When it comes to Indian Weddings, luxury, style, traditions and rituals are integral part of this mega event of grandeur comprising of lively atmosphere, choicest of clothes and designer attires and mouth watering cuisines of different parts of this beautiful country.

bridal sarees

All this happens with a whole lot of preparation and planning where the minute details are thought over and implemented to make this event a successful affair. It goes without saying that buying the Bridal Trousseau holds a special importance for her as she is the one whose choice and taste will be discussed all over the wedding. One is bride once in a lifetime and why not look your best in the bridal attires that you are going to buy?

Online Bridal Sarees

Saree has always been and will be the Indian traditional dress as there is no other attire that can grab attention or make any women look her own sexier avatar. It lends poise, grace and timeless beauty to its wearer and when it is the bride we are talking of, nothing is better than a saree. Since its creation, saree has evolved in many ways. It may be the fabric and patterns or the way it is draped nowadays but it has never failed to charm or cast its spell on both its wearers and the onlookers. When it comes to buying sarees for one’s trousseau, one does not want to go wrong. What one is looking for is classy, sophisticated, ethnic as well as contemporary stuff in ample variety.

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Present times have given freedom from mundane shopping where one had to go from shop to shop to look for what one desired. Online Shopping has changed everything. Now, one can feel more organised and peaceful as shopping has become more of a pleasure which can be carried out at your leisure and time. One feels less under pressure and more in control of situation. There is no denying that online shopping has its disadvantage if you fail to do your research properly. It is important to know that the store which you have chosen gives you variety and quality, especially if you are buying sarees for your wedding. It is important for you to know the authenticity of the stuff that you are buying. Checking the reputation of the store and going through reviews have proved to be helpful.

Bridal Wedding Sarees

If it is Bridal Sarees that you are looking for, the best place to buy them is at Indian Wedding Saree, an online store that will never disappoint you. Our Bridal Saree Collection is exclusive giving you choice in fabric where you can buy silk, brocade, chiffon, crepe, net with the type of embellishment that displays fine work along with providing you with accessories. In short, we are one destination store where you can forget all your apprehensions and worries and enjoy the pleasure of shopping for your wedding. Our exciting offers and discounts will definitely enhance your pleasure. Our bridal saree collection comes in array of colours. We always keep in mind the fashion trends and you would find the most latest and updated collection.

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To know more, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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Wedding lehengas are the most preferred attire for bridal wear. Upon reading its description, it seems like a simple choli or blouse with a long skirt and dupatta. But a wedding lehenga is anything but simple!

Your wedding lehenga is fashionable, beautiful and regal attire. It’s constructed from gorgeous materials like satin, georgette, velvet, taffeta and silk. It receives many special types of embroideries and embellishments, not to mention impeccable designing. Unlike bridal lehengas of yesteryear, wedding lehengas of today have advanced past the typical red and maroon shades that are characteristic of bridal wear.

If you’re a bride-to-be and are hoping to look nothing less than spectacular, then consider the following trendy wedding lehengas:

1. The A-Line Lehenga

The elegant A-line lehenga as the name reveals, looks like the letter ‘A’. This shape is broad along the length and is narrow or form-fitting at the waist. This type of lehenga is perfectly suited for a pear shaped body type. This design combines elements of modern design and traditional charm.

2. Panelled Lehenga

In a panelled lehenga, much attention and detailing is given to the skirt. It consists of layers of fabric with embellishments and embroideries. The panelling effect is created when horizontal panels are vertically attached to the skirt. This helps to further enhance the look of this lehenga. Often, contrasting coloured fabrics are sewn into the panel which creates a spectacular effect when walking.

3. Circular Lehenga

Circular lehengas are dramatic. They form a complete circle around the hem. While walking, it actually looks you’re floating. Circular lehengas are long and made from flowing fabrics such as silk and georgette. The lehenga is made by placing pleats at the waist which ends up creating a circular form at the hem. This shape lehenga is ideal for body types that are shaped like a cone.

4. Mermaid Lehenga

The shape of this elegant lehenga is shaped like a mermaid’s tail. The skirt is form-fitting at the waist and hips and widens or flares out at the calves much like a fish tail. If your body shape is straight or hourglass shaped, you will look beautiful in this type of lehenga.

To shop for your wedding lehengas now, visit Indian Wedding Saree today.



Are you planning to wear a designer sherwani to your wedding? For time immemorial, the sherwani has been “the” outfit of choice for many royals, nobility and upper classes. This attire is also preferred for weddings, receptions and other cultural gatherings.

Like most fashions, the sherwani is often subject to many style and design innovations particularly by high fashion designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Bahl.


Do you want to sport a trendy look for your wedding? Consider these latest four designer sherwani trends:

Trend #1: Bold and Dark

Dark and bold hues are ideal for winter weddings. This year, you can expect to see many variations of blue and black, meant to provide a sizzling contrast to the colourful festivities of your wedding day.

In addition to the dark hues, you will see gold hints on the sherwani as well as the dupatta. In fact, don’t be surprised to see gold thread embroidered dupattas which are best suited for darker sherwanis. The effect is a definite head turner!

designer sherwani

Trend #2: Soft Pastels

Grooms who want to stand proudly matching with their bride’s outfit, pastel sherwanis are also a big hit this season. These will be understated yet subtle, ideal for day weddings. You will see colors like mint green, cream, butter yellow and pale pink in men’s sherwanis.

wedding sherwani

Trend #3: Flashy Dupatta

We’re all used to seeing women sporting flashy dupattas, but get ready to see the same fashion trend in men’s wear. Sherwanis with flashy dupattas are a great way to flaunt your outfit. This trend favours embroidery work, velvet materials, zari borders and vivid colors like emerald green. This type of dupatta will be worn with a solid colored designer sherwani.

buy mens designer sherwani

Trend #4: Monochrome Look

Monochrome sherwanis are designed to bring out your inner confidence. Everything ranging from the footwear, dupatta, juttis to the accessories will be in the same color. When you wear this sherwani to your wedding, be prepared for compliments because you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

latest designer sherwani

To shop for any of these designer sherwani trends, please visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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The embroidered Indian tunics has much of its design roots in traditional fashion, particularly the kameez. By their nature, tunics are long and loose fitting. They generally cover the hips and rear. Sometimes termed as “mini dresses”, tunics are a versatile fashion item that is a must for every closet. It helps you create a layered outfit without the visual bulk. Best of all, tunics are a rare garment that suits all body shapes and sizes.

embroidered tunics

Here are three fun ways to style your embroidered Indian tunic:

1) The Long and Lean Look

The length of a tunic is longer than a regular shirt. It usually ends just at or below mid-thigh. The best way to showcase your tunic is by pairing it with a skinny jean or pant. To achieve this look, select a pattern, fabric and neckline that you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind, the tunic’s hemline should end at mid-thigh level. Pull on a pair of skinny pants. This can be trousers, skinny jeans, cords, plain leggings or even jeggings. Wear heels, ballet flats or a pair of boots. Accessorize with a scarf, chunky necklace or loose sweater and you’ve completed your lean and long look!

buy embroidered tunics

2) The Dress Look

Really long tunics can be worn as a dress. This look works best in the fall and winter seasons. Just ensure that your tunic covers your bottom entirely. To achieve this look, take a fabric tunic that you absolutely love and put it on over a pair of sheer nylons, sweater tights, regular tights or patterned tights. Finish your look with boots and accessories such as a scarf, a watch and a belt.

buy latest embroidered kurtis

3) The Summer Look

Tunics are ideal attire for the hot summer months. You may easily wear them over a skirt, a pair of capris or shorts. To achieve a summery look, select a loose and flowing tunic in a color that you love. Wear it over a pencil skirt, capris or shorts. Ensure the bottoms are visible beneath your tunic’s hem. Complete your summer look with a pair of flats, heels or sandals. For accessories, a casual bag, delicate necklace and a pair of sunglasses will help you look fresh and youthful.

Indian embroidered tunics

Embroidered Indian tunics are the best attire for all seasons. To shop for this beautiful fashion, please visit Indian Wedding Saree.


Shop Online for the Latest Salwar Kameez

Are you a fashionista who likes to sport the latest fashions and designs? Staying on top of the latest salwar kameez and other Indian fashion trends can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to shopping for these items. Generally, when an item is shown on the catwalk it can take up to six months for it to appear in stores.

latest salwar kameez

What if you wanted to be the first to own the latest fashions? Would you be willing to wait six months? There necessarily wouldn’t be any guarantee that you’ll be the only one to own your particular attire.

buy latest salwar kameez

The best place to shop for the latest salwar kameez is online! Consider the following reasons for shopping online:

1.You gain quick and immediate access to the latest and newest fashions from well-known designers.

2.You get the chance to wear your new attire before anyone else does!

3.You may shop in comfort from a reputable online retailer.

salwar kameez online

4.It is best to shop for a designer label from a known online retailer as it guarantees that the product is genuine and long-lasting.

5.You can avoid sitting in traffic and long line-ups by shopping online.

6.You can shop with confidence as most online retailers have a reliable return, exchange and refund policy.

salwar kameez online

7.Along with your salwar kameez or other attire, you can easily and conveniently shop for any other accessories from the same online source. No need for further searches.

Need more reasons for shopping online for the latest salwar kameez? Visit Indian Wedding Saree to shop for the best in Indian fashions.

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When it comes to Indian wedding, dressing in traditional wear is mandatory and expected. Though for the elders, many fancy and trendy stores cater for the latest styles in ample variety. Since such occasions demand everyone to dress up in ethnic wear, we need to look for the same for our children too. Children, especially girls look forward to such times when they can also be dressed in something stylish as well as resembling with what their mother wears. Little girls always look up to their mothers as their role models and it brings them immense thrill and pleasure to be dressed like them. Young girls lehengas are the most sought after attire which also happens to be their favourite. Lehengas are easy and comfortable to wear in any weather, apart from adding a chic and smart look.

buy kids lehenga

• While buying the Lehengas for Children, one must pay attention to the material of the fabric which should be preferably cotton or silk. Avoid synthetic material as children can develop rashes or skin allergies as they have a sensitive skin.

• Another important thing that one must keep in mind is never to buy too tight cholis or lehengas which can make children feel uncomfortable and suffocated. At the same time, buying too big or loose lehengas for children will take away the charm and give an impression of clumsiness.

• While buying lehengas for the children, choosing the right colours is important. Many girls do look their best in pink but not necessarily. It is advisable to buy the colours which are not too bright or too dull. Look for the colours that look the best on your child, rather than only being concerned with the trendy ones.

• It is also important that the embellishments and embroidery on the lehengas should not be irritable and harsh to the delicate skin of the children.

children lehenga

Undoubtedly, it is a memorable experience not only for these young girls but also their parents who enjoy dressing them up in these amazingly rich yet comfortable lehengas. One stop destination to buy the premium range of lehengas for children is Indian Wedding Saree, the online store which has the wisdom of experience and understanding of the requirements of their customers. This store gives immense choice in colours, styles, fabric and embellishments. That is why the Children Lehengas that you buy from here never let you down. They keep children in happy and cheerful state as the each piece designed here has gone through quality check to ensure 100% comfort to the child. The fabric used in these lehengas are skin friendly and the embroidery or mirror work done on these lehengas is done with fine finesse, keeping in mind the delicate body of children. These lehengas are light in weight and amazingly beautiful at the most competitive prices.

buy lehenga for kids online

We at the Indian wedding Saree ensure that you get the best at the most affordable prices. We not only cater for the quality products but are also prompt and punctual in delivery. Our styles are elegant along with being simple and easy to handle.

Visit us at Indian Wedding Saree and buy the most stunning Children’s Lehengas.

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A Sherwani is a long jacket with buttons and bandh gala. Though one can say that sherwanis appeared as a fusion of the British frock coat and an achkan, but soon it was adapted to become completely Indian. Sherwanis arrived on Indian soil to stay forever and become an important part of Indian traditional formal attire especially worn at the traditional ceremonies like weddings. Sherwanis have existed in many forms and our politicians and Bollywood actors have contributed towards its popularity.

Mens Sherwani

Sherwanis as a fashion wear never have been considered outdated and Indian bridegrooms do not have to look elsewhere for any other attire as this garb enhances the slenderness as well bring that macho look in the most dignified manner. In short, Sherwanis personify a gentleman, yet adding grace, elegance and style to the person.

wedding sherwani

Dressing like a bridegroom is one in a lifetime experience and it is also the time when all eyes are on you. Everyone is trying to gauge the personality of this young man who is entering a new realm of family life with many responsibilities to shoulder in future. Especially, people from the bride’s family want the bridegroom to be a perfect man for their girl. Dressing up impeccably and in a presentable manner does matter here.

indian wedding sherwani

Wedding Sherwanis do confirm the fact that Indian weddings are about beautiful attires, good food and lots of fun. These sherwanis are stitched in fabric that are rich in appearance, heavily embellished with gold thread or hand embroidery and may also have contrasting buttons. The most important factor in turning this attire into an awe-inspiring garb is the stitching with the right cuts to enhance the masculinity of the person.

sherwani for men

When it comes to shop for the wedding apparels, one always wishes to go for the most genuine store that one knows of but many a times it becomes a tiresome experience to go around shopping for the wedding stuff which is time consuming. These days’ shopping has become much more convenient as the online stores cater for everything that one is looking for. Online market though is flooded with wedding attires of both the genders, yet it is extremely important and crucial to check the authenticity and quality of these stores so that you get the best of products at the most reasonable prices. It is advisable to research and find out the policies of that particular store you are going to buy your Wedding Sherwani from, so that your online shopping experience remains pleasant and hassle free.

wedding sherwani for men

Indian Wedding Saree is one such online store which has truly carved a niche for itself by catering for the premium quality apparels and our wedding Sherwanis are exceptionally sensational and breathtakingly beautiful. These Sherwanis are available in array of colours to choose from along with the variety in fabric which ranges from silk, brocade, velvet and blended fabric. Our wedding sherwanis speak of grandeur and lavishness through the fine embellishments done on them. We leave nothing to chance and that is why our products are always found in fine finesse and incomparable style.

Browse through our collection and buy the Sherwani with complimentary salwar, churidaar or dhoti and a safa or a stole.

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Casual tunics is a versatile clothing. It is designed in a number of styles, lengths and shapes.

To ensure your tunic flatters your figure, consider the following tips on how to find the right casual tunic for your body type:

tunics online


If you have a pear shaped figure, consider a tunic with side slits. This prevents the top from clinging to your rear and thighs. A wide neck and a slightly tapered waist will broaden your shoulders. Since your waist is your heaviest area, ensure your tunic length falls below or above it. Pair your tunic with a chunky necklace to further flatter your top half.

Casual tunics online


Apple shaped figures should avoid clingy tunics altogether. Focus on your legs and neckline instead. Your tunic should have a V-neck and not be too long. This directs the eye to your face. Opt for dark colors and small patterns to help you look slimmer on top. To accessorize your tunic, wear a short necklace and earrings.

designer tunics


A fitted tunic best suits this body type. You can also opt for a sleeveless tunic.

Full Figure

With a full figure, it seems logical to want to cover up but you’ll only end up looking like a tent. The key to dressing this body shape is balance. Avoid tunics that are too loose and too clingy. Ensure your wrists and collarbone are visible. Opt for solid shades and small prints. If you want to cover your rear, wear a long tunic.

buy online tunics


For rectangular shaped figures, a straight cut tunic is most appropriate. Consider tunics that cinch you near the waist, helping to create the illusion of curves.


For a petite figure, steer clear from lengthy tunics. Short tunics are best suited for this shape. You can wear a long tunic, but consider wearing a belt and transforming it into a tunic dress.

Anarkali Style tunics

Additional Tunic Styling Tips:

• Pair loose tunics with slim bottoms such as skinny or straight jeans and boot cut pants.
• Shorts also pair well with tunics, but ensure your shorts are visible.
• If you plan to wear a belt, avoid wearing a necklace.
• Avoid wearing a tunic with a skirt. If you want to create this look, simply wear a long tunic and a belt at the waist.

buy casual tunics online

Casual tunics are a classic and adaptable fashion item. To shop for beautiful tunics, visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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Embroidered sarees are recognized all around the world as the most iconic symbol of the Indian fashion industry. This six yard long garment is created with many types of materials and styled with a number of embellishments and prints to bring out its character. Furthermore, the way you drape your saree and pin up the pallu enhances the look of the outfit even more.

embroidered sarees

One of the best ways to boost your ethnic saree look is by accessorizing it the right way. Earrings, bangles, shoes, purses/clutches and belts are some of the best accessories to complete your look. Accessories are a matter of personal taste. Not only do they help bring out your sense of style and beauty but they also complement the look of your saree.

Listed below are six fun ways to accessorize your embroidered sarees:

1. Statement Jewelry

A saree is deemed incomplete without certain statement jewelry pieces. One of the most recognized ones is the maang tikka. It proudly adorns your forehead along with a nose ring, a pair of bangles or a kadda, a pair of jhumkas dangling from the ears and of course, a pair of rings for your toes. You may select your jewelry based on the colors in your saree or opt for something modern or traditional based on the look of your saree. Currently, vintage-inspired classics are the hottest trend in jewelry design so you may want to borrow your mother’s statement pieces.

embroidery sarees

2. Pins and Brooches

You need something to hold your pallu in place and a brooch pin is the perfect way of doing so (forget about that safety pin). In addition, if you’re a novice when it comes to wearing embroidered sarees, you may want to invest in a pleat clip. This handy accessory will help to keep you pleats organized. Depending on the design of the clip, you may want it displayed or hidden.

3. Hair Accessories

Yes, your hair may be accessorized as well. Consider an up-do to complement your saree. Place small clips or hairbands within your do. This will give it just enough sparkle and spotlight. If you’re heading for a wedding, you may to wear more sparkling embellishments in your hair like a fancy headband or a tiara.

embroidery saree online

4. Bindi

A saree is incomplete without a bindi. You don’t have to opt for a red bindi every time (in case you’re married). Consider a colored bindi which matches the color of your saree. You may also consider bindis with small stones, sparkles and fancy designs. If you’re a plain Jane, do wear a red bindi but perhaps in a different shape than what you’re used to?

buy embroidery sarees

5. Ethnic Hand Bags and Pouches

An ethnic hand bag or pouch is the perfect match for an embroidered saree. In fact, these accessories can be paired with just about any type of saree. A pouch or hand bag is necessary for your personal items like make-up, keys, perfume, a handkerchief and of course money. You can opt for an ethnic purse that is a clutch or purse that hangs off your shoulder or even a pouch that dangles off your wrist.

6. Footwear

The right shoes can complement your saree rather well. Never assume your feet will be hidden and therefore don’t need attention. One of the best types of footwear for a saree is a pair of heels, either open toe or closed. However, if you’re unable to wear heels for a long time, we recommend a pair of raised flats or sandals. In case your heels/sandals are open toe, don’t forget to get a pedicure first!

embroidery wedding sarees

With these six accessories you can enhance the beauty of your saree. To shop for embroidered sarees, please visit Indian Wedding Saree.

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Shopping for your wedding sarees is perhaps the most exciting part of the entire wedding preparation process. There are many considerations that can help you narrow down your selection such as whether to go with a designer piece or something traditional, the color and material of the saree, types of embellishments, etc.

bridal wedding sarees

The following tips will help you select some of the best wedding sarees for your trousseau:

Set a Budget

We recommend browsing online and window shopping to get an idea for the price range of a typical bridal saree. Then set a budget accordingly. Keep in mind, this bridal saree will be worn once, so are you prepared to spend a lot? If you prefer a wedding saree that can be worn again, you can set a more realistic budget.

Wedding Saree

At Indian Wedding Saree, we feature an exclusive saree collection in a wide range of budgets.

Fabric Preference

Fabric matters greatly when selecting your bridal attire. Do you prefer a silk wedding saree? If so, consider a Banarasi or Kanjeevaram silk saree. Other popular saree options for a wedding include georgette, net, brocade, chiffon and velvet. When selecting your fabric, ensure it feels soft to the touch and you actually like how it feels on your skin.

bridal sarees

Select your favourite Color

There’s no set saree color for a wedding. Even though red is generally the most preferred color, who says you have to select red? In fact, red might not even suit your skin tone. Instead, select a color you absolutely adore and would actually wear. Also ensure, it suits your skin tone. Some of the most popular colours for a wedding saree are maroon, yellow, dark green and gold.

Sarees for wedding

Explore Designs and Embellishments

Designs and embellishments play a vital role in the bridal saree. In fact, they determine whether the saree looks appropriate for a wedding. You can expect intricate detailing on your bridal saree featuring semi-precious or precious stones, pearls, detailed embroidery, sequins, heavily designed borders with gold thread work, etc. It’s also common to see temple or religious motifs, scenes from epic stories like the Mahabarata or Ramayana, peacocks, etc.

Consider the Weight of the Saree

Bridal sarees vary immensely in their weight. Generally, the more embellishments and detailed work a saree has as well as the material, the heavier the saree. If you think you’ll be uncomfortable wearing a heavy saree for the entire night, we recommend silk wedding sarees. Materials such as georgette, jacquard and net, although beautiful, have a large weight.

wedding saree online

Examine the Blouse Piece

Attached on the end of the saree, is the blouse material (usually opposite end of the pallu). Do inspect this closely to determine whether you like the color and design pattern. Think about the fancy design in which you would stitch your blouse.

And Lastly the Pallu

The pallu is a standout piece on your saree. On a wedding saree, it is perhaps the most intricately designed and embellished. Consider how you’d like to wear your pallu.

Bridal Saree online

Are you ready to shop for your wedding sarees? Visit Indian Wedding Sarees today!

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