedding means spending time and money to buy clothes for the whole family. Small girls look the prettiest and the cutest dressed up in traditional Lehengas and this also makes these girls’ heart flutter with excitement and happiness but the parents can feel a little apprehensive as they want their children to enjoy the function without feeling hassled or clumsy because of the traditional apparels.

online kids lehenga

While buying Lehengas for kids one must remember to look into a few very important points:

• Colour Choice: Children look their best in bright, vibrant colours but one can always pay attention to the climatic conditions and the time of the event. Brighter colours are best suitable for the evening or night functions and if the weather is too warm, pastel shades give a cooler appearance.

buy kids lehenga

• Size: It is important to buy an apt size or getting one stitched is not a bad option. Buying a semi-stitched lehenga gives freedom of getting the right size stitched for children as their sizes may vary and getting a standard size may not be so easy.

• Comfort: Comfort of a child should be the first priority as children can be more affected by discomfort than the elders. This discomfort could be caused if the fabric chosen is rough in texture or the seams hurt the child. It is important to buy the pure fabrics for the children.

• Price: When a parent is buying a lehenga for a small child, one must not forget that children grow up fast and they outgrow these clothes. Buying too expensive Lehengas can prove to be a waste as children may not be able to enjoy wearing them for a long time.

buy online lehenga for kids

The answer to all such problems lies with Online Stores which not only cater for the quality products but are also prompt and punctual in delivery. Even then it is important to check that your online store has abundant variety and their designers have created styles which are chic and elegant along with being simple and easy to handle.

Visit the Indian Wedding Saree and buy the most stunning Children’s Lehengas.

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Salwar Kameez, as an Indian female attire has gained popularity nationwide and they are worn by all the women, irrespective of their social and cultural backgrounds. Hailing from Punjab, it was the traditional attire worn by the Punjabi ladies and even men, though the shape of the kurta was a little different for both the genders. There was not much of a change experienced in its style in pre-independence or post-independence period, but that does not mean that no innovation was ever tried. Just like the language remains the same but its dialect and accent changes from region to region, in the same manner the same salwar-kameez experienced difference in style and design from one region to other. Though some differences were negligible, some proved to be significant, like Patiala, one of the districts in Punjab showed altogether a different design of salwar which eventually became so popular that it won accolades all across the country and soon a new fashion statement was witnessed in this already popular pair of clothing.

Patiala Salwar Suits

Patiala Suits comprise of a well fitted kurta or tunic of medium length, accompanied by bottom wear called Patiala salwar which is stitched differently from a normal salwar as this salwar is with flare and consumes double the cloth used for the normal salwar, but what makes it most appealing is the attractive look and comfort, loose style, which goes well with Punjabi jutis or mojris. This is all season attire which can be worn casually as well as in a party or wedding as this apparel is available in variety of fabric ranging from cotton or blended material to silk or brocade. A soft flowing dupatta completes the look.

Punjabi Patiala Salwar Suits

Patiala suits are available in array of colours and the kameez’s beauty is enhanced when it is adorned with hand embroidery with threads or mirrors or any other form of craftsmanship displayed on it. We can no more say that Patiala suits are popular only in Punjab or North-India. In fact, this outfit has won the hearts of Indian women from all walks of life.

readymade patiala suit

Patiala suits are designed by all the leading designers to be worn at any of the pre-wedding ceremonies or family functions. They are also available in ample variety with many of the popular online stores but the most exclusive collection is displayed only with Indian Wedding Saree, an online store that caters for the most exquisite variety of Patiala suits, available in the premium quality fabric and array of colours. We have semi-stitched or fully stitched suits variety so that variations in standard sizes are well taken care of. If you are looking for a suit for Mehendi or Sangeet ceremony, our range and variety is going to surprise you. Our transparent return-exchange policy makes it easy for the customers to buy the product without hesitation. We deliver what we promise and we also keep on updating our collection according to the new fashion trends.

Patiala Salwar Kameez

Browse through our immensely beautiful collection of Salwar Suit and choose your pick today.

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