Top 4 Trends To Pair Up Your Bell Bottoms For A Stylish Look

Trends of wearing western outfits are not only taking place in the western first world countries, but also in eastern countries like India. People tend to feel more comfortable and stylish with their western outfits. Now there are several western outfits to wear, but in this article we will discuss about the bottom wear and the latest trends of the same.

Yes, you will be happy to know that there are many different varieties of western bottom wears available in the market. All of these might not be in trends, but most of them play a great role in changing the look and personality of a person. The bell bottoms have always been in style, and they continue to dominate the fashion industry even today. Therefore, if you want to create the stylish chic in you, you can look at the different ways through which you can pair up your bell bottoms.

1.    Wearing with a flowy shirt- Whether it is spring or summer, one of the good ways of keeping yourself in trend and style is to match your bottom with a flowy shirt. It will not only make you feel comfortable, but bring style on you naturally. Moreover, if you can tie a belt in the middle part of your shirt, near the waist, things can look more stylish.

2.    Try an oversized sweater- Have you ever tried wearing your bottoms with an oversized sweater? If not, this is the right time to give a try. Bright colored sweater can make an excellent match with your hip styled bell bottoms. You will feel the difference in style with this extravagant combination.

3.    Rounded sunglasses- Many people fail to realize that accessories also play a big role in making one look stylish and awesome. Therefore, when you wear your bottoms, you should make up a point to match it up with the right accessory. Using a rounded style sunglass can take you to different height altogether. You will look chic and elegant more than anyone else. You never know, with this style, you can even create a style statement of your own.

4.    Try with chunky boots- If you want to look like a hipster, pair your bottoms with chunky boots. These look awesome, and it will create an amazing impression on your style and personality. It will create a chic element in you, something that you have been wanting for a long time. As a result, it can turn out to be highly satisfactory.

In fact, there are innumerable ways through which you can match up your bottom wear to reflect an exceptional style statement. Moreover, apart from the bell bottoms, you can also try out the other options in bottom wear like shorts to get the look that you have always wanted. So the next time you want to wear something where you want to look stylish and feel comfortable, simply choose your bottom wear carefully and accessorize it in the right way.

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A look at various kinds of Blouse Sleeves famous with Saree Lovers

The fashionable saree blouses are one of the best ways to make the entire look more elegant and mesmerizing. In fact, designer blouses are the latest trends and they are undoubtedly the best compliment to a modern saree. The charm and appeal of these blouses is often perfect for creating the perfect edge in the look and personality of the woman. Gone are the days when ladies were accustomed only to few styles and designs of blouses. However, things have drastically undergone a change in today’s date. Most women have access to innumerable designs, styles and cuts in blouses that go with the saree and reflect the overall beauty of the woman.

Going As Per The Latest Trends:
Designer blouses have acquired an equal status like any other outfit. Moreover, you can also expect to find several types of works in them like the sequins, sparkles, and even the mirror works. These are also available in an array of colors. Often, the color of the blouse is in contrast with the color of the saree. Many of them come with different necklines, and these are customized, as per the requirements of the customers.

Varying Types Of Sleeves:
The most appealing thing about today’s blouses is the varying types and lengths of sleeves available. Women of all ages go gaga over these lengths and types of sleeves. Here is a list of few of them-

•    Full sleeve- It refers to the full arm length where the arm is fully covered and the sleeves are often laced or embroidered.

•    Half sleeves- It refers to usually ¼ of the arm, and it is well fitted at the end.

•    Sleeveless- The sleeves are cut and it does not contain any sleeve.

•    Elbow- The sleeves are covered till the elbow. Though it is an old style, yet it is highly in demand even today.

•    Noodle strap- The blouse comprises of very thin straps, and these straps are attached to the tube.
•    Cap sleeve- The sleeves are very short and they barely cover the top of the shoulder.
•    Gibson sleeves- The sleeve comes full from shoulder up to the wrist, and a puff is added to the shoulder for an extra element of fullness.
•    Dolman- The sleeve is full at the top and tapers in such a way so that it fits the forearm.
•    Bell style- It can be either long or short sleeves and comes in the shape of a bell.
•    Puffed- A puff is seen at the shoulder of such sleeves.
•    Butterfly- It is close to bell sleeves, but the ends of the sleeves are connected behind the back.

•    Pointed- The sleeves are long and well fitted and they end in a point towards the back of the hand.

Thus, there are innumerable patterns, designs, styles, sleeves for the modern blouses. You are free to choose from any of these options by means of which the overall look of the saree can also be enhanced.

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A look at Top Six Beachwear Trends 2016

Are you heading for a beach vacation? Wondering how to look trendy and gorgeous in the scorching heat at the beach? Well, beachwear is not only about exposing some skin wearing a one-piece or two-piece bikini. Beachwear has come a long way when it comes to fashion and trendy looks. We offer you some tips to looks smart and suave with or without exposing much.

Scroll down to find out how -

1    Welcome bright colors:
It’s time to give those typical black and blue colored beachwear a ditch! Well, these days bright colors look dazzling while you’re enjoying some sun bathing. Try your hands on colors such as orange, aquatic blue, pink, peach, indigo and similar tones that will perfectly bring out the feminine beauty in you. A yellow maxi dress that flows dramatically with the sea breeze or a peach colored knee-length beach dress would look chic.

2    Ghagra Skirts:
Want to go all desi with a stylish contemporary twist? Then, grab a ghagra skirt and pair it up with a comfortable tee and a lovely cap to save you from those sweltering sunrays. A matching jacket thrown on a crop top would also look smart and modern. A ghagra skirt with a knee length slit would shyly show your toned legs. Make sure the skirt is light in weight so that it keeps you comfortable at the beach.

3    Dhoti pants:
If you do not want to tan your legs at the beach, then dhoti pants would be the right choice for you. A trend among the fashionistas, dhoti pants would look good with crop tops and flip flops. Designed to suit all body types, you’re sure to enjoy a game of beach volleyball with your folks. Get hold of the latest printed or embroidered dhoti pants and pair it up with a matching tee to add flamboyance at your next beach outing.

4    Drapes:
One of the loved attire by most Indian women, drapes brings out a sensuous appeal to the wearer. Be it a one-shouldered or a slit drape dress; be ready to get those envious looks by the onlookers. It is advised to wear a bright colored drape dress that would suit your body type. Pair it up with matching sandals and jewelry, and lead your way to a fun session at the beach.

5    Say ‘yes’ to black
If you can’t get enough of your fetish for black color, then black beachwear – a never dying fashion would be the right choice. What more? Black makes you look slim, so bare it all in black beach attire and grab the much-needed attention of your adorable hubby. A contrasting colored Kaftan would add a smart twist to the attire.

6    Printed beachwear
Beachwear with abstract bold prints or galaxy prints is catching up the fashion trend these days. Be it a beach skirt, or a crop top printed patterns offer a bold and beautiful charm to the wearer.

From an overall printed attire to just strategically printed motifs, prints are here to stay!

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Top 7 Essential Blouse Trends That Every Woman Must Have In Wardrobe

Just like staple clothing’s that one must have in their wardrobe, you also need to have certain staple blouses. These blouses are known to sort your life and can be teamed up with anything and everything. These few basic blouses will ensure that you can wear them with any saree. These few must have staples will give you a plethora of options to wear them with.

So, here are the must have staple blouses :-

1    Gold Zari Blouse:
This is a must have essential blouse that one must have in their wardrobe. The zari blouse will ensure that it goes with almost all possible colors of saree. Ensure that you have two golden blouses, one in matt gold and the other in bright gold. Ensure that both the blouses are bright and well fitted. You will be surprised with the plethora of options that you can adorn them with.

2    Silver and Bronze:
If you have loads of heirloom or traditional silk sarees and have silver, gold and bronze work on them then you need well fit silver and bronze blouse in solid color that can be teamed up with all your silk sarees. An interesting silver blouse can be one that is made with silver sequins. Remember the fashion mantra that you can never ever mix your metal colors. So, it is essential that you have the solid silver and bronze in place in your closet.

3    Basic Black:
Most of the ladies have no idea that a basic black blouse can be worn with how many sarees. You can either possess a halter neck black blouse or a short sleeve black blouse. The black as a color can go with various colors both by complimenting or contrasting with the saree.

4    Zardozi Blouse:
Another must have blouse for your basic, solid and plain sarees is a zardozi blouse. Buy one that is made in a colorful combination that can go with various kinds of sarees of various colors.

5    Three Quarter Blouse:
Every woman must have three quarter blouse in their collection as it smartly compliments every saree.  A three quarter blouse looks extremely sophisticated.

6    Full Sleeve Blouse:
This one is a must for all those fashionistas who do not have toned up arms and are looking for ways to camouflage the same. In such cases, they can wear full sleeve blouses that will make their arms look slimmer than others.

7    Colorful Phulkari Blouses:
The colorful phulkari blouses are extremely versatile as they can be teamed up with anything and everything. These blouses are known for the colorful look and look best with a solid white saree.

These were a few of the must have staple blouses. Apart from this, you can also team them up with your crop tops, shirts, t shirts and so on. Think out of the box and you will realize that you do not need matching blouses with every saree a few basics will do the trick.

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The Top 5 Versatile Trends Of The Kaftans

When a woman mixes elegance and comfort in her dress, it brings out the perfect outfit and the perfect look. Whether you want to sit on a lounge with your couch or want to go out for shopping, Kaftan is the ideal garment that can make you feel light, comfortable, unencumbered and of course beautiful. Some people have wrong impressions of this outfit. Many think that these are either ethnic or old fashioned. Well, none of this is true. On the contrary, this outfit is flattering to all types of figures, and there is versatility in the dress that is rarely found in other outfits.

Here are some of the versatile trends of this outfit that can make anyone look cool and appealing.

1    Glamorous & Comfortable -
The kaftans can come in several hues, prints, textures, and fabrics. Some of the latest fabrics include silk, lycra, chiffon, crepe and satin. Any woman can look elegant on these fabrics. This is also the best substitute for a cool summer dress. The flowing silhouette gives a dreamy touch to the entire outfit along with giving the most comfortable feeling to the wearer. Thus, the latest trend is to go for both comfortable and glamorous ones.

kaftan online india

2    Long And Short -
Both the long and short lengths of the kaftans are ideally trendy, and they can compliment different occasions. The long ones are perfect for going on a walk with friends on a holiday. On the other hand, a short one is ideal for beaches. Tunic kaftans are also available and these can be teamed up with a pair of jeans or tights for formal or casual meeting. The best part of this attire is that it can suit any size and shape of a body. People with those extra pounds can also feel comfortable in these outfits.

kaftan online

3    Teaming With Churidaars -
There is no denying that kaftans give you the flexibility to mix and match with wide varieties of bottoms. For instance, it can be perfect when it is teamed with a Churidaar Kameez. You can even pair it up with a matching legging and check the length. The spotlights will be certainly on you. In some cases, you might just have to make few adjustments.

buy kaftan kurti

4    The Right Fabric For A Classy Look -
As mentioned, these outfits can impart different looks with their varying styles and designs. Moreover, selecting the right fabric can also create a versatile effect. Satins or Lycra is the ideal fabrics for a high end sophisticated and classy look. Moreover, if you blend it with some chunky accessories, you can just rock the world.

buy kaftan

5    Few Important Tips -
Here are some few important tips that you should try to keep in mind with kaftans.
•    You should try to keep the accessories minimal because these outfits already add a lot of versatility to your body.
•    Avoid wearing them during heavy rains because you might mess up.
•    Kaftans as tops or kurtas look great on any Indian woman.

kaftan kurti

Follow these trends to look the best.

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Top 6 Do’s & Dont’s Of Buying Leggings

Leggings are becoming trending outfits these days in India. A perfect bottom wear to suit both traditional as well as western attires, leggings are leg-hugging pants that are comfortable and light in weight. Available in a variety of colour and patterns, if you want to go for Leggings Online Shopping, then you must be aware of a few do’s and dont’s. Here we take a look at top Top 6 Do’s & Dont’s of buying leggings.

leggings online shopping

We have listed a few -

1.    Check the sizing chart - Most Leggings India online e-commerce sites mention that leggings suit all sizes. However, that is a myth, and it is important to check the size chart before you buy a pair of leggings. Most sites mention the size chart, which is either on the basis of the size of the waist, or according to the nomenclature of small, medium, large, etc.

2.    Get a trial if you’re buying a legging for the first time - Well, if it is the first time that you are purchasing a legging, then it is best advised to visit a store, and try a pair of leggings before laying your hands on your favourite pattern available online. In addition, always check if you feel comfortable in the fabric, and if the pattern or shape of the legging suits your body type.

leggings india

3.    Important to make a note of the legging material - Leggings are available in a variety of fabrics. Hence, it is important to buy leggings online on the basis of the occasion, and kurti/indo-western top that you would pairing it up with. Leggings are mostly made of lycra, spandex blend, silk or cotton.

4.    Do not get confused with tights or leggings - These two types of attires might look the same, however, there is a striking difference between the two. Tights are made using thinner material, and stretch when worn, making the appearance translucent, which might be considered as an exposing material by many. However, leggings have a solid appearance, and hence can be worn with a short or knee length top.

leggings online india

5.    Do not compromise on comfort - Leggings are available in many price ranges that can start at cheap rates. The price range might tempt you to buy a bad quality legging, however, we would advise not to do so. Right from the fabric to the pattern and elastic waist band, it is important to keep comfort as a priority before shopping for the leggings online.

6.    Leggings can be best used for exercising - If you’re an exercising freak, then you can get your wardrobe stuffed with different coloured leggings. The material sits fit to your legs, is comfortable and light in weight. In addition, it keeps sweat away, thus avoiding any sort of irritation even if you’ve indulged in heavy session of exercising.
india leggings

Leggings are becoming a trend in India among females of all age groups. Leggings online shopping is the latest trend. All the above essential tips will help you to buy the best pair of leggings.

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TOP 6 Easy Tips To Shop For The Right Abaya

Say no to simple abaya collection, when especially there are a lot of trending designs that get updating frequently online. Islamic attires are slowly catching up with the latest fashion trends that are bringing in the right blend of authentic traditional patterns with a lovely contemporary twist. The Abaya market is exploding with attractive designs and patterns, surprisingly available at affordable prices.

abaya online

Wondering how to purchase the right Abaya to suit your body type? We give some quick and simple tips:

1  Understand your body type: When it comes to buying the right abaya that would enhance your appearance, the first and foremost tip is to stay away from designs that cause craving to buy just on the basis of the design. Make sure you first understand the design of the Abaya and the fabric to ensure that it suits your body type and will keep you comfortable all day long.

2  Buy the right size: If you buy Abaya online, ensure that you study the size chart mentioned with the design before placing the final order. Cross check the size with other sites that are selling the similar Abaya pattern. Most times, there would be a difference in the size of the abaya on two different sites. Ensure you check the manufacturer’s site for a reliable info on the sizes of abaya. Ensure that you know the abbreviations when it comes to sizes such as UK, US, India etc.

online abaya collection

3  Look for customized abaya sizes:  Most manufacturers also offer abaya sizes that can be customized as per the client’s needs. If you’re planning to buy Abaya online, then look for such tabs that mention customization of size and length. This might help you choose the right abaya that would fit your body perfectly well. Another point to note is specifically looking for the garment length and bust size, as they matter the most.

4  Check for the fabric and the design: When shopping for abaya online, using pictures of the design as reference is advised, but completely relying on them is not the right option. Most online e-commerce websites provide product information that mentions in details the type of fabric, and the design or embellishments done on it. It is best advised to choose the abaya that you would feel comfortable and fresh in.

abaya buying

5  Choose the fabric that suits the climate: Depending on geographical locations, abaya’s are made in different fabrics that would suit the residents of the particular location. For eg – A site that offers shopping for abayas online in UK, they might prefer displaying fabrics that would keep the wearer warm, while in India most online shops offer abayas that have light fabric. Hence, always consider the geographical location, as well as the fabric of the abaya before giving it a final approval.

6  Buy from reputed manufacturers/dealers: When it comes to shopping for abaya online, it is best advised to search for the manufacturer’s site or for e-commerce site that have a reputed name.

buy abaya online

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Know More about Leggings as a Trending Outfit

Most ladies get confused when it comes to differentiating between a pair of pants or leggings. How to pair them up for a complete look, or will either or both would suit their body types are the primary doubts that come up in a woman’s mind. However, there is a pretty vivid difference between these two attires. We give you some tips on how to differentiate a pair of pants and leggings.

leggings india
Leggings were worn by both men and women in the past. Right from military men, to civilians, leggings were a part of the outfit when it used to get chilling outside. The bottom wear became a sports wear trend in the 1960s, which were paired up mostly with long length t-shirts or sweatshirts. Girls preferred wearing knee-length leggings with skirts or small-length dresses. The trend still continues with a few alterations to suit the consumer’s needs.

india leggings

Talking about pants, the 20th century witnessed pants becoming a fashion trend among men, which slowly dripped in to the women community also. The style and pattern of pants have been evolving with time, but still hold utmost importance in both men and women’s wardrobe – be it casual or professional.

leggings india online

These days leggings India are made of Lycra, which are mostly worn in the gym or on traditional Kurtis. Leggings are designed as pants, however, it is important to note that leggings need to be covered by long shirts as they are tighter and body hugging than pant that often look body shape exposing. This might seem unattractive, especially if you have a heavier bump and thighs. If women with such body shapes wear short tops on tight fitting leggings, then it might look ugly. While on the other hand if you have a weak figure that looks bony and slim, then leggings might look too skeletal and unsightly.

online leggings

Whether a pair of leggings suits you or not is a subjective concept. However, choosing tops that suit the leggings perfectly well need to be finalized after deciding when and where to wear the leggings. For instance, if you want to wear the leggings as pants, then you need to pair them up long t-shirt or indo-western tunics. If you want to wear leggings on a traditional occasion, then you can team them up with Kurtis of any length size.

online leggings india

Also, the fabric of leggings you want to buy depends on the weather conditions. For instance, you would prefer thick woolen leggings when it is cold outside, and thin and light weight cotton or Lycra leggings when it is a hot and humid day.

online leggings in india

Another important accessory that would enhance your outfit is the footwear. Most times the type of footwear depends on the top you wear with the leggings. If you’re planning a casual yet feminine top then you can accessorize the look with high heeled or delicate looking flats. If you wish to pair it up with sporty tops like jerseys, jackets then sneakers would complete the look perfectly well.


When it comes to buying these stylish attire online legging shopping is very popular.

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Top 3 Cool Tips to choose Trendy Kaftan

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about kaftaan is a loose flowing garment that has a sash to tie around your stomach to give it a more defined and elegant look. This garment has been traced to the royals who loved to roam around in these silk and velvet robes called kaftaan. Some say, it first originated in Africa, others claim its from Russia and so on. No matter, what the claim might be the reality is that kaftaan has taken the world of fashion by storm and redefined the rule of dressing. In today’s world, when there is a lot of pressure to wear fitted and body hugging clothes that are so tight that one can hardly breathe, kaftans are a breath of fresh air. They are loose fabrics that are flowing and soft and easy to wear around.

kaftan online india

Here are some Interesting ways to wear kaftaan :-

1        Choose the right Fabric:  

Now, we all know that the kaftan have royal roots, so it is but obvious that most of the times this garment is preferred in fabrics like velvet, silk and so on. Most of the kaftaans are known to be of bright colors and the neckline has African designs or adornments to make the same look different. If you think that such costly fabrics are not your cup of tea, then take a look at the affordable range of Kaftaans that are available on the online market place. These kaftaans are not only good looking but also classy and fashionable. That is not all, these Kaftaans are also available in cheaper fabrics like cotton and faux chiffon and so on making them even more affordable.

online kaftan india

2        Kaftaan Dresses:

This is a modern twist that is ruling the fashion circuit at the moment. These Kaftan dresses can be worn to relax in a beach or also to look the star in a party. No matter what the occasion might be these kaftaan dresses seem to be an extremely comfortable and easy to wear dress. The best part being that they are so many avatars of these dresses available online. You get dresses that are knee length and also that are ankle length. You get dresses with stones and jewels stuck to the neckline to jazz up the garment and make it stand out from others. You get dresses that have side slits that can be worn to a breezy day out on the beach and so on.

buy kaftan kurti

3        Kaftaan Kurtis:

These are an absolute favorite with those fashionistas who are known to love Indo western or modern Indian clothes.These kaftaans are available online both in soft hues as well as bold and bright colors That’s not all after the latest craze of neon colors, you will also find a few with neon designs to add a modern look. These can be easily teamed up with cigarette pants or palazzos whatever catches your fancy and within a few minutes you are transformed into a fashionable diva ready to rule the fashion world.

kaftan kurti

So next time you want to wear something comfortable, simply opt for kaftaans, you can easily get the trendiest one online just search Kaftan Online India, and   you will come across the best online store selling stylish and affordable Kaftan.

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Chanderi Sarees-The Outfit That Will Surely Steal Your Heart

Every woman would perhaps accept the fact that a saree is one such attire that would never go out of fashion. The single piece of cloth looks awesome on any woman, and is highly preferred by women of all ages. It goes without saying that there is a special touch of sophistication in this outfit, due to which everyone goes gaga over this Asian attire. The best thing about this attire is that today there are innumerable varieties of sarees ranging from variations in fabrics, designs, styles and textures. In this context, the name of Chanderi deserves mention.

bridal sarees

About The Sarees:
The Chanderi Sarees are very popular now, and they are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It got its name from a small village in Madhya Pradesh named Chanderi. The region has been famous for its handlooms since ancient times. The fabric comprises either of silk or fine cotton. The designs of the sarees mainly reflect the patterns found in the temples of Madhya Chanderi. The fabric is indeed one of the most preferred fabrics not only during the summers, but also during the winters. The material also creates a special appeal due to which every woman loves to wear it in different occasions.

sarees bridal

Maintaining A Harmony:
The most important thing that you would like in these sarees is that it maintains a form of harmony between the body and the border of the saree. It has the ability to add a touch of grace and elegance to the overall saree. You can expect to find several patterns on these sarees. However, the most common pattern is the presence of off-white colour on the body of the saree and the combination of various colours on the border. It adds to the uniqueness of the look and feel of the attire, as a whole.

bridal wedding saree

Enrichment Of The Design:
The saree can be enriched in various designs. Chanderi comprises of zari patti and the design of the overall outfit is beautifully enriched by the use of motifs and butis in the entire body of the saree. In fact, you can expect to find various designs and patterns on these outfits that make it highly appealing and enriching. The shine in the cloth makes it the most preferred fabric for various designer sarees. The embroidery works that can be done in this fine silk steals the hearts of many women in the modern days.

chanderi sarees

Elegance And Delicate:
When it comes to Chanderi sarees, you will find a special shimmer even in the cotton variety. The delicate and elegant golden threads are often used in the borders of the sarees for creating beautiful motifs. The kind of thread used in weaving is certainly the most prominent aspect of the entire saree. These are embellished with pearl, threads, resham, patch, stones, kundan, crystals, beads, sequins, embroidery, gotta, and semi precious stone works. Hence, these fabrics are very popular for formal as well as party wear. They are even used in festivals and weddings. Designers of the modern era are working on this fabric to a great extent.

chanderi sari

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