All about the variations of traditional Indian sarees

Sarees in India as we know, are being born since time immemorial. And despite the hit of the modernization, and various types of apparels in trend, sarees have always been able to sustain their special place in every woman’s wardrobe. This 6-yard-long garment is most loved by women not just because they could be worn to any place whatsoever, but also because there are so many variations that you can never be bored of wearing sarees.

traditional indian sarees

Talking about variations, traditional Indian sarees can be divided into various categories. Let us know more in detail.

  • Based on Indian states: Sarees in India are worn by women of every state, though in different styles and with different cultural and traditional representation. From Kashmir to Tamil Nadu or from Assam to Rajasthan, women in all states love wearing sarees throughout the year on different occasions. Some of the most popular Indian sarees of different states are Banarasi Sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees, Konrad Sarees, Kota Sarees, Bengali Sarees, etc.

Kanjivaram Sarees online

  • Based on occasions: Throughout the year, we celebrate different festivals and become a part of various events and occasions. Therefore, to match up to the spirit of different occasion, they have a different saree for each. Some of the most popular ones are wedding sarees for brides, Bollywood sarees for evening parties, pre-wedding celebrations, birthdays, and other such glamorous special occasions, casual sarees for daily wear, either at home or office, etc.

Bollywood sarees for evening parties

  • Based on fabric: Depending on the fabrics the traditional Indian sarees can be divided into various types. This includes, silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, net, crepe, viscose, cotton, brocade, etc. With so many different types of sarees based on fabric, it has got easier for women to differentiate and choose the best as per their personality, and the occasion they would wear it to.

net sarees online

  • Based on prints and embroideries: Expansion in fashion have lately led to enormous prints and thus, these countless printed sarees have captured the market. Common prints are polka dots, floral prints, abstract prints, geometric prints, floral prints, checks, etc. These sarees are also decked up with different types of Indian embroideries like resham, kanta, mirror, zari, zardosi, thread work, cutdana and stone work.

    embroidery saree online

    All these designs and prints make sarees unique and appealing.

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Wedding sarees making your wedding special

Sarees and its Significance

Saree is the traditional dress of Indian ladies. In ancient times saree was the only clothing worn by the Indian ladies. But now this trend has changed; ladies are wearing jeans, gowns, shorts, capris and skirts, etc. But when it comes to weddings, Indians preferably stick to their tradition of wedding sarees. Around two to three decades ago wedding sarees were heavy and difficult to wear.

indian wedding saree

Banarasi and kanchipuram silk tops top the list of favorite wedding saree among brides. Imitating bollywood trend is the basic nature of Indian brides. This helps in updating their fashion knowledge.

wedding saree

Bollywood Trends

Saree is the traditional dress of Indian women and Bollywood is the name given to Indian film industry. Both are extremely popular. Bollywood films and stars are a craze among the masses. People tend to imitate the dressing style of the film stars. If the film or the song in the film becomes a hit, many small manufacturers imitate the design and sell it in the market. Bollywood sarees are designed by fashion designers and thus imbibes both styles and tradition.

online wedding sarees

Violet and purple are the current Bollywood color. Being a vivacious color when it is coupled with sequence work, it gives a chick look. This kind of saree is basically see through and is best for evening parties. Chiffon, georgette and crape material saree are basically used in parties. They are not only light weight but also hugs your body making you look slimmer. Intricate zari work and embellishments make this saree more attractive. Kanchipuram silk gives a royal look. They are enhanced with golden thread work, making it more vibrant. Use of sequins, stones, kundans, beads, coins, ribbon work, etc. enhances the beauty of the saree.

purple wedding sarees online

Printed saree is also a hit in the Bollywood. They come in pure georgette and faux crepe material. They come in different colors. Some of the very trendy sarees are chottu sarees, saree gown, jeans and saree, etc.

Printed wedding sarees online

Wedding Saree is also inspired by Bollywood trends. Use of different colors, sequins, stones and stitching are greatly influenced by Bollywood. Wedding saree in red, pink or lavender is generally selected for the auspicious occasion. Golden zari work done by skilled craftsman is in high demand as it makes the saree look rich and vibrant.

bridal wedding sarees online

Make your wedding day special with right choice of wedding saree.

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Best lehenga styles to glitter your evening!!

No matter what, you cannot keep lehengas away from an Indian wedding. Indian weddings are joyous occasions of celebrations, and continue for more than a week. There are various, pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies, that are organized. These include sangeet ceremony, cocktail event, mehndi, haldi, engagement ceremony, wedding, reception, etc. And for so many different occasions you need different apparels.

Online Lehenga Choli

How hard you try, you just cannot skip thinking of a lehenga when it comes to weddings. Lehengas are a must for wedding rituals. The pre-wedding events are as grand and cheerful as the wedding day. Therefore, the freshness of your clothes should be the same. Every attire you pick, should be unique, refreshing and should make you feel gorgeous.

Only lehenga is something that can give you much variety and comfort at the same time. Following are some of the most incredible lehenga styles that you could consider wearing to glitter all the pre-wedding events.

Buy Lehenga

Bollywood Lehenga:

Bollywood has been a role model and an icon for many in terms of styling. Girls in India have always admired their favorite actresses and their dressing sense. They always dream of a perfect wedding wearing similar pretty lehenga as their favorite actress wore in a movie. This craze has made the Bollywood inspired lehengas amongst the best sellers during the wedding season.

Bollywood Lehenga online

A-Line Lehenga:

Class meets style is what you can say for A-line lehengas. These lehengas, as the name suggest are ‘A’ shaped. They are body fitted from the top and are flared towards the bottom. These lehengas look dapper in multi-colors of single shade and with contrasting colors. They have loads of embroidery all over that makes them look even more beautiful. These are available in many fabrics like net, chiffon, and Georgette fabric, etc.

A-Line Lehenga

Fish cut Lehenga:

Have become quite popular in the recent times. These lehengas are also popularly known as mermaid lehengas. These are fitted till the knee and then has flare at the bottom, thus forming a mermaid shape. These are super stylish and look very trendy. They are appropriate for the women with straight, and lean body type. Moreover, conventionally it is called as the bridesmaid dress.

Fish Cut Lehenga Online

Jacket Lehenga:

The most unmarked of the lot is the Jacket Lehenga. Simple yet, very fashionable. These lehengas are a perfect pick if you need to attend a wedding during the winter season. These will not only protect you from the cold, but will also make you look equally elegant. These lehengas are regular flared lehengas topped with a jacket that is further covered with work of zardozi, stone, etc. with complimenting jeweled buttons.

Jacket Lehenga Online

Throw in appropriate amount of jewelry and you are all set to turn some heads around.

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Here’s why you should buy sarees online!

Despite the advancement in the fashion industry, sarees have always been one of the most favorite apparel for every Indian woman. And why not? Sarees have all the reasons to be loved. They are comfortable, stylish, have a huge variety of designs, fabrics and colors, and above all can be worn on any occasion, whatsoever.

saree shopping onlineBut with this huge variety, comes equal amount of hard work in finding a perfect one for self. Isn’t it? To find a perfect pair, you often wander from one place to another, one market to another, and yet there are times when you could not find what you wanted at first; love at first sight! Either you won’t get the same color, or the design you wanted, or even if you’ll find the exact same pair, you would be taken aback knowing the price of that pair. What do you do in such situations? Either buy an expensive saree or drop your plan of buying one. But not anymore ladies.

Related image
Thanks to the technological development, everything today has come online. So, why not purchase a saree online too. Not sure? Thinking why would one do that? Well, for all such questions, here are the reasons why you should buy traditional Indian sarees online:

  • It Saves Your Valuable Time: The obvious reason why more and more people are shopping online these days is because it saves you your valuable time by not wandering from one market to another for different shopping needs. You get everything at one place with the best choices of clothes and different categories to be customized and bring down search to exactly what you want. During our busy schedule every day, it often becomes hard to take out time to go to the stores and shop a beautiful saree for a special occasion. All you can do is to open a new tab on your PC, find a beautiful saree, and order it to your address. They will get it delivered wherever you want. Cool, isn’t it?

Save time with Indian Wedding Saree

  • Trendy Clothes and price comparison: Before the trendy sarees come in the market, you can find the same in a digital store. Yes, online is where you find everything at first. Apart from the huge collection online of different types of sarees, what’s more you get is price discount. If you compare the price of saree in the market and on an online website, you would find a whole lot of difference. Do you need any other reason why you should buy saree online in India? Well, we have some more.

Price Comparison at Indian Wedding Saree

  • 24/7 Stores and of course, CONVENIENT: One of the best features of the online store is that they will always remain open i.e. 24/7, available to assist you with all the help required. As compared to the stores in the market, there’s an opening and closing time restriction to visit the stores. Online stores are convenient, because you can have access to them from any corner of the world, any time of the day.

24/7 availability at Indian Wedding SareesNow, you don’t have a problem if you feel like buying a beautiful Banarasi silk saree at 02:00 am. Isn’t that great?

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These simple steps will help you choose the perfect wedding saree

Big-fat Indian Weddings! Everything in a traditional Indian wedding is decorated and decked up at its best to make this a perfect special day for not just the bride and the groom but for everyone they are related to. Girls in India since childhood, dream of being a bride and having the most beautiful wedding. They start preparing for their wedding from almost 2 months before the wedding date.

Image result for sarees for indian weddings

One major problem they face is in selecting the perfect saree for their pre-wedding ceremonies and for the big wedding day. Well, if you find yourself falling in this category, you don’t need to worry any more. Why? Because we have brought for you, simple steps, following which you can buy yourself beautiful wedding Indian sarees.

  • Choose the right fabric: There are several fabrics that a saree is made of in India. Among the most popular ones are the georgette, velvet, silk, net, cotton, crepe, chiffon, etc. But for a special day as your wedding, you must go for fabrics that would not only look pretty on you, but would also compliment your personality. All these sarees are beautifully embellished with heavy and intricate resham embroidery, brocade, colored stones, pearls, diamante, corals, beads, sequins, etc.

Image result for sarees for indian weddings

  • Motifs and patterns: A saree, specially a wedding saree, should be the one with a lot of embroidered motifs on it that represents the culture and traditions. Sarees with huge borders with motifs of flowers, peacocks, elephants, barat, parrots, deer and paisley patterns are the sarees that are most preferred.

Image result for embroidered motifs saree wearing bollywood diva

  • Colors are vital too: Colors play a very vital role in a wedding. Everything is color-picked either as per the theme of the wedding or otherwise as the culture says. If you have ever closely paid attention, mostly shade of red, pink, green, yellow and orange in Indian weddings are the highlighted colors, because these colors represent love, joy and happiness.

Related image

Similarly, while choosing sarees, and especially for a bride, the best colors you could consider are the shades of red and pink with a hint of green.

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Different Types of Bottom Wear to Pair with Kurti

A kurti is one Indian garment that is available in the wardrobe of every Indian girl. Without Kurtis, the wardrobe of any girl is considered incomplete. They are comfortable and have a huge variety. They come in different vibrant colors, patterns, and fabrics that are elegant, funky, stylish, and gorgeous to be worn at any event or on any occasion whatsoever. From birthday parties, to college farewells, from pre-wedding ceremonies to office get-togethers, these can go everywhere, literally.

kurti online India

But, would it not become so monotonous and boring if we continue wearing a kurti in the same style? Of course, it would. There would be no charm left to the garments. So, today, we bring for you, different bottom wears to pair your beautiful kurtis with:

  • Palazzo: These are a lot in trend these day. Palazzos are loose garments that are tightened at the waist and are equally loose from waist to toe. There are a few designer Palazzo that have some extra flare as it goes down. These are made of different fabrics including silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton, etc. and come with great colors, designs, prints and motifs.

Kurtis with Palazoos

  • Flared Skirts: Kilts or flared skirts are not only a great option to wear to wedding or on festivals, but are comfortable enough to be worn on regular office/college days with a simple kurti on top. Moreover, you can take a crushed stole and wrap it around your neck for a stylish look.

kurti with flared skirt

  • Dhoti Pants: As the name suggests, these look alike a dhoti. The only difference being that they are pre-stitched and you do not have to drape it around your waist as you would do a dhoti. You can wear dhoti pants with well-fitted kurtis to avoid looking bulkier. Embellished or embroider dhoti pants are a perfect pick for festivals and pre-wedding/engagement ceremonies.

Kurtis with Dhoti Pants

  • Cigarette Pants: These are straight roll-up pants that are stylish to look and comfortable to wear. These can be worn with Indain tunics, kurtis, or even shirts, for a perfect elegant look.

kurti with Cigarette PantsThese are uber cool and trendy bottom wears that were a great hit in 2016 and will stay here for long.

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Attending a wedding in chilled winters? Here are some options you would consider!

Wedding in India are fun filled. They are joyous occasions of celebrations, where families, relatives and friends join the bride and the groom. Indian weddings are huge, and one gets to see great fashion in them. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone is dressed up at their best. All the focus after the bride, is on the other girls, who are dressed no less than the bride herself. All the girls at a wedding try to look their best not just because they are close to the bride but because they want pretty pictures after the wedding. Yes, let’s accept, that’s the truth.

Related image

The only problem that arises is during the winter season. There are several weddings one has lined up during the winter season, and one cannot get away with looking pretty. What can a girl do then? You would say cover yourself up with a jacket or a shawl. But NO. that’s not an option because then, there would be no sense in wearing such heavy garments if they won’t show. Poor girl end up going causally without any jackets, pretending they aren’t feeling any cold.

Related image

If ever in life, you too have come across a situation like that. Do not worry. Here’s a solution. With the changing of fashion, and advancement in everything, designs of garments have changed for the better. So, instead of trying the regular Indian wedding lehengas, try some different lehengas and garments, that aren’t just stylish but warm too. Here are some easy, yet impressive ways to dress up to a chilled-winter wedding, that would only make you the center of attraction.

Lehengas with a pocket: As they name suggests, they are lehengas with pockets. They can keep you warm, and can help you give some nice poses for the pictures, you know.

Image result for lehengas with pocket

Full sleeves blouses: Blouse play a vital role. You can get thick blouses with embroidery all over and can get them stitched with full sleeves. These look all stunning.

Image result for full sleeves blouses

Elegant jackets: Cover up girl. There are various trendy garments that are available with long jackets with them, like the jacket-lehengas, the long embroider jackets with pants, jackets with dhoti style pants, jacket anarkalis, etc.

Image result for jackets on anarkali suits

Stylish gloves: if you decide to dress a little western, you could go for gown and yet keep yourself warm with long stylish gloves, hats and other accessories, depending on the type of wedding you are attending.

Image result for gown with beautiful gloves indian girl

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Indian sarees are now becoming an outfit of international recognition

Indian sarees were once only woven for temple deities, but those days are history now. Sarees have always been an integral part of the Indian culture and traditions. Since the ancient times, sarees have been one of the most preferred choices of the Indian women. There are other Asian countries also, where women wear sarees, but Indian sarees are exceptional and are different not just because they are beautiful and have a huge variety in them, but also because they represent the Indian culture and has a history behind them.

Related imageIndian sarees are no more limited to Indian and Indian women, but have now become an outfit of international recognition. With time and the fashion industry growing stronger with every decade passing, we have developed a lot in the fashion industry. Talking about sarees, there have been many development in sarees as well. There was a time when sarees were only made of either cotton or silk. No other fabric was used in the weaving process of a saree. Today, we have a huge variety of fabrics available for example, georgette, chiffon, crepe, net, and many other.

Image result for hollywood divas wearing indian sareesSaree, are one of the most elegant traditional Indian attires that defines the beauty of a woman, bringing out her grace and elegance. It reflects the true essence of an Indian woman. Sarees today are available in various prints and designs. You could find a plain saree, a printed one, the one heavily embroidered, dyed, etc. A saree has got a grace that’s beyond comparison. No other ethnic, traditional outfit can match to the persona of saree. Right from the period of Indus Valley Civilization we get sufficient evidences indicating the tradition of wearing Sarees as a custom that is age old, prevalent in the Indian subcontinent.

Related imageThanks to the fashion industry and the excellent fashion designers and craftsmen, that today, one could have different sarees as per the occasion. Also, wearing and draping styles vary from region to region in this diverse country. The several well-known types of sarees found in the Indian subcontinent regions include Chikan, Banarasi, Jamdani, Shalu, Tant, Tanchoi, Kantha, Kanjeevaram, Bandhej, Zari, Baluchari, Chanderim, Paithani and Bandhani, etc.

Image result for hollywood divas wearing indian sareesGone are the days when saree was confined to the regions of the Indian subcontinent only. Now this popular dress form is worn by women from all over the world. In the contemporary times the look of a women in a saree was highly appreciated. Woman in Saree and India are synonymous to each other. Fashion shows and air hostesses deserve additional credit for popularizing sarees at the international level.

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All about the variations of Indian sarees you must know!

Indian sarees are no more just limited to the Indian traditions and cultures but have made their place in the international market too. Indian sarees are a 6-yard long garment that is draped beautifully around in different styles to make a woman look the prettiest. There are various types, colors and fabrics that Indian sarees can come with. This traditional Indian attire has the potential to make a woman look sassy and elegant at the same time. This is the reason why despite of so many option women prefer wearing a saree on every special occasion.

indian wedding saree

Sarees have been a part of the Indian traditions since forever. But with the passage of time, and modernization, sarees today have many variations. Let us understand them in detail.

Variations of Saree Based on Indian States: Sarees are worn throughout the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and from Rajasthan to Assam, but in different styles and fabric as per the climate differences and the cultural believes. Every Indian state has it own way of styling a saree.  Talking about the forte of the sarees, some of the most popular sarees India has includes, Banarasi sarees of Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram and Konrad sarees from Tamil Nadu and other South Indian states. Besides this, West India has surpassing offerings of Bandhani sarees, Gujarati Brocade, Patola and Garchola sarees and Kota Doria sarees from Gujarat and Rajasthan. Also, the embroidered tinsel from Yeola, Chanderi and Maheshwari of Madhya Pradesh are amongst the most popular Indian traditional sarees.

Bandhani sarees

Variations Based on Occasions
India is a land with diverse traditions and cultures. Owing to diversity in Indian culture, there are many cheerful occasions in this country. Therefore, Indian Saree can be worn for all the happy occasions. As per the occasions, there are Bridal sarees, Bollywood Sarees, Casual sarees, Traditional sarees etc. Moreover, for the special and glitterati moments, designer sarees are one among the perfect pick.

traditional indian saree

Variations Based on Fabrics
Indian is rich in various fabric that are used in saree woven process. Based on the different fabrics, we have Brocade sarees, Silk sarees, Crepe sarees, Net sarees, Chiffon sarees, Velvet sarees, Georgette sarees, Cotton sarees, Viscose sarees, Brasso sarees and many other.

net sarees

Variations Based on Prints and Embroideries
Ever since the fashion industry has expanded in the past few decades, different types of prints, paisleys, and embroideries have come up in the market. Some of the most popular prints and embroideries include polka dots, abstract prints, floral prints, checks and geometric prints. Embroideries like resham, zari, zardosi, kanta, thread work, cut-dana and stone work are the most widely used and worn by the Indian women.

Embroidery Saree

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If you have always wanted to drape a Bengali saree, here’s how you can do it easily!

Saree is an Indian traditional attire that is worn throughout the country. The only difference that is witnessed is the way it is draped. The Rajasthani people would wear it differently, and the South Indian people would wear it differently, and so would the eastern people. But there are some popular styles among all, and one such style is the Bengali style of a saree.

bengali saree online

Girls around the country, have always admired how to wear a Bengali saree. Girls and ladies have looked for tutorials but always end up wearing it the wrong way. If you too have always wondered how to wear a Bengali saree and always wanted to wear it, here’s the easiest way you could do that. You would require the following things to learn this simple trick: a saree, safety pins, blouse, and a petticoat that you would wear below the saree.

First, wear the petticoat and the saree blouse. Both the petticoat and the blouse should match the fabric and the color/designs of the saree to make it look beautiful in the end. Now, from end, tuck a small part near the bellybutton in the petticoat. One end would be tucked near the bellybutton, and the other would reach the floor.

Bengali saree

Now wrap the saree around the waist at least 2 times. Make sure to tuck neatly, so that the saree doesn’t look stretched. Now tuck the saree across left side, to the right. And then across right side, tuck it to the left side. These tucks can roughly measure around 12 inches. Now make Pallu plates. Plates are made at the shorter hem of the pallu and can roughly measure the span width. Now place the pallu on the left shoulder. Remember, the pallu should fall behind just around the lower calf half level.

Buy bengali saree online

Now take a pallu corner and tie a trinket to it. Now bring the pallu, from under the right arm and throw it backwards. You are now all done. Depending on the length of the saree and the waist of the person, this might differ. All you need to focus on, is to leave behind enough part of the saree to throw over the shoulder. To complete the Bengali saree look, drape the remaining fabric over the left shoulder. To keep it at one place, use a safety pin to attach the end of the saree to the blouse.

bengali saree draping styleAnd you are done. You look beautiful. Throw in some accessories and you are all set to flaunt your Bengali look.

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