Top 6 Wedding Dresses that go with Ladies Jackets

Love for jackets can put off your trend quotient by a long shot. Whether it is your western-styled bridal gown or a simple lehenga choli, the idea of sporting a ladies jacket for the occasion is a rather bold move. However, we bring you 6 iconic fashion statements that handsomely gel with ladies jacket with all wedding-centric attires.

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1. Lehenga with capes
Absolutely stylish to the core, lehenga capes are making huge statement everywhere in the Indian wedding circuit. Putting it up with the colourful sleeveless crochet jackets set the ramp sizzling. Perfect for Fall weddings, the cape dolls up any girl for the occasion.

Lehenga with capes

2. Dhoti sari
A fusion of sorts with high dare value, the idea of glamming up the dhoti sari with traditional shrug-styled ladies jacket is again a trail blazer of sorts for modern women. Dhoti sari is already a sizzling chemistry of elegance and suaveness. Adding the extra layer of jacket with sweltering embroidery sets the bar higher for wedding season.

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3. Long jacket with Anarkali
Anarkali is the quintessential attire for any Indian wedding. Donning a long Bandi-inspired ladies jacket takes you straight into the passage of history where men and women shared the same style ideas. Folk embroidery mixed with Nouveau stitching and thread designs can turn any girl next door into a pin up sensation for the wedding event.

Buy long jacket with Anarkali

From accessorizing to the fetish footwear, Bandi ladies jacket is a safe layering option for Anarkali lovers.

4. Shrug jacket on Kaftans
Women love to shrug it all the way with off-shoulder kaftans gently embraced by the ladies jacket made of silk and satin, and tailored with finesse. The fabric provides enough room for experimentation with numerous other attires ranging from off beat Sari Dhotis to the more traditional and formal, anarkalis. However, the shrug jacket on kaftans is a demonstrative proof of how fiery the idea is for a winter event set under the moonlight.

shrugs on kaftans

5. Kurtas with Palazzos/ Shararas
Give your kurta fetish a sweet twist of styling with chich-modish zardozi ladies jacket. The twist lies in the pairing with palazzos and shararas that fit well on slim, tall and curvy women. The zardozi jacket compliments short as well as long kurta. Make sure you flaunt the best colours of the season on your zardozi ladies jacket to create a spectacular moment.

ladies jacket with Palazzos6. Asymmetrical kurtas
It is another experimental outfit idea that works well on day events. The asymmetrical kurtas with tie around design can test even the most voracious dressers on the planet. Trying the asymmetrical jacket with this attire is a challenging task. Proper layering of the dress with elaborate accessorising from top to bottom can make the challenge a sweet experience.

jacket on Asymmetrical kurtas

Asymmetrical jackets inspired from the traditional kota dress or the achkans have made a swashbuckling comeback to the wedding scene.

Without doubt, there are many safe options for the wedding season that are way too safe. Add the Ladies jacket collection for a rather spicy outing without much hula.

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A look at Top 5 Features of Modern Abayas

Like any other religion, Islam has a specific dress code. In fact, the women of the community should be modestly dressed. The hijab and the abaya are the traditional attire of the Muslim women. However, today many women use the abaya as an outfit to express their style and personality. Even if, it is a typical example of conservative clothing, it is often lustrous. As mentioned, today these are available in several modern designs and styles. Consequently, it becomes easy for women to showcase the personal styles without any kind of disrespect towards the religion, as a whole.

Modern Abayas Online

1    The Concept of Abaya:
It is not surprising to find that many people are not aware of the concept of abaya. The loose fitting and long sleeve robe is designed in such a way so that it can be worn over a regular clothing. It often resembles a Kaftan, as well. At times, it is paired with a head scarf, commonly known as hijab.

Head scarf with Modern Abayas

2    Style & Fitting:
It is important to note that the abaya is designed to cover the overall length of the arm. Some of these come tailored with different sleeve sizes and in different shapes. Moreover, many of them are even available in some luxurious and basic designs. Many of them are fitted at the lower and higher waist. Some of them come in stitched in particular styles with separate belt or sash fitting around the waist. Many of them are available with designs and high collars along with a flaring fit.

abaya online

3    Available In Various Colors:
Traditionally, Simple Abaya Collections were available in black. Even today, it is one of the most preferred colors, especially in the Muslim countries. Apart from that, you can expect to find these in plethora of color options ranging from bold colors to earthy tones. Along with going for solid colors, some women love experimenting with different fabrics of the abaya.

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4    Choices of Fabric:
You will find these abayas in wide varieties of fabrics today ranging from silk, cotton, chiffon, crepe, rayon and georgette. However, silk and chiffon are the best because luxurious and rich looks they offer. Well, you can go for something that gives you the highest level of comfort, as a whole.

Image result for georgette Modern Abayas

5    Embroidery & Embellishments:
The traditional styles of abayas are quite different from the modern styles. This is mainly because of the featured accents in which these are available. The embroidered cloaks are increasingly getting popular in the recent times. Embroidery is often found along the sleeves and necks. Some of the embroidered designs also are found along the edges and seams. Sequins and jeweled embellishments are often impressive when checked in the context of solid colors. Some are found with lace embellishments and sashes.

Image result for Embroidery Abayas

Therefore, considering the varieties in terms of design, style and patterns of modern abayas, it is up to you to decide the type of abaya that you want to go for. On the basis of that, you can Buy Abaya Online and express your style statement in the best way.

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A look at Top 6 Most Comfortable Fabric for Summer

The summer season is no doubt bright and cheerful, but in a country like India, summers can often be frustrating due to the intense heat. The fiery heat and the sweaty summer should not stop you from expressing your style statement in some of the best outfits. You do not want to sweat and remain comfortable regardless the place you go. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you select some of the cool and comfortable fabrics so that you can easily beat the summer heat. This in turn will also keep your mood in the top form.

Top Summer Fabrics:

As you know there are plenty of fabrics to choose your outfits from. However, there are some exclusive fabrics ideally suitable for the summer season. It is time to take a look and derive lots of inspiration from the same.

1    Cotton-
It is a well known fact that cotton is the most breathable fabric to beat the intense heat of the summers. The light weight and soft fabric is definitely the ideal option for the Indian summers, and it would even help you stay cool. It helps in proper air circulation and thereby you can bear the heat.

cotton saree

2    Khadi-
The khadi fabric is now popular all over the world. It is coarse, but easy to maintain. At the same time, you can also expect to stay cool and comfortable in the intense fiery days of summer. The soothing fabric will uplift your mood, as well.

khadi saree

3    Chambray-
This is indeed a cool textile that can give you some extraordinary level of comfort. At the same time, you can even look fashionable because it gives an illusion of denim. The woven textile is light in weight and the fabric is breathable and long-lasting. Thus, it is the ideal fabric for the hot summer months.

Chambray saree

4    Linen-
The natural fiber made form flax plants can offer a cool feel and amazing comfort. Therefore, it is the perfect choice of fabric for summers. You can wear this fabric and relax the summer heat without any form of discomfort.

Linen saree

5    Rayon-
This excellent fabric would give you intense comfort during the summer heat. The man made fabric comes with a glossy look, but it is inexpensive compared to silk. It quickly evaporates moisture and remains dry in the extremely hot weather. Moreover, the fabric does not stick to your body, which is again great.

Rayon saree

6    Original silk-
The delicate fabric can be worn not only during the summers, but also during the winters. It comes with an absorbing property due to which it can be used in the intense heat of summer. It tends to absorb the dry moisture quickly, due to which you will feel comfortable as well as luxurious. You will also find that this hypoallergenic fabric is also the most durable one. It is the reason silk sarees and silk Salwar Suits comes up as an evergreen choice for every season.  Hence, you can make the best use of it in any season.

Original silk saree

These are some of the most popular and most comfortable fabric that you can choose for the hot summer season. Visit leggings online shopping stores to get latest variety of summer apparels at affordable price.

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Top 4 Tips to Get Perfect Blouse for Your Saree

When it comes to sarees, the first thing that comes to the mind is the blouse. After all, it is a crucial part of any woman’s wardrobe. It can even create a great difference in a well draped saree. Therefore, if you want to show off your beautiful figure by draping a saree, you should definitely make way for a wonderfully fitted blouse. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that instead of going for a readymade blouse at the last moment, the wisest thing is to get the blouse stitched in advance. Today, you can select from different designs, patterns and even colors. This in turn will certainly highlight some of the best features in your body.

saree blouse online

Tips To Flaunt Your Style Statement:

Saree is undoubtedly a great outfit, and when you combine it with a fitted blouse, you can further enhance the look.

1 Accurate measurements-
Different women have variations in body shapes and sizes. Make sure that while stitching a blouse, the body measurements are recorded in the most accurate way. Otherwise, an ill-fitted blouse can ruin the entire look of the saree. Hence, you need to approach the right tailor. This in turn will ensure complete accuracy of the blouse that best suits the frame of your body. At the same time, you should also make sure that it is not excessively tight.

Indian saree blouse online

2 Wearing the right bra-
As you finish up with a nicely fitted blouse, you should also pay attention to the size of your bra. One of the most important things that you should not forget is to wear the correct bra under your blouse. Consequently, it will play a great role in enhancing your overall figure as well as the look of your blouse. For instance, if you are wearing a backless blouse, you should go for a backless bra too or cups that stick to your body. For a halter neck blouse, you should wear a strapless bra or a low neck bra. On the other hand, if you want to expose your cleavage, you can wear a push-up bra.

latest designer blouse online

3 Selecting the fabrics-
Often, selecting the right fabric of the blouse can be challenging. You should always choose something that complements the fabric and type of your saree. Avoid choosing filmsy fabrics for winters. Cotton, chiffon and net has become a huge craze now, and they are increasingly being used as blouse materials for the summer.

online blouses

4 Simple and balanced-
You might not want to match your saree with your blouse because this is slowly getting out of fashion. However, even if, you go for a mix and match look, you should try to achieve a balance so that you get the perfect look. For instance, a heavy embroidered saree should have a plain colored and simple designed blouse. On the other hand, a designer blouse can enhance the look of a plain saree.

blouse online

Thus, there are hosts of options for you to try, and this will create the ultimate difference.

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Top 10 Tips to Wear an Artificial Tattoo

Wearing an artificial tattoo is no big deal; the most wonderful thing is that even if you don’t have anyone to help you, you can actually wear it all on your own, unless you want to get it on a place where your hands are unable to reach (like your back or at the back of your thighs, where you can’t see). In such case surely you would need help of someone.

temporary tattoo designs

If you want to wear an artificial tattoo on your shoulder, arms, wrists, waist, belly, thighs, calves or feet, you can easily make it without anyone’s help. Here are some of the ways that teach you how to wear an artificial tattoo:

1) The first thing that you need to do is buy the tattoo that you wish to wear; visit a good e-store that is into such tattoos and pick up all the designs that you like. The good thing is that most of the artificial tattoos are quite cheap or affordable and hence you are not expected to shed off a lot of money from your pockets.

2) Now, peel off the plastic coating that protects the tattoo; you need to be extremely careful when you do this; there are a lot of people who damage or destruct the design of the tattoo, just because of their hasty behavior. Don’t haste – take your own sweet time to peel off the plastic covering.

temporary tattoo

3) Once you decide where you want to wear the artificial tattoo, the next thing that you need to do is clean the area with a soft wet cotton ball. Clean the area thoroughly so that no sweat or dirt is left at the place where you are planning to stick it.

4) Now place the tattoo face-down on the selected or chosen area. This is something that you need to do carefully, again. This may damage the size and design of your tattoo, if you don’t keep the sticker firm on the skin.

mehendi tattoo

5) If you have a sponge, you would need it for this step. You need a damp cloth or sponge (but not a soaked one) to press the tattoo on your skin. Keep doing this for a few moments.

6) Now, hold the damp cloth or sponge in the same position for around 60 seconds.

heena tattoo

7) Take off the damp cloth or sponge from the area.

8 ) Now, gently take off the paper to allow the tattoo design to stick onto your skin.

online tattoo designs

9) Leave the tattoo to dry for around one complete minute.

10) Congratulations; you have a temporary tattoo!

temporary tattoo online

Follow these top 10 tips to look glamorous in parties. The best thing is that the artificial tattoos looks magnificent with traditional attires like Designer Saree and Salwar Suits. When wearing traditional attires you can stick tattoos on arms, neck, back and navel. Visit Indian Wedding Saree store to buy magnificent collection of artificial Tattoos in attractive designs and shapes and be a style diva.

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How to Style Up your Leggings?

There is absolutely no woman, who doesn’t feel comfortable in leggings. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, working in the corporate world or are a housewife, are an ordinary teenager or a pregnant woman, all that matters is that you have nice leggings on your legs to make you feel completely relaxed and comfortable when you are doing your tasks.

leggings india

Some women prefer wearing leggings even when they are working out or doing their brisk walking early in the morning. Also, some women ensure that their leggings don’t leave their thighs and legs when they are doing their morning Yoga. The best thing about these bottoms is that they are stretchable, to a certain extent.

But not everybody knows how to style up in leggings; if you want to learn some of the best tips, read below to know about them:

1) Replace those stockings with leggings and wear them below the shortest dress that you have in your wardrobe: If you have always been a fan of stockings, it is time for you to bring something different into your life; replace them with leggings and see the difference in your figure. There is absolutely no one, who regrets forgetting her stockings for the comfort of leggings.

leggings online shopping

2) Wear black leggings, black t-shirt and blue denim shorts to style up in the most beautiful way: Fan of denim shorts? Fan of the color black? Then we have just the right style-up tip for you to look gorgeous on your very first date with your new boyfriend! All you need to do is wear denim shorts and leggings under them to look flawless and sit with confidence.

leggings india online

3) Buy a few designer tunics and wear leggings below them to create your own fashion statement at work: Most of the women go GAGA over tunics these days; they are comfortable and make you look slimmer than you actually are. If you like tunics, buy a few and purchase a few matching colored leggings with them. The moment you wear a legging under a tunic, you feel comfortable, no matter how much you have to run or work during that day.

online legging

4) Wear a nice tanker top on base colored leggings to flaunt your curvaceous figure: Base colored leggings are black, white, beige, brown, bottle green and navy blue. No doubt printed leggings look amazing, base colored leggings are always better. This is because you can wear any tanker top on any base colored legging to look curvaceously pretty.

buy leggings online

5) Wear a short skirt, crop top and leggings below the skirt to be a fashion diva for the others around you – They won’t regret turning back and looking at you over and over again: If you want to be a fashion diva, this is surely something that you need to try. Crop tops are quite in demand and fashion these days so searching for a few over the leggings that you have won’t take much of time for you.

Follow these tips to look stunning. Don’t forget to keep updating your collection, enjoy Leggings Online Shopping, you just need to search leggings India and the list of stores selling the stylish attire will be listed.

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Top 6 Cool Tips to Carry a Sling Bag

There are different types of bags available in the market; from ladies shoulder bags to clutches, from sling bags to backpacks, you can always pick up anything and everything that you like. Every woman has at least two to three different types of bags for herself. There are some women, who prefer buying four to five bags every time they go for shopping. They say that they have a thing for bags and that’s why they keep craving for more.

online sling bags

It doesn’t matter if you like a shoulder bag or a sling bag, all that matters is that you know how to carry it when you are all dressed to kill people on the roads or are planning to go on a date. If you are a sling bag fan, here are some of the tips with the help of which you can look good carrying a nice slender sling bag:

1) Wear a sling bag on denim shorts: If you want to wear denim shorts, you can’t live without carrying a sling bag. There can be nothing better than wearing a sexy sling bag on nice denim shorts, especially if your bag is in blue color.

sling bags online

2) Match your shoes with your sling bag: If you have matching shoes with your sling bag, there is no other way in which you can flaunt your style in front of your friends. Even if you are planning to go on your very first date with your crush, you can match your shoes with a sling bag to look gorgeous and let him know your craze for fashion.

3) Match your accessories with your sling bag: There are some women, who prefer wearing matching earrings with the sling bags that they carry. They might wear a completely different colored outfit, but they make sure that their earrings and necklaces match with the bags that they carry.

indian sling bags online

4) Wear a completely different color to flaunt your expensive or branded sling bag: You may feel like you would look stupid if you would wear a completely off colored bag, but that’s the style these days; you may have seen a lot of women walking on the roads with completely unique colored bags. For an instance, they might carry a blue colored sling bag when they are wearing yellow or pink.

5) Make sure that the bag suits your personality or body: This is something that you have surely got to see and remember – unless the size of the bag suits your personality, do not buy and carry it. If you are slender or skinny, wear a medium sized bag when you go out and if you are plus sized, carry larger bags.

slings & clutches online

6) Wear a lipstick shade that suits the sling bag that you are carrying: If there is absolutely nothing that you can match up with the sling bag that you have in your wardrobe, buy a matching lipstick over it and wear it together to create a new style on the streets.

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Top 7 Reasons to wear Green Bridal Gown

Are you looking for that special color, which would make you look unique on the stage, when you sit next to your groom in a few months?

Have you ever thought of giving GREEN a try?

indian wedding gown online

If not, then here is a chance for you to think about it. Green is the color of hope and prosperity; it depicts Mother Earth and all the nature that we are surrounded with; in fact, it is the only color that brings positive energies to your life. So why not wear a nice green colored bridal gown on your big day?

Still not convinced? Here are the top ten reasons that support our suggestion:

1) There are ten (or even more) different shades in green: The good thing about wearing a green bridal wedding gown is that you can select the shade from ten different shades in the world. In fact, there are many more shades for you, if you want to customize your wedding gown.

wedding gown online

2) Even the celebrities prefer green colored bridal gowns: Check the wedding pictures of some of the Bollywood celebrities and you would love to see that a lot of them have worn green on the day of their wedding.

3) A lot of characters in different movies have worn green colored bridal gowns on the day of their wedding: If you are a movie-bug, you surely know how many movies have brides wearing this splendid color. Since it is beautiful, all those actresses look gorgeous in it.

gown online

4) Green brings a lot of positive energies to your life: The good thing about wearing a green bridal gown is that the color or the shade brings a lot of positivity to you. All those wedding butterflies and all that nervousness that you go through on your big day, can be kicked off when you wear this color.

5) You look good when you are in green: The cutest thing about this color is that it suits all the skin textures. It doesn’t matter if you are fairest of the fair or have a sexy tanned skin, all that matters is that you keep your chin high as you walk in a green wedding gown.

wedding gown online

6) You can select the most unique shade in green for yourself: Since there are a lot of different shades of green, you can pick the most unique one, depending upon your needs and preferences. Some of the prominent shades include the refreshing Apple Green, eco-lovers forest green, exotic emerald green, gracious Olive green etc to name a few.

7) Green bridal gowns are available on different e-stores: You can buy a green colored bridal gown from a nice and reputed e-store like Indian Wedding Saree portal, a place where you can get a huge variety of Indian bridal trousseau and accessories.

green wedding gown online

These are top reasons to buy green bridal gown. The shade is ruling the bridal market this season. Make sure to tell your beautician to give you make-up with an elegant touch of green, so you look stunning on your wedding day.

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Top 7 Reasons to Trust an E-Store to buy Western Tops

And you thought you could never trust an e-store, when it comes to ladies western dress?

Think rationally!

More than half of the population in this world is now attracted to online shopping; even those, who are in different villages, are now into online shopping as well. There is nothing that the e-stores don’t have to offer to their customers, including beautiful designer garments.

women's tops online

When it comes to western tops, you may not like leaving the comfort of your house and visiting different physical stores, or stores in various malls, to buy them for yourself. This is exactly where e-stores come to help you with your desire for western tops.

Here are the seven reasons for you to trust an e-store for buying amazing western tops:

1) Because the whole world is now trusting different online stores: If you like following the crowd, virtually, it is better to buy western tops from different e-stores, since most of the people are now falling in love with the concept of e-shopping. You don’t need to be worried about how much you spend, since the entire shopping is under your control.

2) Because you can measure yourself and then get the exact measurements of the tops as well: If you think trying is impossible when you shop online and hence it is difficult for you to trust the garments online, then the good news for you is that all the stores have measurements mentioned for each and every garment. Measure yourself and find out if the tops, which you have liked, would fit you or not.

buy women's shirts online

3) Because what you get in the land based stores is what you get in different e-stores as well: There are times when you like a particular western top in a land based store, but either you don’t get the size or you don’t have money during that time. If you want to buy the same top in a bigger size or at a discounted rate, check different e-stores.

4) Because there can be nothing better than buying western tops without leaving the comfort of your pajamas: If you want to stay in those pajamas, yet wish to shop, hop on to some amazing e-stores and feed your hunger for shopping.

online womens tops

5) Because there is a hell lot of variety online: The most wonderful thing about online shopping is that there are millions of western tops available for you to pick for yourself like Tank Tops, Tops & shirts, fusion tunics, etc.

6) Because you deserve to pay less and benefit more: You deserve to buy products, which are affordable and don’t disturb your monthly budget.

women's shirts online7) Because even the exchanging process is quite simple: If you think the exchanging process is tiring and boring, let me tell you that there are a lot of e-stores that have easy and simple exchanging processes for the western tops that you purchase. There may be times that you receive defective products (due to mishandling during shipping), but you don’t suffer, since the e-store exchanges them for you.

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For Him: Top 10 Reasons To Wear Sherwani On Your Wedding

Gone are the days when only the brides took so much of time to select their bridal gowns, makeup artists and jewelries for their wedding days; now, even men spend a lot of time in spas, facials and for the selection of their wedding day clothes.

If you are looking for the best outfit for your wedding day, let me give you a suggestion – have you thought of wearing a nice traditional Sherwani?

Here are the top ten reasons for you to wear this beautiful outfit, as you walk on the stage with your bride:

1) Sherwanis are traditional outfits:  Most of the men prefer going traditional on the day of their weddings. If you are one of such men, who like traditional outfits, then it is time for you to welcome a nice bright colored Wedding Sherwani in your life.

2) Hundreds of varieties in Sherwanis: You can always choose the most elegant outfit for your wedding day. Don’t be worried about the color – there are so many Sherwanis on different e-stores that you do end up getting the best one for yourself!

3) Every partner wants to match his outfit with his partner’s; if you want to blend your appearance with the appearance of your bride, wear nothing else, but a nice Dhoti Sherwani on your wedding. You can always match colors with your bride!

4) Sherwanis are far more expensive than some of the blazers or coats in the market. If you want to impress the guests, don’t forget to get a nice Sherwani for your wedding day. You can always flaunt your richness and class with the help of your wedding day outfit.

5) There is nothing known as an ugly Sherwani; all the traditional outfits make the men look good on the stage. No matter what kind of a traditional outfit you choose for yourself, you are bound to flaunt your appearance on the stage!

6) If you are fond of brands or designer outfits, you can always get a nice designer Sherwani for your wedding day.

7) There are a lot of e-stores that provide you with matching traditional shoes with the Sherwani that you purchase. Such shoes are not only good in appearance, but also stay with you for a long period of time, since they are made from high quality materials.

8) There is a different shine observed on the face of the groom, when he is in Sherwani. Indian weddings are bound to be fat; an expensive Sherwani always lets you flaunt the money you have in your bank accounts!

9) Sherwanis are far more comfortable than blazers and jackets. If you want to stand on the stage for a long period of time, it is better for you to wear a traditional outfit, which doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all.

10) You get loose bottoms to wear under some Sherwanis; while taking the Seven Pheras with your bride, only such outfits help you feel comfortable.

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