A look 5 Sarees ruling Fashion scene in 2015

Sarees have always been an extremely versatile form of garment. For ages, it has managed to grow its craze amongst women whether young or old.  Irrespective of age, women seem to dote on saris and still consider it to be one of the most sought after clothes of all time. In terms of experimenting, one can easily say that sky is the limit. A lot can be done with these 9 yards to ensure that the sari craze never goes down and keeps building up with every passing day.

Here are a few sarees design ruling the fashion circuit in 2015

1 Khadi sari:
Khadi sari was majorly launched by the famous designer Sabyasachi. He simply seems to dote on the fabric and has used it in various ways in all his collections. It is a reality, when we say that the Khadi fabric was introduced as a fashionable fabric by the designer. Slowly, with years it emerged as a fashionable sari. If you take a look at the fashion scene in 2014, you will see that the ramp was majorly ruled by Khadi Sari’s as the most preferred option for day wear.

2 Chaos :
Chaos or chaotic sarees seem to be the latest mantra amongst designers. Gone are the days. When the sarees were predefined  by a proper and distinct border , Pallu and Motifs. Today’s designers like Masaba Gupta believe in making a splash of colors on the sari and creating beauty in chaos. There is no definite pattern in these saris and it is all about a plethora of bright colors on a garment, to make it look beautiful and exciting. Many Bollywood personalities like Madhuri Dixit and Kajol seem to be doting on this trend and wearing them at various functions and parties to keep their look interesting.

3 Neon Color Sarees:
This fashion trend has stayed on since 2013. The neon color sarees that initially were a huge craze amongst the youngsters have slowly won over hearts of the older generation also. The Neon color sarees are extremely chic and fashionable to say the least. We are not saying  that you need to wear sarees completely immersed in neon colors but even light color sarees with bright neon borders will brighten up the look of the sari and make it look bright and colorful.

4 Pant Style Sari:
Earlier by pant style sari we referred to the traditional Maharashtran drape of sari called the Nawwari sari. Now, many designers have understood the importance and elegance of such looks and have come up with various pant style saris that are a huge rage amongst youngsters.

5 Gown style Sari:
Both the gown and the sari are extremely graceful and elegant form  of clothing. Imagine what would happen when both the style forms are merged to make one garment. Try the amazing gown style sari that has aesthetics of an Indian Sari but the drape and silhouette of gown. It is indeed a true blend of East meets west.

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Neon Colors takes the Indian fashion Scenario with Strom

Now days Fashion Trend is flowing in a magnificent range of attracting and dazzling neon colors. When some say “How gorgeous you look” a sense of feel good factor ripples our mind. Each one is conscious about their look and how to look special from others among the latest fashion emerging every day.  If anyone wants to steal the show and desires then the eyes should be on them exploring the real zeal of neon colors.

A look that gives a definition to fashion
When we see the Show stoppers hitting the stage wearing these eye-hitting, fresh neon colors in the fashion parade it strikes on our mind that how it will go on us.  This peppy look goes well in all form of style from kurti’s , top’s, shirt’s, kaftan’s, salwar’s and sarees. It has become the latest style mantra.  Some of the popular neon colors are pink, lime green, yellow, blue, orange, light purple, and bright poppy red.  Not only has the western attired but also in eastern dresses as in sarees these neon colors are in high demand. Ace fashion designer Masaba Gupta has created a niche for herself by using various shades of this shade in her collection.

Brightening the life of Bollywood with Neon Sarees
Most of our Bollywood stars are making a fashion statement with the attracting neon color sarees. Many celebrities can been seen in the page 3 parties, the fashion week parades, award ceremonies and even in social functions draped in a sophisticated neon saree. Bollywood actor like Priyanka Chopra walking the ramp on a lemon green neon georgette saree has the set the stage on minty refreshment. Actor Deepika Padukone has been spotted in a lime green neon saree during the promotions of the super hit movie Chennai Express.  Other Bollywood actors who have followed this trend are Kajol, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Madhuri Dhixit, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhat and Sonakshi Sinha. Many Bollywood songs have also featured actors in these hot chic neon colored sarees.

Fabric and Patterns used in Neon Sarees
The mostly used fabrics in neon colors are georgette and net but designers have introduced these into cotton and chanderi silk. These colored saree has an advantage to wear on nights creating a feel that a person can be marked out in the dark with the specific look. These neon colors work wonders whether they are spread all over the body of the saree or a patchy work on the body of the saree. Dark color saris like navy blue or black, bottle green and brown bordered in fascinating neon colors like orange or pink and lime green gives a classy and sophisticated look. A trend of bi colored pattern of sarees using neon colors with soft colors like ash, white beige and baby pink are also very attractive.  You can rock the party with these highly thrilling and luminous neon color sarees with a half net and half georgette body in glittered borders.

You can easily find the designer wears at any renowned online Indian wedding saree.

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Bandhani Sarees – Gracious Traditional attire for special occasion

Known to have its origin from Rajasthan and Gujarat, Bandhani Sarees are a perfect manifestation of bold colors and small-sized motifs done all over its fabric. Light in weight and soft to touch, these sarees are easy to wear and comfortable to be worn all day long. These sarees can be worn in a regular draping style or the Gujarati-right shoulder Pallu style.

Having a historic significance, right from the time of the Alexander era, these sarees have evolved in terms of the pattern as well as the fabric. These were extensively worn in the later period for wedding ceremonies and Poojas. They were considered pure and to bring good future for the bride. These sarees are made after dyeing the fabric in different colors, both man-made and natural. The Muslim Khatri community from Gujarat is known to have started Bandhani work on fabrics. Bandhani means ‘tying’ in English. The entire process of making a saree basically involves two stages- tying and dyeing.  The fabric used to make the saree is tied at different areas with threads. This tied fabric is then dyed with the desired colors. This dyed fabric can then be used to make sarees of various styles that include Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali and Shikari. These styles differ as per the tying pattern of the cloth.

The colors dominantly used to make sarees include yellow, red, green, orange, and maroon. The saree is designed basically with a single color base, which is further designed with motifs made in multiple colors that are contrasting to the base color. The material used to make include cotton, Gajji silk, muslin, fur etc. Such sarees in Gujarat are known as Gharchola. It is a traditional and attire for Hindu and Jains females. Such sarees are gifted during weddings or festivals. Muslim and Hindu communities wear these sarees in different styles as per their cultural set up.

The fabric is dyed and embossed with peculiar motifs, either small or big-sized, done all over the fabric. The motifs generally are in the form of flowers, creepers, bells, etc. The saree is further enhanced by a golden or silver colored zari border done all over the saree. You can match up this saree with the blouse available with the fabric or a single-toned blouse. Traditional Jewelleries such as Jhumkas or Baalis go well with the Gujarati Bandani saris.

The females from the Gujarati and Rajasthani community wear different colors of this traditional attire at different occasions. Many a times the color represents the event that it is worn on. For example: A red colored one is worn during wedding or similar social functions. A yellow color sari is worn by the female when she enters the stage of motherhood. The colors play a vital role here. These saris are light in weight and soft to touch. Many housewives wear on a daily basis sarees and conduct their household chores with extreme comfort every day. These sarees have bold appearance and look youthful. These sarees are commonly seen in cities during Navratri or marriages.

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A look at Work & Achievement of Padma Shri Fashion Designer Ritu Kumar

The first name which comes to our mind when it comes to Fashion Designing in India by a lady is Ritu Kumar. This gorgeous lady was the first woman in India to bring the concept of “boutique”. She first came up with her store with uniquely designed pieces for individuals. The ancient traditional craft and fabric of India was celebrated first by Ritu Kumar in her own way. She recreated the magic of Indian embroidery and traditional craft of India for the people. The different types and kinds of weaving of clothes practiced in remotest places of India, the lost embroidery and stitch work of different states were bought back by Ritu Kumar who made traditional clothing popular amongst the new generation. She almost pioneered the fashion industry in India and made India recognised to the International Fashion Fraternity.

online sarees
A look at Achievements
Ritu Kumar was the first designer to make the ancient once lost skills contemporary in modern Indian fashion market. Her textile crafts made received huge response from people all over. She modernised the Indian embroidery heritage and reached it to every person.

Her styling and creativity gave the Indian dresses an amazing global touch. Much senior fashion worker, Ritu Kumar had bought a revolution in the fashion industry. She devoted and deployed a number of people in to this business and created employment on mass. From remotest corners of India she searched skilled craftsmen who did wonderful textile weaving, but were in darkness forever.

The Excellent Traditional Indian Fashion
The excellent Indian Zari work was again made popular by this lady who ran multiple workshops on Mughal embroidery culture and skills. Several people were made a part of this work and sarees, salwar kameez, churidars; dupattas once again came in to trend.

The heavy embroidery stitch and zari work of gold done by the Mughal people were once again bought back. Ritu Kumar also wrote a book on this research work called “Costumes and textiles of Royal India” which had all records of the Zardosi work of the Mughal Kingdom. Lehengas, heavy embroideries sarees, anarkalis became popular with the use of Zardosi work recreated by Ritu Kumar.

indian sarees online

A Brief Look on the Bollywood Celebrities
We can mention almost all the bollywood divas in to this list. No bollywood beauty has ever refrained herself from wearing a “Ritu Kumar”. Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sri Devi, Rekha, Jaya Bachchan, Karishma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, almost every Indian heroine has sported in Ritu Kumar Saree. Apart from Bollywood, her label is cherished and appreciated in other regional film industries like Tollywood and Kollywood.

indian sarees
The highest achievement of this lady is the revolution of fashion which she bought in the country. Her work has effected and changed life of mass directly and indirectly. Whether it’s about sporting her designs to look fabulous or to work with her in this huge affair, lives of many has been touched by her. She has received the Padma Shri in the year 2013 which is the highest recognition in the nation in to this business.
sarees online

Apart from India, Ritu Kumar is honoured and rewarded in many other nations and fashion destination.

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Top Four Silk Sarees Loved By Indian Women

Gracious, classy, expensive are few of the words that beautifully define the silk saree. A saree that every Indian women love. There is huge variety of silk sarees available, each has a unique weaving and dying pattern, which gives it a unique identify. Here, we are going to reveal top four Silk sarees loved by Indian women.

1 Garad Silk:
The sarees with gracious red borders and beautiful paisley motif is the remarkable characteristic of Garad Silk Saree. It represents purity, a trait of every woman. It is undoubtedly the first choice of Bengali ladies when it comes to dressing up for religious occasions. The Murshidabad in West Bengal has created a niche for itself in the country for weaving the fine textured sarees. Mulberry and Tussar silk are the used for manufacturing the Gorod Silk. The threads are not dyed, so it has the natural color –white.

2 Kosa Silk:
It considered one of the finest silk produced in our country. Antheraea Mylitta silk warm is cultivated to make silk. Chhattisgarh is the state that is the leading prouder of Kosa Silk. The design you will come across includes nature, mythological stories and historical figures. Every Kosa silk saree has unique story to tell. The shades that you will come across include orange, golden brown, cream, golden yellow, dark honey etcetera. All the shades seem like an extension of golden brown.   A variety of attires are made from Kosa, it includes saree, Dhotis, Salwar Suits and home furnishings.

The women of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are seen adoring Kosa silk sari at occasion like festivals, religious functions and wedding. Its price has played a significant role in its popularity, compared to other silk available in the market, it is cheap and offers the same grace and durability.

3 Matka Silk:
It is manufactured using Mulberry Silk. The unique thing is that waste Mulberry is used for making it. The yarn is thick and has irregularities in texture, which renders it a distinctive look.  The largest producer of Mulberry in India is Kashmir and Karnataka. They supply it to Murshidabad, Malda, Suajapur in West Bengal and Dariapur in Gujarat. These are the places that have become the leading producer of Matka Silk. The advantage of Matka silk is its unique texture, affordable price and strength compared to other silk. Bollywood actress Vidya Balan was seen draped in gracious Matka Silk Saree at various occasions.

4 Muga Silk:
It is counted among one of the finest and rarest silk in world. What makes it even more unique is the fact that Assam is the only place where it is produced. It has got its name from Assamee where Munga means golden yellow shade. It is expensive silk, so the products manufactured from it are targeted for upper segment. Muga Silk warms are reared for making the yarn. The sheen of apparels made from Muga Silk increase with time, it is an amazing quality because other silk lose its sheen with time. Muga Silk Saree is a must for women who love silk sarees.

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4 Reasons Why Chiffon Offers the Most Ravishing Wedding Sarees

Chiffon is a light fabric which is segmented as a diaphanous blend. Chiffon carries the best aspects of silk, cotton, nylon and polyester. It is a sheer delight in terms of appearance, styles and patterns. It offers the designers enough room to juggle their ideas around the circuit of wedding saris and bring out the best items on display.

Chiffon is truly the pride of every woman who nurtures her dream to wear Chiffon to most of the formal occasions. While some get attention owing to their reputation of being a social magnet, others earn their pace owing to their supreme sense of dressing. It is this elite league of women who swear by chiffon fabric designed exclusively as wedding saris.

 We tell you 4 superlative reasons why chiffon still stands the test of time. Its contribution to make wedding sarees the most ravishing items of grandeur can’t be missed.

1. Lightweight Blend:

 Don’t go by the price. Despite its heavyweight price range, they hardly weigh more than a few ounces. The light weight bearing is so evident on the woman’s body that it is often associated with a windy weather or a rainy outing. Owing to their light weight, it is considered as one of the most flexible wedding saris that offers enough scope for new designs and styles. Designers just love to flaunt their skills in draping the wedding saris made of chiffon fabric.

2. Elegant Weaving:

The chiffon fabric is a unique blend that is woven in twists and turns to derive a wedding sari out of it. The thin threads have a diameter of few micrometres. The thin blending allows the weaver to experiment with various other additions like dyes and embroidery that seem like intricately stitched over the surface. The tight twisting ensures that the chiffon wedding saris remain intact over the skin. The elegant weaving has more to do with the comfort and compatibility with the body structure than the draping style.

3. Supreme Strength:

The filmy look notwithstanding, when it comes to strength there are not many fabrics that boast of elasticity that chiffon offers. Wedding saris need to be strong and stiff. Just like its superior looks, chiffon is a durable material that can be draped for a serious occasion like wedding. It could get pretty crowded at times and you may have to duck your way out just in case. Well, chiffon is the safest bet you can place on as far as shopping for a wedding sari is concerned.

4. Stir Romance in the Ambience:

Chiffon definitely blooms into evident romance. As wedding attire chiffon is truly a magical blend. If you don’t believe us, check out the numerous movies where chiffon equates to romance on screen. It is so easy on the eyes. You may not have to take the support of props and accessories to bring a definitive style statement with the wedding saris. A plain chiffon sari is enough to set the mood on fire.

Wedding sarees made of chiffon form the ultimate style statement that stir maniacal hysteria in the minds of people invited to the event.

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The magnificent South Indian Saree rule the Bollywood

If you have a look at the Bollywood movies in the last 2 years, you will see the major influence of South Indian Saris. Take a look at the 2 major hits that rocked both the Bollywood charts well as the fashion circuit- 2 States and Chennai Express. Both the story lines are predominantly about Southern Bellies and as a result the Southern queens seem to rule the fashion circuit big time.

Alia’s sizzling Two Sates Saree look
Let’s start with 2 States, this 2014 hit movie starring Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt was a box office hit. Alia Bhatt played the role of the South Indian girl to perfection and veteran actress Revathy was her onscreen mother. The best part being that both brought to screen a plethora of South Indian Silk and Kanjivarams. Suddenly, this traditional sari became one that the youth of India could identify with. That’s not all, throughout the movie; Revathy is seen wearing beautiful traditional Southern silks that simply light up the screen. There are certain parts in the movie where Alia dons the Southern look to absolute perfection. First, when she visits Delhi to attend Arjun Kapoors Cousins marriage she wears an extremely simple yet beautiful South Indian Ghagra Cholli and completes the look with the whole gajra affair on her hair.
bollywood sarees
Secondly, the last scene of the movie shows Arjun Kapoor marrying Alia Bhatt. In that scene she decks up as a complete Southern Bride wearing a beautiful orangish red Kanjivaram saree, mang tika, gajra on her braid and a kumarbandh. She looks so pretty and resplendent that she simply takes one’s breath away. Many youngsters seem to be heavily influenced by her traditional avatar and are opting to wear the mang tika and kamar bandh on their special day. Even the traditional kanjivaram sari with gajra look is opted by many bride mothers.

Deepika’s Sexy Chennai Express look
Next, if we take a look at Chennai Express, Deepika Padukone seems to redefine the look of a simpleton South Indian girl. Throughout the movie, she is seen to wear various versions of the famous white sari with golden border that is often seen in Kerala weddings. The best part being , that not only does she rock the look in the simple white and gold sari she also wears various colors to the traditional one that simply jazz ups the whole look and also makes her look beautiful and fresh.
silk sarees
Instead of wearing light colored crepe and georgette saris, she is seen to wear various bright and contrast color combinations like blue and orange, green and mustard and so on. A fashion rage that caught on post the movie was the look of wearing traditional keralite sari ghagra cholli and wearing cotton sari in contrast color combinations neatly draped in pleats. The look is complemented with a gajra on the bun, mang tika and kamar bandh.

Post these 2 movies, the young generations seems to have picked up an instant liking towards these silk and traditional drapes and seem to opt to wear them at any given opportunity.

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7 Styling Tips for Plus-size Grooms to Match Style quotient of Beautiful Bride

Shopping for wedding attire is a challenging task especially for the groom. Most of the men are not that updated like women when it comes to fashion. Things become more challenging if the groom is on the heavier side. It is important that he should wear such attire that makes him look dazzling without drawing attention to bulges. Here, are some 7 cool tips for plus size groom to match the glamorous and style quotient of his beautiful bride.

1 Go for dark colors:
Dark colors will make you look lean. A Sherwani in maroon, dark blue, or black will be a good choice. You can even go for combinations like maroon & gold, blue & silver, black & grey, maroon & rust. All these combination comes under the latest trend.

mens sherwani

2 Choose the work intelligently:
Grooms with bulging belly need to avoid Sherwani that has a lot of work near or on the midriff.  Embroidery and embellishments will automatically attract attention to the part that you don’t want to highlight, so strictly avoid any kind of work on bugling belly as well as other problematic areas.

3 Choosing materials:
Materials play a vital role in deciding the look. The right material would be here raw silk and thick velvets. It will fit beautifully and impart a royal look. Go for a straight fit as it will straighten up the curvy parts of the body and help you hide cover up the problematic area.

4 Dhotis:
Grooms with short height and heavy legs needs to avoid wearing pants under the heavy Sherwani, it will him look shorter. Going for a dhoti that reaches up to the ankle would be the right solution. It will make him look slim and tall.

sherwani for mens

5 Safa:
When it comes to accessories, just keep in minimum. Go for a small headgear (Safa), it will make you look elegant. Heavier headgear will make you look broad and stout. Avoid very long Stole or one with a lot of work on it. Let your bride take an upper hand here by going for all glitters. When it comes to color go for contrasting colors for Safa or stole.

6 Neck Accessories:
Pearl Mala looks great on a groom with broad shoulders and long neck. The groom with short neck should give a skip to neckpieces.  The mantra here would be to keep things simple, just remembers simplicity always wins.

neck accesories

7 Footwear:
Punjabi or Rajasthani Mojris that matches with your Sherwani will just look great. When it comes to selection of color, go for one that matches with your wedding trousseau. For example, if you adorning a maroon Sherwani then go for a Mojri in maroon. If you are buying the wedding outfit from online wedding stores then you can easily get all the matching accessories related to your wedding attire whether it is headgear, footwear or any other accessory at one place.
These seven tips will allow plus size groom to look dashing on the big day and match the style quotient of his beautiful wife.

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11 Super cool Facts about Indian Bridal Attire

Shopping for bridal attire is a thrilling experience, especially when it comes to Indian wedding. Everyone from friend to the sisters, mother to relatives, all has their valuable input to give. Here, we are going to disclose some fun facts about wedding attire.

Fact 1:
Almost 80 percent of the Indian brides like to wear traditional attire on the big day. The preferred attire is Saree or Lehenga.

Fact 2:
Most Indian would-be-brides shop for bridal Lehenga/Saree two to six months in advance. The search for the outfit for marriage, engagement and Sangeet starts as soon as the wedding date and venue is fixed.

Fact 3:
Today’s brides are tech savvy, almost 60 percent of the brides search for latest trends in bridal outfits on the net. The source of inspiration is exclusive bridal collection showcased by famous designers; bridal trousseau adorned by celebrities on their big day and trousseau adorned by leading actress of movies and daily soaps.

Fact 4:
The trend of online bridal shopping is slowly catching up with Indian brides. Although compared to the western countries, the percentage is nominal. In countries like America, almost 38 percent brides shop online at various designer outlets and exclusive online bridal store for the wedding gown.

Fact 5:
The budget allocated wedding attire even in a lavish Indian wedding is between 5 to 9 percent.

Fact 6:
When it comes to selection of color of the wedding attire, most of the brides like to go with red tone as it considered auspicious. Well, there are modern brides who love to break the conventions and go for shades like Pista green, hot pink, magenta, sky blue, etc.

Fact 7:
The cost of wedding attire depends on the quality of fabric and embellishments. Heavier the attire more is going to be the price. You can get wedding trousseau for bride starting from 7,500 rupees to lacs. The designer wedding Lehenga may cost you anywhere between 2.5 to 10 lacs. The brides who cannot afford the expensive designer wedding trousseau have the options to go for the replica of the designer Lehenga that costs anywhere between 50,000 to 80,000 INR.

Fact 8:  
Almost 80 percent of Indian brides buy at least four attires, first is Saree/Lehenga for engagement, second expensive saree for Mehendi & Sangeet; third bridal saree for wedding; and finally a fourth one for reception.

Fact 9:
Almost 84 % percent of the brides like to go for gold jewelry. 71 percent of the brides spend a whopping amount on cosmetic products and beauty regimes. It includes make-up, skin lightening procedures and hair care.

Fact 10:
Almost 25 percent modern brides love to have a theme wedding, but they don’t prefer bridesmaid wearing matching Lehenga or Saree.

Fact 11:
The bridal trousseau is usually a one-time wear for Indian brides. The attire contains heavy work. Hence, it is difficult to wear them regularly.  Here, brides don’t pass wedding outfit to the next generation whereas in Western countries almost 49 percent of wedding dress is passed to kids and grandkids.

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Tips for Modern Brides for selecting Wedding Saree & Accessories

Congratulation for getting your handsome prince! Now your engagement is on the cards, you may be excited as well as tense. Excited to get the man of your dream and tense because it would be the first time when you would be meeting his family, friends and relatives. You surely want to look stunning on the day – it is a dream of every would-be-bride. Here, beautiful attire meant for a special occasion like wedding and engagement will do the trick.  Selecting engagement saree for the bride is not easy, so here are some smart tips for would-be-bride to select engagement saree.

1 Explore latest trends:
Never buy the attire in a hurry. Some of you will say that we need to go for a heavy saree or Lehenga Choli, and then what difference it makes. Well, it is sure that you would not want to look like another nine out of ten bride on your engagement day. Take time and explore latest trends, the latest styles that are doing rounds is Lehenga Style Saree, Gown Style Saree, Full Length Anarkali etcetera. A choice of stylish attire that perfectly blends with your persona will not only make you stand out, but your guests will also appreciate your fashion sense.

2 Careful with colors:
It’s obvious that you are going to choose the color according to your complexion, but still there are points to be considered. Give a skip to peach, baby blue, and pink, they are the shades for small girls. These shades look good on babies and girls when they are growing up. Next comes darker shades – keep them aside for the wedding day. The attires in pastel and cream shades are a good choice for engagement. Don’t forget to keep the time of the ceremony in mind as it will make your decision easy.

3 Break the monotony:
The fashion designers are coming up with unique pattern and designs. A saree that has a series of picture of Mahabharata or Ramayana is unique in every sense. Color changing saree is another wonderful creation of Indian fashion designers that is just apt for engagement ceremony. Double shaded outfits can be another great choice. Whatever, style or color you choose just make sure it enhances your look, and most importantly is perfect for the occasion.

4 Get the right look:
Once the dress is decided then it is time for deciding the make-up and hairdo because makeup and hairstyle are going to be different for every attire. First, decide the look then tell your beautician to give you a look that matches with that style. Try out few different looks then go for the one that is the best. Ask your beautician to use waterproof make-up. Also go for minimum jewelry, you can opt for delicate jewelry.

buy online saree

5 Say Hello to heels:
Selection of footwear is as important as the selection of engagement saree and jewelry. Avoid flat footwear; instead go for high or mid heels. It will make you look tall. If you have not worn heels then wear them as much as possible. If you don’t practice, then people will notice the awkwardness in the walk.
Follow these 5 tips to look stunning on your engagement ceremony.


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