The magnificent South Indian Saree rule the Bollywood

If you have a look at the Bollywood movies in the last 2 years, you will see the major influence of South Indian Saris. Take a look at the 2 major hits that rocked both the Bollywood charts well as the fashion circuit- 2 States and Chennai Express. Both the story lines are predominantly about Southern Bellies and as a result the Southern queens seem to rule the fashion circuit big time.

Alia’s sizzling Two Sates Saree look
Let’s start with 2 States, this 2014 hit movie starring Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt was a box office hit. Alia Bhatt played the role of the South Indian girl to perfection and veteran actress Revathy was her onscreen mother. The best part being that both brought to screen a plethora of South Indian Silk and Kanjivarams. Suddenly, this traditional sari became one that the youth of India could identify with. That’s not all, throughout the movie; Revathy is seen wearing beautiful traditional Southern silks that simply light up the screen. There are certain parts in the movie where Alia dons the Southern look to absolute perfection. First, when she visits Delhi to attend Arjun Kapoors Cousins marriage she wears an extremely simple yet beautiful South Indian Ghagra Cholli and completes the look with the whole gajra affair on her hair.
bollywood sarees
Secondly, the last scene of the movie shows Arjun Kapoor marrying Alia Bhatt. In that scene she decks up as a complete Southern Bride wearing a beautiful orangish red Kanjivaram saree, mang tika, gajra on her braid and a kumarbandh. She looks so pretty and resplendent that she simply takes one’s breath away. Many youngsters seem to be heavily influenced by her traditional avatar and are opting to wear the mang tika and kamar bandh on their special day. Even the traditional kanjivaram sari with gajra look is opted by many bride mothers.

Deepika’s Sexy Chennai Express look
Next, if we take a look at Chennai Express, Deepika Padukone seems to redefine the look of a simpleton South Indian girl. Throughout the movie, she is seen to wear various versions of the famous white sari with golden border that is often seen in Kerala weddings. The best part being , that not only does she rock the look in the simple white and gold sari she also wears various colors to the traditional one that simply jazz ups the whole look and also makes her look beautiful and fresh.
silk sarees
Instead of wearing light colored crepe and georgette saris, she is seen to wear various bright and contrast color combinations like blue and orange, green and mustard and so on. A fashion rage that caught on post the movie was the look of wearing traditional keralite sari ghagra cholli and wearing cotton sari in contrast color combinations neatly draped in pleats. The look is complemented with a gajra on the bun, mang tika and kamar bandh.

Post these 2 movies, the young generations seems to have picked up an instant liking towards these silk and traditional drapes and seem to opt to wear them at any given opportunity.

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7 Styling Tips for Plus-size Grooms to Match Style quotient of Beautiful Bride

Shopping for wedding attire is a challenging task especially for the groom. Most of the men are not that updated like women when it comes to fashion. Things become more challenging if the groom is on the heavier side. It is important that he should wear such attire that makes him look dazzling without drawing attention to bulges. Here, are some 7 cool tips for plus size groom to match the glamorous and style quotient of his beautiful bride.

1 Go for dark colors:
Dark colors will make you look lean. A Sherwani in maroon, dark blue, or black will be a good choice. You can even go for combinations like maroon & gold, blue & silver, black & grey, maroon & rust. All these combination comes under the latest trend.

mens sherwani

2 Choose the work intelligently:
Grooms with bulging belly need to avoid Sherwani that has a lot of work near or on the midriff.  Embroidery and embellishments will automatically attract attention to the part that you don’t want to highlight, so strictly avoid any kind of work on bugling belly as well as other problematic areas.

3 Choosing materials:
Materials play a vital role in deciding the look. The right material would be here raw silk and thick velvets. It will fit beautifully and impart a royal look. Go for a straight fit as it will straighten up the curvy parts of the body and help you hide cover up the problematic area.

4 Dhotis:
Grooms with short height and heavy legs needs to avoid wearing pants under the heavy Sherwani, it will him look shorter. Going for a dhoti that reaches up to the ankle would be the right solution. It will make him look slim and tall.

sherwani for mens

5 Safa:
When it comes to accessories, just keep in minimum. Go for a small headgear (Safa), it will make you look elegant. Heavier headgear will make you look broad and stout. Avoid very long Stole or one with a lot of work on it. Let your bride take an upper hand here by going for all glitters. When it comes to color go for contrasting colors for Safa or stole.

6 Neck Accessories:
Pearl Mala looks great on a groom with broad shoulders and long neck. The groom with short neck should give a skip to neckpieces.  The mantra here would be to keep things simple, just remembers simplicity always wins.

neck accesories

7 Footwear:
Punjabi or Rajasthani Mojris that matches with your Sherwani will just look great. When it comes to selection of color, go for one that matches with your wedding trousseau. For example, if you adorning a maroon Sherwani then go for a Mojri in maroon. If you are buying the wedding outfit from online wedding stores then you can easily get all the matching accessories related to your wedding attire whether it is headgear, footwear or any other accessory at one place.
These seven tips will allow plus size groom to look dashing on the big day and match the style quotient of his beautiful wife.

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11 Super cool Facts about Indian Bridal Attire

Shopping for bridal attire is a thrilling experience, especially when it comes to Indian wedding. Everyone from friend to the sisters, mother to relatives, all has their valuable input to give. Here, we are going to disclose some fun facts about wedding attire.

Fact 1:
Almost 80 percent of the Indian brides like to wear traditional attire on the big day. The preferred attire is Saree or Lehenga.

Fact 2:
Most Indian would-be-brides shop for bridal Lehenga/Saree two to six months in advance. The search for the outfit for marriage, engagement and Sangeet starts as soon as the wedding date and venue is fixed.

Fact 3:
Today’s brides are tech savvy, almost 60 percent of the brides search for latest trends in bridal outfits on the net. The source of inspiration is exclusive bridal collection showcased by famous designers; bridal trousseau adorned by celebrities on their big day and trousseau adorned by leading actress of movies and daily soaps.

Fact 4:
The trend of online bridal shopping is slowly catching up with Indian brides. Although compared to the western countries, the percentage is nominal. In countries like America, almost 38 percent brides shop online at various designer outlets and exclusive online bridal store for the wedding gown.

Fact 5:
The budget allocated wedding attire even in a lavish Indian wedding is between 5 to 9 percent.

Fact 6:
When it comes to selection of color of the wedding attire, most of the brides like to go with red tone as it considered auspicious. Well, there are modern brides who love to break the conventions and go for shades like Pista green, hot pink, magenta, sky blue, etc.

Fact 7:
The cost of wedding attire depends on the quality of fabric and embellishments. Heavier the attire more is going to be the price. You can get wedding trousseau for bride starting from 7,500 rupees to lacs. The designer wedding Lehenga may cost you anywhere between 2.5 to 10 lacs. The brides who cannot afford the expensive designer wedding trousseau have the options to go for the replica of the designer Lehenga that costs anywhere between 50,000 to 80,000 INR.

Fact 8:  
Almost 80 percent of Indian brides buy at least four attires, first is Saree/Lehenga for engagement, second expensive saree for Mehendi & Sangeet; third bridal saree for wedding; and finally a fourth one for reception.

Fact 9:
Almost 84 % percent of the brides like to go for gold jewelry. 71 percent of the brides spend a whopping amount on cosmetic products and beauty regimes. It includes make-up, skin lightening procedures and hair care.

Fact 10:
Almost 25 percent modern brides love to have a theme wedding, but they don’t prefer bridesmaid wearing matching Lehenga or Saree.

Fact 11:
The bridal trousseau is usually a one-time wear for Indian brides. The attire contains heavy work. Hence, it is difficult to wear them regularly.  Here, brides don’t pass wedding outfit to the next generation whereas in Western countries almost 49 percent of wedding dress is passed to kids and grandkids.

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Tips for Modern Brides for selecting Wedding Saree & Accessories

Congratulation for getting your handsome prince! Now your engagement is on the cards, you may be excited as well as tense. Excited to get the man of your dream and tense because it would be the first time when you would be meeting his family, friends and relatives. You surely want to look stunning on the day – it is a dream of every would-be-bride. Here, beautiful attire meant for a special occasion like wedding and engagement will do the trick.  Selecting engagement saree for the bride is not easy, so here are some smart tips for would-be-bride to select engagement saree.

1 Explore latest trends:
Never buy the attire in a hurry. Some of you will say that we need to go for a heavy saree or Lehenga Choli, and then what difference it makes. Well, it is sure that you would not want to look like another nine out of ten bride on your engagement day. Take time and explore latest trends, the latest styles that are doing rounds is Lehenga Style Saree, Gown Style Saree, Full Length Anarkali etcetera. A choice of stylish attire that perfectly blends with your persona will not only make you stand out, but your guests will also appreciate your fashion sense.

2 Careful with colors:
It’s obvious that you are going to choose the color according to your complexion, but still there are points to be considered. Give a skip to peach, baby blue, and pink, they are the shades for small girls. These shades look good on babies and girls when they are growing up. Next comes darker shades – keep them aside for the wedding day. The attires in pastel and cream shades are a good choice for engagement. Don’t forget to keep the time of the ceremony in mind as it will make your decision easy.

3 Break the monotony:
The fashion designers are coming up with unique pattern and designs. A saree that has a series of picture of Mahabharata or Ramayana is unique in every sense. Color changing saree is another wonderful creation of Indian fashion designers that is just apt for engagement ceremony. Double shaded outfits can be another great choice. Whatever, style or color you choose just make sure it enhances your look, and most importantly is perfect for the occasion.

4 Get the right look:
Once the dress is decided then it is time for deciding the make-up and hairdo because makeup and hairstyle are going to be different for every attire. First, decide the look then tell your beautician to give you a look that matches with that style. Try out few different looks then go for the one that is the best. Ask your beautician to use waterproof make-up. Also go for minimum jewelry, you can opt for delicate jewelry.

buy online saree

5 Say Hello to heels:
Selection of footwear is as important as the selection of engagement saree and jewelry. Avoid flat footwear; instead go for high or mid heels. It will make you look tall. If you have not worn heels then wear them as much as possible. If you don’t practice, then people will notice the awkwardness in the walk.
Follow these 5 tips to look stunning on your engagement ceremony.


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Top 5 Bridal Jewellery Inspiration 2015 from Bollywood Actresses

The bridal jewellery plays an integral part in deciding the look of the bride. If you are a soon to be the bride then, you might have started the search for the perfect jewelry. How about taking a cue from Bollywood actress? They are trendsetters when it comes to fashion. Most of them have their reliable fashion & jewelry designers, who make sure that whatever they wear is unique & has the potential to become a trendsetter.

Some of our Bollywood divas are known for their fashion sense like Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwariya Rai, Deepika, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra. Here we take a look at hottest jewelry trend for all those beautiful and sexy brides-to-be, straight from Bollywood. These bridal inspirations are going to rock 2015.

1.    Jadau jewellery:

The Indian craftsmen learned the art of Jadu Jewelry from Mughals. It was said to be the first choice of royal ladies at that time. To make one piece, a handful of highly skilled craftsman work tighter, but the unique thing is that every craftsman has a specific task. To make these pieces of jewelry gems, precious & semi precious stones are carefully embedded in yellow gold. The gold is melted first to make it pliable then gemstones are set into it.  These ornaments are perfect for auspicious like wedding. They look amazing with traditional bridal Lehenga. Raveena Tandon, Deepika and Sonam have been seen adorning it at various events.

indian bridal lehenga

2. Elaborate necklace design:

Brides who want to look like Queen, need an elaborate necklace design. A beautiful broad necklace will cover your delicate neck.  It is enough to give you a royal look that is much needed for a royal theme wedding.

3. Kundan set:

If your bridal saree has heavy stone work on it then go for Kundan Meena Jewelry. It matches with Bridal Saree as well as Bridal Lehenga Choli. The gorgeous Esha Deol was seen wearing it in one of her wedding related ceremonies. Also, it looks gracious with plain saree, especially if you want to keep things simple. You would be surprised to know that Kundan Jewelries are one of the largest exported jewelry.

4. Rani Haar:

Want to go for minimum jewelry, but still want to catch all the eyeball and compliments then go for Rani Haar. The name says all about it; a Rani means Queen and Haar means Necklace. True to its name, the necklace has the magnificence and splendid touch of elegance of royals. South Actress Sonia Agarwal sizzled in Rani Haar on her wedding day.

5. Mix and match:

Bollywood actress like Deepika and Kareena are known to experiment with jewellery by mixing & matching it, you can take inspiration from their style. Try the combination like diamond earrings with pearl necklace or gold bangles with intricate designs and Choker necklace. Just make sure the style you are choosing matches with your bridal saree.

Follow these Top 5 Bridal Jewellery Inspirations 2015 from Bollywood Actresses on your wedding day and let everyone go gaga over your stunning style statement.

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Top 6 cool styling tips to go with Stylish Tunic

Urban fashion styling has gone way ahead with the wedding scene. With more colors and fabrics available for a wonderful outing, the contemporary woman is now ready to experiment with the ultra-smart and stylish tunics jazzed up with styling statements recommended by the top fashion designers of the world.

We bring 6 styling tips that designers advice for tunics stitched exclusively for a wedding occasion. We begin from the face, going down till the toes.

1.    Go Nude on the face:

Don’t bristle your face with loads of makeup. Instead go nude on the cheeks with mascara and lip gloss, matching the color of your tunic. It will keep the focus on your face and the dress, without looking out of place.

2.    Dazzle with pearl sets:

Safest jewelry to wear with a tunic is a shiny pearl set. You can wear the ear piece with a dangler style and match the neck piece accordingly. As tunics can flare up at the bottom, going with a broad neckpiece can  add more features to your overall appearance. Try pink pearls and creamy sets to light up the occasion with simplicity and grace.

3.    Sport a smart cardigan:

Tunics can be worn on all occasions. If you are attending a wedding event in the summer, try a summer jacket with floral patterns. If you are planning to wear the tunic dress to a wedding event planned in the winter, go with a flashy cardigan. The cardigan can look stunning with shimmery embellishments and decorative pieces.

4.    Try a skirt with oriental patterns:

Skirts can give a very royal look to the tunic you have chosen for the wedding event. Try a pattern that is elegant and does not interfere with your movement. Try to add a shiny waistband around to keep he skirt in place around your hips. Try a low waist skirt and wear it just under the navel. Oriental patterns are a unique combination that works wonderfully with the tunics chosen for the wedding occasion.

5.    Try a tunic with flowing contour:

Tunics are the best way to highlight the bohemian spirit in you. Designers have always insisted on keeping the look simple and work around the concept of integrating metallic embroidery and shiny jewelry on your body. Try the dazzling bangles on your wrist and a copper armband. You can also experiment with multiple rings on your fingers. You probably don’t want to be spoil-sport by taking the attention away from the bride. So go easy with the styling and try the flowing tunics to play down the formal occasion a little. You will still manage to turn a lot of heads.

6.    Keep the contrast in place:

Contrasting combinations work wonders in a formal occasion. If you are planning to go red on the wedding circuit, add a bit of green and purple with a dash of spirited orange to bring life into the fabric. Tunics with their flowing contour make a great dress, especially when you wear it with a smart belt and boots, accompanied by a leather sling bag.

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Top 4 Popular Wedding Saree Tips for Indian brides

Indian saris are a colorful affair where women can sport a variety of dresses from their well-coordinated wardrobe. Most women are lost for choice when they have to pick one sari that can be worn on the wedding event. The toughest evening for a woman has to be her wedding and picking the wedding dress is easily the most awaited moment of her shopping career. From the fabric to the embroidery, the bride has to collect the most prized attire for  the event of a lifetime. Sari is the best traditional attire that a bride can opt for her wedding. We are going to reveal Top 4 Popular wedding saree tips for Indian bride.

1 Pick a sari with colors:

Colors heighten the emotion attached with the event. Marriages are made in heaven and on the eve of wedding, the bride is nothing less than a goddess. Opt for red that is a symbol of prosperity and bliss. Most brides have grown up watching women in red, so the chances of wearing orange or a yellow bridal dress for wedding can bring in a lot of attention and enthusiasm to try something different.

2 Stick to silk saris:

Wedding saris made of silk is a gorgeous item to sport during the wedding. Pick a pastel shade with golden embroidery to enhance the bridal grace that you have achieved in the recent weeks. It also accentuates the shine of your jewelry. It is easy to drape owing to the smooth finish. You can use broach to keep the Pallu in place with a smartly placed waist band to give your torso a narrower look. Moreover, silk saris look fabulous with golden ornaments and seem to be equally fascinating when you deck up your body with ornamental flowers meant for wedding.

 The color you miss in the silk saris can be included in the attire by decking up with elegant flowers.

 3 Play with half sari styles:

Half saris are a craze among the younger brides who want to have best of all the world. Half saris carry the striking features of a wedding sari with the poise of a lehenga-choli. You can also team the half-sari with a blouse to showcase your flat torso and a beautiful upper body. Most women who belong to the healthier side of the weighing scale refrain from trying the half saris. The petite one can wear it with easy draping, with appealing accessories like Kamarbund and neckpieces.

 4 Never forget to check your blouse:

Saris are incomplete without the blouse. They can simply make or break the look of a wedding dress. There is hardly a replacement to take care of the mess created by a mismatched blouse piece. Contemporary wedding designs for sari now consist of blouses made of cotton and silk. The recent technology has enabled the designers to work with velvet and corduroy blouses as well. Equally popular is the blouse made of synthetic polyesters that look shiny, meant for wedding events at night.

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4 best Wedding Sari Designs that have stone embroidery

Stones carved with pristine craftsmanship and elegant cuts are used on wedding saris as well. Merely thinking about placing the stones on the wedding saris can bring smile to millions of prospective brides who are fed up of the conventional fabric designs. While you might be thinking what kind of fabric will look good with the stone embroidery, there are many designers who offer royal wedding saris with carefully stitched embroidery made of stone. There are few tips you would like to keep in mind before you choose a wedding sari with stone embroidery. There are not many alternatives for stone embroidery. If you are looking for something reasonably artistic for the auspicious occasion, wedding saris with the stone embroidery are definitely the perfect item that exudes exuberance, youthfulness and charm.

Try out the 4 best wedding sari designs that come with stone embroidery over them.

1. Bold colours

Bold colours are stitched with hands. They have the license to kill with their looks. The stone embroidery carefully placed over the fabric with bold colours how two sides of your personality. While the bold colours reflect your arrogance to follow the conventional fashion trends, the stone embroidery encrusts your sensibilities with the demands of the wedding event. While you definitely would love to have some dashing sparkles on the fabric, refrain from having too much of embellishment as it would unnecessarily spoil the overall look of the sari. It also adds weight to the fabric.

2. Block prints

Block prints are rustic patterns that are dyed in varied colours and feature some of the oldest prints known to modern man. Printed out of natural dye blocks like wooden steps, metal case, the wedding saris with stone embroidery is the perfect ensemble for the occasion. Opt for a heavy fabric that will help you carry the weight of the stone without tearing par the attire. Stay away from mirror works and golden embroidery.

3. Play with the Coloured stones

Unless you are allergic to vibrant colours and precious stones, you are ought to wear the stone embroidery on wedding sari for the grand event of your life. Green silk saris with a touch of gold around the borders of the wedding sari can go a long distance in making it memorable attire for the rest of your life. Drape a heavy border silk sari with light weight stones to give it an appearance of symmetry. Avoid metallic embellishment on the wedding sari that has stone embroidery. They don’t complement the idea of placing coloured stones.

4. Stones on centrepiece design

If you are not sure whether the stone embroidery will fall apart during the event, place your bet on a wedding sari that has embroidery limited to the centre piece only. The wedding sari with stone embroidery on the centre piece ensures that the classic features of the central pattern are evident while you sit. It would not only blend your attire with the occasion but also place an importance on how your assets are perfectly wrapped by the fabric laced with stone embroidery.

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5 Cool Tips for Stylizing White Bridal Lehenga

There is a correlation between white shade and Indian bride. White color represents purity, peace, innocence, simplicity and perfection; all these are qualities of Indian bride. Although irrespective of their liking for the shade brides were not able to adorn this color shade because of certain taboo that clouded the mind. Thanks, to fashion designers, things have completely changed now.

The fashion designers like Rohit Bal, Meera, Muzaffar and Manish Malhotra have been showcasing bridal wear in white, ivory and off-white. A lot of other prominent and upcoming designers are coming up with their collection in the shade. The B-town beauties are always part of such shows, which has further inspired brides to break the norms and go with this wonderful color on their d-day.

Dear modern brides, here we are taking a look at White Bridal Lehenga and going to reveal 5 Cool Tips for Stylizing White Bridal Lehenga.

1 Choosing a white Lehenga:

A white Lehenga with golden embroidery will make you look stunning on the d-day. Go for white bridal Lehenga with Silver embroidery if yours is a white themed nuptial. Well, it’s not important that you should stick to pure white; you can choose ivory, cream or pearl white.  For highlighting the attire, it would be a novel idea to have red, rose gold, maroon, or dark green border. Also, you can have Choli in any of these shades. It will also beautifully complement you white Lehenga.

2 Things to remember:

The white Lehenga with all those delicate embroidery and bead work may make you look heavy, so opt for a figure hugging cuts. In case, you are blessed with a slim figure then opt for flowing silhouettes. It resembles bridal gown of the west.

3 Accessorizing white Lehenga:

Add a burst of colors to your look by going for a bright Odhni/Dupatta. Next comes footwear – match it with shade of your Dupatta to complete the look.

4 Jewelry for a white Lehenga:

Kundan Jewellery looks stunning with white Lehenga. Colored gemstones studded in platinum or gold ornaments absolutely looks marvelous with white. Avoid white and rose gold, although they are stylish but doesn’t go well with this elegant shade.

5 Makeup to go with white wedding Lehenga:

Subtly defined eyes with a touch of red on cheeks and lips will make you look like a princess in your white Lehenga. Smokey eyes, with minimum makeup, is another fabulous look. Also, you can accentuate eyes with colored eyeliners.

Essential Points to Remember:

You have made up your mind to go with gracious white, but there are few essential things to be taken care.

  •  When going with all white bridal attire, avoid wearing dark colored lingerie as it may be seen through your Lehenga.  The right shade here would be white.
  •   Be careful not to spill any sauces and dips.
  •   Backdrop plays an integral role in quality of photographs, since you are adorning light colors, go for a dark background. This way the pictures will come up beautifully.

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Fascinating Kids Wear

Kids are messengers of God. When parents decide to drape them in cute attire and smart festive colours highlight the aspect of magical exuberance and cultural inclination in their upbringing. Parents who prefer to dress kids in traditional and indo-western attire must be careful about choosing authentic fabrics so that the kids grow in an environment of trust and faith. Not long ago, a report had stated how American adolescents grew to be loud and violent when they were dressed ruggedly in their toddler years. Cute clothing lines for kids reflect the mood of their parents as well. A vibrant colour kurta pyjama would reflect the forwardness of the family values. We throw some hint to help parents choose the best in contemporary designs in kids wear.

Go for the best in Ethnic wear

Make your little angels look dapper cool in ethnic Indian wear. Highlight the fashion sense with stylishly tailored kurta pyjama. Since pastel shades and darker shades would bring out the innocence of the age, transform the kids into icons with this fabulous idea. They are likely to look forward to adult dressing etiquettes as that is what catches their eyes in the first place. A cute pink turban with golden sparkles shining their way through will definitely make him popular among friends.

A waist coat to complement the kurta will extend a sense of security and protection against the coldness of dark winter nights. Best for formal outings as well as festivals, ethnic designs have their own elemental elegance going for kids of all age and gender.

Play around the idea with some vibrant characters like Disney cartoons and funny theme to go with the traditional concept. Allow them to sneak into the world of leather footwear with Juttis and boots.

Let them walk the alleys in indo western dress

Indo-western dresses have always been a massive craze among the fashion category of this age group. Most parents prefer to buy such dresses as a reflection of their popular music icon or a movie star. Black is the colour of easy picking as it can goes with kids of all age group. Numerous pranks have been pulled off successfully by kids who took a hilariously smart liking for Hawaiian shirts and panama hats. Canvas shoes with rollicking corduroy trousers continue to be the most memorable account of most adults now. Why not explore with this fabric over summer collection from branded companies.

Experiment a lot with Comfort wear for kids

For kids who hate to wear full sleeved shirts and full length trousers can be kept interested in fashion with stylishly tailored vests and cargo trousers. Flatter the public with special edition sequin embroidery and smart artistry of traditional beading on the sleeves and back. The most fascinating aspect of dabbling in kids wear is that it goes well with both male and female child with equal grace.

Parents must keep in mind that childhood is one age bracket that will always be fascinated with jazzy and starry clothing. Maintain a fine line between fashion trend and comfort dressing.

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