For Him: Top 10 Reasons To Wear Sherwani On Your Wedding

Gone are the days when only the brides took so much of time to select their bridal gowns, makeup artists and jewelries for their wedding days; now, even men spend a lot of time in spas, facials and for the selection of their wedding day clothes.

If you are looking for the best outfit for your wedding day, let me give you a suggestion – have you thought of wearing a nice traditional Sherwani?

Here are the top ten reasons for you to wear this beautiful outfit, as you walk on the stage with your bride:

1) Sherwanis are traditional outfits:  Most of the men prefer going traditional on the day of their weddings. If you are one of such men, who like traditional outfits, then it is time for you to welcome a nice bright colored Wedding Sherwani in your life.

2) Hundreds of varieties in Sherwanis: You can always choose the most elegant outfit for your wedding day. Don’t be worried about the color – there are so many Sherwanis on different e-stores that you do end up getting the best one for yourself!

3) Every partner wants to match his outfit with his partner’s; if you want to blend your appearance with the appearance of your bride, wear nothing else, but a nice Dhoti Sherwani on your wedding. You can always match colors with your bride!

4) Sherwanis are far more expensive than some of the blazers or coats in the market. If you want to impress the guests, don’t forget to get a nice Sherwani for your wedding day. You can always flaunt your richness and class with the help of your wedding day outfit.

5) There is nothing known as an ugly Sherwani; all the traditional outfits make the men look good on the stage. No matter what kind of a traditional outfit you choose for yourself, you are bound to flaunt your appearance on the stage!

6) If you are fond of brands or designer outfits, you can always get a nice designer Sherwani for your wedding day.

7) There are a lot of e-stores that provide you with matching traditional shoes with the Sherwani that you purchase. Such shoes are not only good in appearance, but also stay with you for a long period of time, since they are made from high quality materials.

8) There is a different shine observed on the face of the groom, when he is in Sherwani. Indian weddings are bound to be fat; an expensive Sherwani always lets you flaunt the money you have in your bank accounts!

9) Sherwanis are far more comfortable than blazers and jackets. If you want to stand on the stage for a long period of time, it is better for you to wear a traditional outfit, which doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all.

10) You get loose bottoms to wear under some Sherwanis; while taking the Seven Pheras with your bride, only such outfits help you feel comfortable.

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The Handbag Craze: Six Must Have Ladies Handbag Colors For You!

Are you fond of handbags?

Even if you are not – it is time for you to fall in love with them! A ladies handbag may seem like a very common thing, but it depicts what kind of a woman you are. For an instance; women, who prefer larger and broader handbags, are said to be quite beauty conscious and particular about using their own stuffs; since they carry a lot of things in their bags, size matters for them. On the other hand, those women, who carry clutches or small bags, are simple and elegant, who don’t like carrying a lot of things while traveling.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a handbag you use, all that matters is that you use it in the correct way and trend it up with the new styles in the market. Here is a list of the top six must have handbag colors for you:

1) Brown (stolen from the wicked woods): Have you ever been into the woods? Have you ever seen those lovely trunks that stand tall to make people aware about the beauty of the lush green leaves? If you are a fan of nature, brown is the color you must select for your handbags. The best part is that this color is not only casual, but also formal as well.

2) Pink (childhood memories): We all know that this color represents girlhood! When the women are girls, they are extremely fond of this beautiful and elegant shade. If you have always been in love with this color, buy a pink colored bag and style it up with your casual tees and jeans.

3) Red (the shade that runs through your veins): There can be no other color better than red. Whether you want to catch the eyes of the crowd or look different at some party, this is the color that can suffice your craving for fashion. The next time you go to the market, don’t forget to buy a nice red colored bag that you can carry in any party.

4) Black (seduction unlimited): Even though a lot of people believe that this color is unlucky and not very good, there are others that can’t survive without wearing darkness. If you are a woman of substance and have the guts to wear black, this is the color that you need to look for in the handbag you wish to carry.

5) Bottle green (extracted from the bed of mysterious ocean): If you have a few minutes, go ahead and search for coral wallpapers; the underwater life is just so beautiful. When you look at bottle green colored handbags, you remember all those stones, aquatic plants and sea creatures found in the ocean.

6) Yellow (an unforgettable appearance): Yellow is the color for all those ladies, who wish to bring some sunshine into their lives. It is said that this is the shade that captures the attention of the human brain first. If you want to look pretty, let this color be your best friend!

To buy Handbags visit online stores. Nowadays there are stores that sell traditional Indian attire like Bridal Saree, gowns along with accessories. Here, you will come across a variety of handbags, clutches, slings and potli that match with your attire.

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A look at Top Six Benefits of Artificial Tattoos that make them famous with Men & Women

Tattoos are quite in demand these days; it doesn’t matter if you have more of male or female friends, I am sure half of them have tattoos either on their wrists, at the back of their palms or on the sides of their wrists. If you are a fan of tattoos, but you still don’t have one, you may have your own set of reasons.

temporary tattoo

Do you think getting a tattoo is expensive? Do you feel like you would waste a lot of money on getting a tattoo? Do you fear the ‘pain’ that individuals go through, while getting inked?

If your answers for the above questions are yes, then there is only one thing that you can do – get a nice artificial tattoo from a reputed e-store. Following are the top six benefits for you to get a nice artificial tattoo for yourself:

1) Artificial tattoos do not cause any sort of pain to you: Painted bodies look gorgeous, but you don’t have to get yourself permanently inked to get your body painted. With the help of a nice artificial tattoo, you can keep away from the pain that is caused to you, while getting inked.

online temporary tattoo

2) You can get the tattoo done all by yourself; you don’t need anybody’s help: If you want to save money, which you otherwise have to give to the tattoo artist, you have surely got to get some artificial tattoos for yourself. You don’t need anyone’s help to put artificial tattoos on your body, unless you are unable to reach the part of the body where you want the paints.

3) You don’t have a permanent ink on your body: Sometimes, once a part of the body is inked, the one carrying the tattoo doesn’t like it. If you don’t want to take chances and don’t like permanent ink, yet want to try the feeling of having a tattoo on your body, artificial tattoos are your only options.

temporary tattoo online

4) Artificial tattoos are quite affordable: While you need to pay a lot of money on getting permanently inked, it is easy for you to afford artificial tattoos. Some of such tattoos are so cheap that you end up buying different designs and add them to your tattoo collection.

5) There are hundreds of designs in which such tattoos are available on different e-stores: From twinkling stars to beautiful one liners, there are hundreds of varieties from which you can buy the artificial tattoo for yourself. Once you find out the most perfect design or one liner, go ahead and purchase it to use it on your body.

online tattoo

6) Artificial tattoos can be removed easily: The good news is that all the artificial tattoos can be removed easily. If you don’t like a particular tattoo and want to erase it, there is some sort of a liquid that can be used to clean the portion off. Sometimes, some of the artificial tattoos get erased by soapy water as well, depending on their qualities.

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Top 5 Printed Kaftans You MUST Own!

Planning to buy a nice Kaftan for your body? Want to know about the different kinds of Kaftans available in the market? Interested in buying some of the trendiest Kaftans Online India for yourself?

Then you need to know a lot of things – first of all, not every woman can handle a Kaftan. Some of the Kaftans have extremely low cut necks, which only a few women can handle while walking. On the other hand, there are some Kaftans that are extremely packed, which a lot of women feel claustrophobic in. Therefore, depending upon the kind of Kaftan you prefer for yourself, you need to select from the e-store.

kaftan online india

Here are the top five printed Kaftans every woman must own:

1) The pretty floral print: Which woman doesn’t like flowers? There are times when you get flowers from your partner and you feel extremely happy about the pieces from the nature. If you have always adored flowers, you are surely going to adore some of the trendiest floral print patterns in Kaftans. These patterns are generally colorful and make you look like Flora, The Flower Goddess Nymph! As the flowers cover each and every part of your body, you get a different confidence in you, since such a print suits all body types in women.

buy kaftan online

2) The sensual tigress:  I am sure a lot of women know how men react to the tiger or tigress print materials; the male gender goes GAGA over such patterns! If you want to make your partner fall in love with you over and over again, this is one of the patterns that you wardrobe must have for you. The best thing is that there are a lot of shades in which such patterns are available. Also, there are other such animals prints that you get in Kaftans.

kaftan online

3) The world of Lucid Dreams: Have you ever been through an out of body experience? Have you ever had a lucid dream? Have you ever experienced intoxication to such a level that all the colors mix and invite you to join in their journey to the universe? If yes, then you surely know what lucid dreaming looks like. If you are totally in love with colors, you would surely fall in love with the Lucid Dream patterns in Kaftans. Go grab some of the finest collections for yourself!

kaftan kurti online

4) Go abstract: Being a painter is a blessing, isn’t it? You can play with colors as much as you want to. If you have a little bit of knowledge about different types of paintings, you surely know what abstract painting looks like. There are many designer Kaftans in abstract painting patterns designed for all those women, who are totally in love with colors.

printed kaftan online

5) The marvelous graphic painting: From different Gods to different deities, you see a lot of different patterns, when it comes to graphic painted Kaftans. All you need to do is select the best ones for yourself.

Buy printed kaftan online

However, make sure that no disrespect is caused to any of the Gods in the Kaftans that you buy.

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Top 9 Reasons to Wear An Elegant Gown On Your Date This Weekend!

When you are dating someone, you know the most beautiful feeling is to get dressed up in a wonderful manner for him. There are these colorful butterflies that you have in your tummy, when you are meeting him and you know that you want to look flawless.

indian wedding gown online

Want to know what kind of a dress makes you look ‘perfect’ for a wonderful dinner for two? A nice and sleek evening gown! Nothing can be better than a seductive, yet elegant, designer evening gown for you, when you are meeting the man you love the most in your life. Wondering why? Read below to know the reasons!

1. Every man has a ‘thing’ for women in evening gowns; it has been noticed that when women are dressed in one-pieces, despite the length of the gown, men turn their heads to see them.

2. If you don’t want him to see the other girls in the restaurant, it is better for you to dress up like a doll and let him know that you are the best woman he can ever find! One look on your beauty in a delicately designed evening gown and he would never let you go!

wedding gown online

3. Most of the gowns are covered. If you are a woman with strict principles, it is better to wear something that covers every inch of your skin. Well, you wouldn’t mind showing off a bit of your arms to entice him, right?

4. Evening gowns are available in colors that look mesmerizing at nights. If you are going out on a dinner date, it is good to wear colors like brown, red, teal, purple, burgundy, lavender, etc. These shades are bound to make you look pretty and attractive to your partner. He wouldn’t regret spending a few extra bucks on a dinner date in a five-star!

5. All the evening gowns are meant to make you feel comfortable and that’s the best thing about them. Even if the manager of the restaurant forces the two of you to dance on the floor, you wouldn’t be embarrassed to shake a leg in a body-hugging gown.

online wedding gown

6. It has been observed that all the women look slimmer than they actually are, when they wear evening gowns. If you have recently put on a bit and you don’t want your partner to see those fats, don’t be worried – you can always buy a nice gown for yourself to hide that bulging tummy!

7. Some of the designers make replicas of the evening gowns that famous celebrities wear. If your partner likes someone from the Bollywood or Hollywood industry, you can buy a gown that reminds him of his favorite star.

wedding gown

8. No matter what your budget is, there is always that special gown waiting for you in some or the other e-store. All you need to do is spend some time in finding the right dress for yourself.

9. The good news about evening gowns is that they are always stitched out of high quality materials to help every woman look beautiful!

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Top Five Trendy Ways To Wear A Kaftan

Kaftans are quite popular in the market. In fact, a lot of famous celebrities are also seen wearing such beautiful and special garments. There is no woman, who doesn’t have at least have one Kaftan in her wardrobe, since it is extremely comfortable and fits beautifully on the body, without clenching the skin too much in its clutches.

kaftan online indiaBut wait a minute… there is not just one way in which a Kaftan can be worn; it can be worn in the following five trendy ways:

1) On jeans: If you like wearing jeans all the time, the best thing about a Kaftan is that you can wear it on jeans anytime you wish to. Whether you have a blue colored jeans or a purple colored one, a nice and trendy Kaftan can go on anything and everything. You just need to be sure that the cloth is smooth enough to look gorgeous on jeans.

online kaftan2) On leggings: Leggings are amazing and the most comfortable bottoms you would ever wear! If you have a basic colored legging in your wardrobe, you can blend it with any Kaftan that you wish to. A deep blue colored Kaftan on black colored legging would make everybody fall in love with your trendy style. You can also combine two different shades belonging to the same color; for an instance, a light colored pink legging and a dark colored pink Kaftan would look amazing, if you want to look beautiful.

buy online kaftan3) With no bottoms (like a one-piece): There are so many women, who wear Kaftans and flaunt their gorgeousness on the streets. The surprising thing is that they wear no bottoms under them! If you have the confidence to carry yourself bluntly on the road, buy longer Kaftans and wear them without any bottoms. You would surely look good with a little bit of makeup and a few accessories covering those earlobes and neck!

online kaftan india4) As a pregnancy gown: If you are turning into a mother or you have got a bun in the oven, the best thing is that you can wear a Kaftan as a pregnancy gown. Just when you get the news, start collecting some amazing and loose Kaftans for yourself and notice how comfortable you feel in them, when you have the baby-belly after a few months. Pregnant women are seen blessing the creators of Kaftans!

kaftan online5) On skirt: A lot of people would feel that a Kaftan would never go well on a skirt, but they know nothing about fashion and style. If you are a skinny lady and you want to look different at the party, buy a short skirt and a short Kaftan over it. Assemble them on your body and flaunt those sexy legs! You can always wear long shoes that stretch up to your calves and make yourself look stunning as you walk into the party hall.

kaftan online indiaKaftans can be worn in any way, depending on how you want to wear them. So, suit yourself in them! Search Kaftan online India to get the best one at an affordable price.

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Top Five Artificial Tattoos You Must Try On Your Honeymoon

Being wedded is one of the most wonderful feelings any woman goes through; if you have recently gotten married or are going to get married soon, we are sure you are super excited for the big day. And why only for the big day? Every couple waits for the honeymoon period! When the couple is on honeymoon, both, the man and the woman, are happy to be with each other, since they explore a lot of new things about each other.

This is the period when you need to present yourself in the most beautiful manner. Thus, if you have an interest in tattoos, you can always buy a few artificial tattoos and use them on your body. Here are the top five artificial tattoos you must try on your honeymoon:

1) Flower tattoos: What can be better than a beautiful flower tattoo on your palm or on your ankle? There can be absolutely nothing that can look as gorgeous as a flower tattoo. No matter what kind of a dress you wear on your honeymoon, a flower tattoo can always enhance your appearance and make you look flawless on the streets.

2) Butterfly tattoos: When you wear a butterfly tattoo, your partner gets butterflies in his tummy! The reason is simple – butterflies are strong signs of positive energies that flow through your body to his. If you want to make him fall in love with your beauty, buy a designer butterfly tattoo for yourself and put it on your wrist. You can always put this artificial tattoo on your neck, to tempt or excite him.

3) Paisley tattoos: Such tattoos are not known to a lot of women, but the ones who know of them, don’t prefer any other designs on their body. If you are a fan of artistic or beautiful designs that stick to your skin and spread gorgeousness all around you, all you need are paisley tattoos, which have wonderful patterns. Select some beautiful patterns and put them on different parts of your body. You can use such tattoos on your back, shoulder, neck and even arms, depending on what kinds of dresses you are planning to wear on your honeymoon. Don’t forget to carry such tattoos on your honeymoon, since they can bring a lot of difference to this sensual period in your life.

4) Feather tattoos: Feathers are angelic, aren’t they? If you are a fan of feathers or have a habit of collecting them every now and then, it is time for you to get some amazing feather tattoos and use them on different places of your body. Once you get such a tattoo, save it for the day you both plan to go out for candle light dinner. Wear such a tattoo on an evening gown and spread beauty.

5) Heart tattoos: There can be no other thing that can represent love, except for a red colored heart. If you get some colorful heart tattoos, use them on your neck, at the back of your palms or wrists.


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The Top 5 Tips to choose Bridal Wedding Gowns according to Silhouette

If you are a prospective bride, perhaps the greatest concern is to choose the right bridal wedding gown. With array of options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed, and in the process you might end up making a wrong selection. Moreover, several questions are associated with it as where, how and which gown to buy. Well, you can keep reading the article in order to obtain complete information about your queries. The perfect time to buy your gown is once you get engaged and are ready to tie the knots. However, you should have an idea of the type and style of gown you want so that the availability is not a big issue for you.

Top Styles To Select:
Even if, you like a particular style, you might be confused whether the style will suit your body type. However, do not worry because there is something for everyone, and you will surely find an option to suit your body type. Take a look at some of these styles for different types of body shapes.

1    A-Line wedding gown-
This style is also known as the princess style dress, and it is highly suitable for all brides. It does not have any marked waist, but it would play a great role in hiding your bulging tummy. Moreover, with a rectangular or triangular body shape, it will suit you in a great way.

2    The mermaid Wedding Gown -
If you have a curvy figure or if your body is of the shape of an hour glass, going for the mermaid style of gown is definitely the most suitable option for you. This style will play a great role in accentuating your curve and make you look flattering. When the gown flows out around the knees, it will make you look more stylish. This is a sophisticated style, and if you are confident in carrying yourself, you should go for this style.

3    Empire style dress-
These dresses comprise of a high waist line and it appears right underneath the bust. Moreover, the fabric below the waist is designed in such a way so that it flows continuously to the floor like a slim skirt. Women with small bust can go for this option.

4    The sheath style-
This style is also known as the column wedding dress which comes with a narrow shape so that it tightly hugs the body. Moreover, the design is also such so that it flows straight from top to bottom. This style is perfect for short brides because it tends to make them look taller. Apart from that, if you are not confident about your figure, you should not opt for this gown because it hugs your body and shows the curves.

5     Ball gown dress-
The Cinderella type of dress comes with a fitted bodice and full skirt. If you have a pear shaped body, it will suit you the best. This is because it emphasizes the waistline and hides the heavy lower part of the body.

Thus, you can shop easily now.

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How To Choose Handbags According To The Occasion?

If you love accessorizing yourself, you must be passionate about women handbags. You might not be aware that there are several varieties of handbags that are designed for different occasions. Many women change their handbags for different occasions because these are a great way to define their style statement. For some ladies, their style quotient is mocked simply because they have handbag mismatched with their dress. If you are confused in picking up the right handbag for the right occasion, you should read on the article. You will find some of the best tips to pick up different bags for different occasions. These will be certainly crucial in creating a style statement.

Two Categories Of Handbags:
There are two categories of handbags and these include the casual bags and the evening bags. There are again several versions under each category so that you can use different options for different purposes. The casual bags are fashionable and functional. On the other hand, the evening bags are meant for parties and other events.

Tips To Choose The Casual Bag:

Satchels- These are somewhat structured bags that offer maximum space, and they come with double handles. These are convenient to carry documents, lunch box, money and makeup items.

Bucket bags- These bags come in the shape of a bucket and they are quite spacious. They come with a single handle.

Tote bags- These are mainly popular as beach bags and they can accommodate anything like sunblocks, towels and other goodies.

Hobo bags- These are classic bags that come in a crescent shape. They are ideal for weekend gateways for casual shopping.

Backpacks- With the advent of the laptops, these bags are very popular, and they are a common choice for carrying laptops in the office. Along with holding the laptop, they can also hold many other things and they are ideally suited for professional purposes.

Wristlets- These are quite similar to clutches, and they come with a short strap, which can be easily wrapped around the wrist. These come in a plethora of beautiful designs and colors.

Sling & Clutches bags- These are the top favorites among the college goers and teenagers. These are worn across the body and enhance the style statement of the user. In addition to that, these bags also make the hands free for easy movement.

Tips To Choose The Evening Bag:

Clutch- This is a small purse that comes with a strap, and it can accommodate only some essential items ranging from cosmetics, mobile phones and other small sized items. These are ideal for parties and weddings.

Minaudiere- This is a type of ornamental clutch that comes embellished with gems and rhinestones. These are also very popular in the recent years.

Envelope bag- The bag is shaped like an envelope and does not come with any strap. It is often idea for official dinners and movies.

Therefore, with a huge array of design, styles and prints, you can easily choose your handbag suitable for the occasion. It will redefine your elegance and personality like never before.


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A look at top 8 Kinds of Fabric Used for Making Wedding Gowns

As you are tying the knots soon, you want a wedding gown that will drape beautifully and make you look extravagant. Well, one of the most important things that you should never forget that the key to selecting the right bridal gown is not only in its style and designs, but also in its fabric. In fact, the fabric plays a great role in determining how beautiful and amazing you look on your special day. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to acquire some ideas on the fabrics, and the one that will best suit your needs.

In order to determine the best fabric for your wedding gown, you will have to consider different fabrics like cut, style, texture, drape and the wedding season. Do not forget that the same style dress can look and feel different in varying fabrics. After all, each material is produced in such a way so that it produces a distinct effect. While some fabrics cling to the body, other stays away. Some are as light as air, while some are cherished for the puffiness. However, silk is undoubtedly the most preferred fabric for bridal wedding gowns because of the strength, elasticity and resiliency.

You should not be surprised to know that silk threads are again woven in different ways to create wide varieties of fabrics like satin again with different varieties. Take a look at some of the most common fabrics used in bride wedding gowns for the perfect and special look.

1 Organza- It is a stiff fabric which is mainly made of silk and rayon. It offers sheer flow to the dress adding to the beauty.

2 Taffeta- It is a crisp fabric, and it has been used since a long time in wide varieties of dresses including bridal gowns.

3 Crepe- It is a soft and light fabric comprising of crinkled surfaces for an enhanced appeal.

4 Tulle- It refers to the netting that is made from the combination of rayon and silk. This fabric is often used in veils. Moreover, when it is being used as a part of the gown, it can create a romantic and dramatic look.

5 Brocade- The fabric is woven in jacquard and comprises of raised designs. This fabric is traditionally popular for fall and winter wedding gowns, but now it is also worn during the warmer weathers.

6 Duchesse satin- It is light in weight and is often a hybrid of rayon and silk woven into a finish of satin. It looks gorgeous and elegant in any wedding dress.

7 Chiffon- This fabric is transparent, delicate and sheer. It is either made of silk or rayon and comes with a soft finish. Due to the transparency, it is often layered and used in sleeves and overskirts.

8 Dupioni- It comes with thicker and coarser fibers, but reflects a slight sheen on it. It is ideal for wedding gowns during the winters.

Now that you have some idea on the common fabrics, you can make a selection.

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